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Looking for info on the Jersey Devil

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posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 05:55 PM
I am looking for anyone who is part of ATS who may have had an encounter with the Jersey Devil. I have had one myself and would like to compare notes with others who have had an experience as well.
The experience I had took place in mid-April 0f 1995. My mother and I were starting on a two week trip to see part of the country. We had stopped in Southern New Jersey to sleep for the night. We decided to stay at the motel for a couple of days just to travel the backroads. At this one point, we had stopped to watch these cranes that were in a stream not too far from the road. I took my video camera out to get them on tape. I got a couple of minutes of video. Just at that point, they started acting very nervous. And everything went quiet and got very eerie. All of a sudden, there was this blood curdling screeching from just off in the woods nearby that started. The cranes flew off. I turned my video camera back on and started recording again. The screeching had continued for nearly another minute after I had turned the camera back on. The screeching had made the hair on both my neck and my mothers neck stand up. That's how scared it made us. Anyway, my mother started telling me to get in the car with her so we could leave before whatever it was showed up.
Anyway, after we got back from our two week trip, I had a couple of people check out that part of the video tape. They couldn't identify what had made the sounds. And neither could this analyst who later checked out the video himself.

posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 06:32 PM
In the times of modern machinery and humans playing cruel jokes,
It can be very easy (especially in the industrial state of new jersey) to hear very deceiving sounds,

However, try asking people in the local populous

posted on Jan, 28 2008 @ 12:18 AM

That might answer a few questions.

posted on Jan, 28 2008 @ 12:53 AM
I agree with Ammon

In this day and age you can be easily fooled by machinery , it depends though. In the woods like you said, most creatures have a odd muffled sound, not alot but enough to be noticable.

Where did you hear this sound? most cases of the jersey devil are recorded in the pine barrens if im not mistaken. As for the fruit bat thing, I think the chances of it making the sounds described are slim to none.

posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 11:39 PM
I remember in the town my old man came from in North Jersey, I saw an article about 4 or 5 years ago where they actually called the Police out to the rail yard, and shut down the entire train line, because there was a creature running around. The thing stood about 10 feet tall, and was described looking like those classical drawings of the creature. The conductor said the head reached up to the cabin of the locomotive, and he saw a bunch of sharp looking teeth. It gave a horrendous screeching noise and ran off towards some tunnels. The Police actually had the train sorrounded, and sent a team into the tunnels, but came up empty handed. One cop did say he saw something running if I am recalling correctly, but he never figured out what it was. This is all during our modern times, 2002-2003 time period, and in a town just outside of NYC.

Now I did see a video recently from NY State that a girl filmed from her cell phone camera. The guy claimed his buddy was an LEO in the town where it occured, and that's how he came into posession of the clip. You see the girl walking through a tunnel, which looks like a corrugated metal tunnel running under a small road or foot path, which allows water to drain through it into a creek. As she's walking, you all of the sudden hear this screeching/screaming noise, and she's sobbing all terrified before it shuts off. (No, not like Blair Witch). The police found her body, and said she was all slashed up, but wildlife officials did not recognize the claw marks, or attack pattern, as anything conclusive with known NY State predatory animals. They were stumped.

I viewed the video, and when I heard the scream it reminded me of a particular animal. The Mountain Lion. The animals have in fact been nicknamed "The Screaming Woman" by country folks in Arkansas due to this noise. I told the guy with the video it was most certainly a Mountain Lion. The fact is, for one reason or another, Wildlife Officials keep debating whether or not Mountain Lions still exist on the East Coast outside of Florida. For me, this have never been a mystery, as not too long ago I was on Skyline Drive, and stopped at a Ranger's Station. I overheard a Ranger talking to a sightseer about their Park fauna and animals. He point blank told the guy "OH yeah, we sure do have Mountain Lions, we've actually just seen a few around here".
Now why is their existence denied? The only logical conclusion I can come up with is the old belief that if something does not exist, then what is there to protect you from? In other words, some officials do not want the attendance to National and State Parks inhibited by the fear of roaming predators.

I will also tell you that Bobcats can make loud scream like sounds as well. In my current neighborhood a family member of mine thought they heard a screaming woman behind the house one night, and it turns out our neighbor heard the same thing down the street about a week later. Coincidentally, that same week, a HUGE 40 lb. Bobcat was seen near our local Dog Park. It seems it was fairly brazen and hungry, as the same time frame that it was heard behind our house, another family member heard what sounded like something slamming into our backyard gate. Most likely it was chasing some prey and the prey managed to dart between the posts while the cat took a nose dive. Don't be fooled either, because even a 15 lb. Bobcat can kill you, let alone a 40 lb. steroid pumping feline.

I hope some of my descriptions of everyday animals can show you how even common critters can produce some otherworldly sounds.

BTW, do you think you could post up the video you took? I would really like to see it if that's alright with you.

posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 11:19 AM
I'd second the request for the video if you still have it then those specialists on here who deal with sound could analyse it, but I suspect given that it was a fair while ago, you don't have the tape (not saying I don't believe you, but the tape would help both us if it were unknown, and you if we did know what it was to put your mind at rest).


I'd also be interested in finding either a report (since the police would undoubtedly have filed one) or the video of the girl in the tunnel if you have further details on where the event occured. I'd imagine the train story also has some reports or further sightings if more than one person saw it and the train was stopped for any length of time, and I'd be interested in following that up too.

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