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Here is a piece. A Kecksburg Poem.

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posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 01:49 AM
Here is a piece. You already have the puzzle.

Many have wondered
nobody has a clue
who could image
the truth of it all.

Roswell is nothing
it's all in Kecksburg, 1965
The clues are there
even public aware
but no dots connected.

Who would ever want to connect
The real truth?
Aliens are scary enough.
I can't tell you directly.
We'd all know already
if many hadn't disappeared
to keep this.

A man in Kecksburg
hid and watched
men go down to the site
with guns and outfits.
A few heard a terrible sound
- the one he still hears.

Was it a roar, or scream?
No, not nearly so comforting,
This was the unthinkable horror.
There are other places, other
Slips and times, but
Kecksburg, PA has it all
and the least distracted find.

Is it men we talk about?
No. Is it alien? No!
Yes that's right, you got it
we went there and forgot it.
How do I know?
is it all bull# I show?
I see it as with other random stuff
that's all, I know.

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