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Pentagram via Google Earth @ Indiana Government Base

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posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 04:51 PM
Hello everyone! I have been a lurker here at ATS for the last couple of months and have finally decided to join. Unlike a lot of conspiracy sites on the internet, I was very impressed with the amount of unbiased and open-minded debates that go on here at ATS. Albeit there are some people that will always believe any conspiracy even after the conspiracy has been well debunked; however, I was happy to see that here at ATS, this is kept to a minumum.

I have always been interested in the topic of the Illuminati and the NWO. I would say that I am - at the most - an amateur in this topic. I have Bill Copper's book, Behold A Pale Horse and was most intereseted in his topic on U.S. secret Detention Centers. There are many forum threads here on ATS that cover this topic, so I will not go into any detail. The theory (to my knowledge), in a nutshell, is that all over the United States there are empty detention centers or camps that have been built and are still being built, and no body knows excatly what they are for. Some speculate they will be used as "concentration camps" for U.S. citizens while others believe they are built for security/vaccination purposes in case of a chemical or nuclear attack. Personally, I would believe the latter.

Anyways, the reason I started this topic was to let everyone in on something that I discovered earlier today on GoogleEarth while I was sitting at home bored. I have family that lives in Southeast Indiana (Madison) and in that area there is a military base called Jefferson Proving Grounds (JPL). This is a fenced-in area of more than 55,000 acres. I always had a fascination with this place because whenever I drove out to see my family, I would drive along this fence line for about 10 miles and it just seemed out of place to me. In 2000, Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge was created in JPL.

So, earlier today while reading some things on ATS about these Detention Centers, I decided to check out JPL using Google Earth. I suspended all judgement about JPL while I looked at it via Google Earth and decided that it was just what they said - an old base turned wildlife refuge. However, that quickly changed after I stumbled upon this area of JPL:

Google Maps Coordinates: 38o59'55.88" N, 85o25'40.23" W

See anything?.......


Probably not. But Zoom In....

JPL Pentagram

I was completely shocked!! I had always had my suspicions about this place even before I read anything about these U.S. Detention Centers. Then after learning of them, curiosity led me to just check out JPL via Google Earth. To my surprise I found a man-made Pentagram!! Now this does not prove that JPL is a secret U.S. Detention Center - it could just be that one of the grounds keepers did this as a joke. I am very open-minded and I am not coming to any conclusions about what this might mean; however, it sure was a shock when I found it and it is very suspicious, especially since it is on a 55,000+ acre piece of U.S. Army, fenced-in property! Also, if you look north a little, you will find this:

39o00'1054" N, 85o25'39.64" W elev 268 m
North of Pentagram

This may be absolutely nothing, but I thought it was odd as well. It would be great if someone at ATS could give their thoughts on what these symbols may mean (or not mean). I am anxious to hear your opinions!


posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 05:03 PM
The second image (The link in your original post under the heading "Probably not. But Zoom In...") isn't a pentagram, but a hexagram. Semantic nit-picking aside, in this case, I'd be willing to bet that it's nothing occult, or Masonic. It bears a startling resemblance to a Soviet SA-2 SAM site.

Photo of SA-2 site under construction

That's a photo taken by a U-2, of an SA-2 site under construction in Cuba. If you compare it to the image in your post, you can see the similarity. What you probably have there is a test / training target built to look like a fairly common air-defense threat.

Edited to replace embedded image (not working) with link to image.

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posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 05:07 PM

Originally posted by MartyBishop
Probably not. But Zoom In....

JPL Pentagram

If i am not mistaken that is not a pentagram but more like the "Star of David", since a pentagram is a 5 pointed star not a 6 pointed one.

Edit: woops, took to long to reply and someone beat me to it.

[edit on 1/9/2008 by gkgoten100]

posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 05:27 PM
Thanks a lot for the posts! Like I said, I'm an amateur at most when it comes to this stuff. The SA-2 SAM site is great proof as to why there would be a hexagram on the site, and I would assume that is why the other symbol (in the 3rd picture) is there as well. Two quick responses with legit answers! That's why I love ATS!

Thanks again!!

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