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A Chosen One

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posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 02:21 PM
Ok! Everyone has their own gods and beliefs. Some believe there is many gods and one entity. This one entity controls all the gods in this world that we all believe in. The world is so large that the entity can't possibly manage everything. It can only make split decisions on certain actions, and also it can not communicate on a level that man knows of to us.

This is only theory from my personal experience. I think we will never know for sure because we can not communicate with this entity or higher power, we can only analyse and guess. Some make better guesses, because they are smarter and have a closer connection to this entity.

I think "The Chosen One" is the wrong term. Should be "A Chosen One".

From things I have experienced in my life. I believe this entity chooses a person in the mortal world to manage some of its business. It can't spend all its time assesing one major problem and communicate to all man kind that they need to correct this horrible problem, so a chosen one is picked for that certain problem. There are many chosen ones in this world we live in. Some manage small problems and some manage unbelieveably large messes depending on their loyalty and skill level.

This person has no powers and wants no powers generally, but for some unknown reason it is willing to take on the responsability to handle the task. For that the entity protects the person. Depending on the loyalty, the protection can be so large that it would be unbelievable to man if someone tried to explaine.

The entity knows this chosen one is skilled and loyal enough to make the proper decisions for it so it can take action to correct the problems.

Lets say everyone in this world learned and decided to rob banks and could get away with it, but there was this one person that knows how to do this but has made the decision not to do it. It knows how to recognise those that are doing it easily. They then take on the resonsability to help manage and correct the problem, but can't do anything about it, that is the entities job and decision.

This person can make the rules and decide who is guilty, but the entity will analyse the guilty party and make sure the person guilty before taking action, whatever it is. All man makes errors so the entity is forgiving and patient.

Know, lets say that the entity has made the decision that robbing banks deserves capitol punishment. And lets say, this entity could know all the people that are commiting this unprovable crime. It can't wipe out everyone all at once. That would create mass histaria and more than likely create error on it's part. It needs a chosen one to sort out the mess one by one or ten by ten or hundred by hundred.

We live in a world that few know of and most don't want to believe in. Because most don't want to believe in these things, bad people take advantage of that.

posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 08:06 PM
I don't know how off this is, but your "A Chosen One" theory reminds me of christianity's christ and anti-christ (considering each is a chosen one from a certain entity). Of course it also reminds me of other people, such as the Dali Lama, world leaders, general heroes like firemen and police officers.

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