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In the race for race

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posted on Dec, 22 2002 @ 08:39 PM
you know I got respect for you but you act stubborn most of the times..

darkish like bin laden? lol , i actually laughed.

Time for another biblical/history lesson

Moses was a prince of egypt.. he was also a priest... now for him to be a prince of egypt, he had to pass as an egpytian... egyptians were black... moses then too was black... if moses was black then the hebrews were black.

if solomon said he was black, then jesus had to be black because he's a direct descendant of solomon.

and there wasnt no such thing as inter-racial marriages back then, especially in the hebrew religion.

"jesus was not african american" LOL that made me laugh even harder

yes, hebrew and african are two different people, but the hebrews and africans shared the same skin tone.

truth, why is this so hard for to accept? you said race is no matter, then say he was black and live your life.

and dont say he was "dark skinned" duhh.. being black is being dark skinnned, your just beating around the bush..

and i dont care about your personal life... i dont want to know how many girlfriends you had, how many times you've had sex and what's your favorite movie... that's all someone's personal life and matter the last time i checked.

posted on Dec, 22 2002 @ 08:56 PM
You want me to say he was african american?

he was jewish, a dark tan like a black person but not an african american.

Moses was brownish probably but not african american just like mexicans are
dark but not african americaan.

But do you want to here me say jesus was black?

fine, but he could be purple and i still see the lord the saviour the christ.

is this just a whos race is the lords issue?

is he not everybodies lord?

so why does this matter?

Look, i have a white picture of mary and jesus, i know jesus was a true jew who
was darkish, yet when i look at the picture it reminds me of the saviour.

His robe, sandels, sheep, it is just a reminder of the lord, so it does not matter to god
s long as the picture represents the saviour.

if any one cant worship god of a different color, they are heretics, god knows this, i know this, this is why
god has allowed this to see if one can love all races.

Do you care about my soul illmatic?


posted on Dec, 22 2002 @ 09:04 PM

You want me to say he was african american?

No, I dont want you to say he was african american because i even know he wasnt african american because the term "african american" didnt even exist at the time.

but what i want you to say is that your savior, Lord Jesus Christ was a black man. i've given you all the evidence, i really have.... i can lead a horse to a river but i cant make him drink.

you know and i know that we wanna drop this whole race controversy, i do, it's out of hand and i dont wanna talk about it anymore unless of course, a person in the future decides to talk about it then i'll engage

Do you care about my soul illmatic?

your soul looks like it has court side tickets at heaven and i'm still in line trying to get upper deck seats.

posted on Dec, 22 2002 @ 09:35 PM
whatever color he was ( i dont know what tone ), its fine with me as long
as hes still the saviour.

His morals are my morals, he loves souls like i love souls, he is the creator who has no flesh until he entered
human body.

God the father is jesus, he is spirit come in the flesh, whatever the flesh he still is
God the spirit.

Spirit has no color.

Also, i do not have front row seats, i struggle every day and have a hard
time becoming perfected through christ.

But the ackowledgement of truth that we are far from god and the humility you showed in calling yourself a sinner of upper deck seats
is a sign of great humility.

Ill tell this story i heard of.

One women in NY was on her death bed, she was a prostitute all her life, at her death she
had a preist to forgive her her sins, she told the preist that how can god forgive me? Im the (worst)
women in the world? He replied, no your not, the worst women in the world says shes the (best) women
in the world.

she acknowledged the truth, truth being sins against god.

humility is a great thing.


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