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Betting shops helping the poor get poorer

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posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 01:50 PM
Hi and happy new year, im going to talk about a boom in the betting industry here in Britain. I live in London where we have lots betting shops everywhere you turn you find a betting shop, there are 14 betting shops where I live Fulham which is a tiny part of London.

So there is a least 1400 bookmakers across London with most concentrated in the poor areas, easy to prove just walk down Chelsea and you will not see a bookies in sight but walk down Brixton and you will see every brand of bookmakers in a short walk along the market even next to mc donalds, now my problem is not towards betting on sports events its with the new computerised touch screen roulette machines called fobts, is it a coincidence these machines became widely available around the same time we started getting boat loads of refugees and more countries entering the EU.

When I visit the local bookies I always see hoards of asylum seekers around the machines they are in there all day every day, and its not just in my area its everywhere in Britain, and of course its not just the foreigners who play them, they attract everybody, im starting to see more and more youngsters in the bookies all the time becoming addicted to these roulette machines, the machines are supposed to be fair and generate random numbers, this is how it works you place a bet on red the machine draws a number from a third party host who is dishing out the numbers from a random number generator the host does not profit from who wins or losses.

But if you watch these things run you will soon realise they are not random and utterly unfair in every way possible because the minute you put your money into a machine they have full control of it, you will also realise that everyone playing these machines are totally addicted ive watched a few local business owners down there lot and lose everything to these machines. You really have to play one of these machines to know how much they dig at your brain I truly believe its a conspiaracy to keep the poor poorer whilst the rich get richer, the machines are totaly not random totaly mind screwing and yet the goverment do nothing but give them a stamp of approval, here’s a couple of links let me know what you think

P.S just noticed the pyramid on cyberview pdf, and why is the pdf address cybeview

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 01:56 PM
The poor keep getting poorer because they do things like sit in front gambling machines all day.

It absolutely in no coincidence that the machines seem to be growing in number as the refugees grow in number. Supply and demand.

If a bunch of idiots line up to give me their money I will gladly place more boxes out for them to put it in.

I never understood gambling or lotto tickets or any of that stuff. There is no good or service you get in exchange for your money so why bother? Just stay home and throw it in the trash while making "DING!! DING!!" noises.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 02:02 PM
reply to post by MESSYSC
We have much the same problem here in the United States.

In the cities in the south we have the betting machines as well as the lottery and scratch off tickets in every convenience store.

It really disturbs me to stand in line and watch people that look very poor spend their last bit of money on gambling. It is the poor man's dream. But I have noticed lately that more and more working people are spending great amounts on the betting machines.

It is illegal in Georgia to redeem your winnings in real money. A store coupon for merchandise is given. However, many places that know the player break the law and give the winner cash.

It is a growing shame on our poor and working class people that are already having financial problems.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 02:39 PM
Wow you cant cash coupons might check the laws in Britain, because that’s how these machines work you put in cash and if you take any out you get a coupon which then needs to be cashed at the till. Yes we have scratch cards in most local stores but they are not half as addictive as these new type roulette machines found everywhere in Britain, it has been rumoured that psychologist helped to make the programs very addictive, you will get a hit from the machine like you would from a drug, they use dirty tricks to numb you on to machine until all you cash is gone. here are some of tactics used.

Certain features of these roulette machines are strongly associated with problem gambling, a high event frequency (i.e. that are fast and allow for continual staking), that involve an element of skill or perceived skill, and that create 'near misses' (i.e. the illusion of having almost won). Size of jackpot and stakes, probability of winning (or perceived probability of winning), and the possibility of using credit to play are also associated with higher levels of problematic play. Games that meet these criteria are electronic gaming machines and casino table games.

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