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Insider Transcripts: Extraordinary Secret Recordings

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posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 09:40 AM

Originally posted by skeptical2012
Οh yeah. There are cryptohebrews alright. And we know their hidden heritage and root names of many of them usually taking authority positions in adversary countries and at the same time hide their ancentry from the public knowledge.
As of the zionists role in the 911 attacks you should try check Rabbi Dov Zakheim.

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You used the word 'we' - so are you a part of the group you mentioned who is responsible for the translation?



posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 09:48 AM
No I am not a member of HRG. Their members, especially the prytaneum members don't use the internet talking about that stuff, obviously for security reasons. They probably live double lives.
As for the "we" I meant the collective of the researchers that do the job of revealing cryptohebrews true identities and heritage.

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 10:30 AM

The idea of an anti-messiah is peculiar to Christianity.

Νo, the idea of an anti-messiah/anti-christ ruler of the world is very popular among christians and christiany. There is a recent book published in hellas written by an orthodox high authority monk who claims that the anti-christ is born and will reveal himself to the world in 2013! And that is only one example.

The term political anti-christ is probably used in the transcript as a symbolic term. A fake anti-mesiah.. A created Anti-mesiah used by the high authority as a political/religious mean to control the global population.

I did notice on page 36 a reference to two authors:

Fenolglio Alberto, who seems to be an italian author, and this fellow: W. Raymond Drake who was a student of Charles Fort. The manuscript specifically mentions "Gods and Astronauts in Greece and Rome." (this is at the bottome of page 36, 2nd to last paragraph.

Let me translate you the passage.

Meaning objective purpose: Planetary genocide and planetary cultural devastation-devitalization.
They are all created (note: the historical global empires) by the direct interventions of ships from Selene and Lilith, when the armies of earthlings found obstacles for the completion of the priesthoods' commanded strategy.
For example we refer to the event of intervention by “celestial spheres” which attacked and destroyed the walls of Tyros, when the army of Alexander the Great was held down by the impenetrable Tyrian walls, besides the approach canal which his mechanics built in the sea all the way to Tyros Island. The event is refered by the then present chroniclers of the campaign, Arias, Megasthenis and Ptolemeos.
For the skeptics we refer the new writers that repeat this ancient event which by the way was not the only of its kind.
W.RAYMOND DRAKE “Gods and Astronauts in Greece and Rome”.
Such interventions of ships that use their weapon systems (rays etc.) in order to fulfill the lunar plan of switching quadruple-pole empires, are referred among others by the ancients chroniclers: Lykosthenis, Eusebios, Senekas, Lion, Cassius, Plinios, Plutarch (“Loukoulos”, “Sila”, “Gaios Marios” etc), Orophios, Playtas, Libios, Julious Obsekouens etc.
The names they use for the description of the flying ships that appear to change the trend of battles, are “flying shields”, “flying projectiles” etc.



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posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 01:27 PM

Hi, I think you should read the Henoch Prophecies.

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 03:24 AM
This is really getting my interest. I have only read the first page and I'm in to it. I'll continue to read it and I hope this will uncover something that will lead to a vast information source.

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 04:30 AM
Sorry to interrupt the convo, but I'm not really getting this could anyone please help on the vocabulary and those stuff because I dont get these things?!

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 04:35 AM

Originally posted by skeptical2012

Anti-semitic trash.


Οh yeah. There are cryptohebrews alright. And we know their hidden heritage and root names of many of them usually taking authority positions in adversary countries and at the same time hide their ancestry from the public knowledge.
As of the zionists role in the 911 attacks you should try check Rabbi Dov Zakheim.

"written by and for Neo-Nazis".

HRG has nothing to do with neo-nazis. Don't try to put labels and name-calling without arguments and without having full knowledge of the case.

HRG representative offenly swear against Hitler. And by the way Hitler was a rothchild's bastard.
[edit on 13-1-2008 by skeptical2012]

My mistake. The group you belong to, should it number than just yourself, HRG, are clearly Greek supremacists and NOT Neo-Nazis.

When pretending someone else wrote something that you are actually responsible for, try not to use "we". Kind of gives the game away.

And since you are an anti-semitic racial supremacist with clear political ambitions for your country, in what strained sense of Neo-Nazi are you NOT a Greek fascist?


You, sir, ARE a Neo-Nazi. Of the most disgraceful and fortunately cowardly sort.

The contents of this thread for which you are responsible break the law in every civilised country in Europe. Amongst whom sadly and largely due to such citizens as you Greece can no longer number itself it seems.

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 08:19 AM
And you sir.. you are way out of line!
Who do you think you are? You disgracefuly try to connect Hellenism with Nazism without knowing history and then without studying the whole case (which is huge) you reach in rush conclusions, swearing , threating and name-calling!
You call illegal those texts? Who the hell are you? Some kind of cencorship fascist?
You call those texts illegal? Are you out of your mind? And how you call the continuing genocide methods against the palestinians, the use of radioactive uranium and mini nukes against the lebanize, the totaly unprovoked invasion to iraq, all sponsored by zionists? Are those "Legal"?

The way I see it those texts and my writings caused you a lot of disturbance, are you in some way affiliated with zionists or something? The way I see it your posts gave you away.

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by skeptical2012

Come together people....relax.
Skepitcal...your not a bad guy. Whatever political or social affiliation you adhere too i doubt you are in support of injustice and genocide. Therefore, there is NO REASON for anyone to get on your back. This information you have provided shows a resemblence of a history that is a million times older than ours and therefore WE are OUT OF CONTEXt on this one. The implications of such documents are too outlandish for us to grasp entirely and for us to be able to label as truth. is obvious that we cannot purely accept it as the truth, which is the reason we are still here asking the questions. Yet....i would find it hard to beleive that the OP spent the last few years of his life putting this stuff together as a HOAX so that would mean that we are all in the same boat here. Anyone's opinion is just that....lets review the context (if someone could post snippets from that share site with the pdfs that would be great cuz i cant download the docs) and try to infer proper meaning without calling eachother names and placing labels that are not well defined by our modern day knowledge.

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 07:17 PM
I agree, lets keep this civilized. We have an oppertunity here to share some information, and any thoughts we may have regarding it. There is no reason to be vulgar,

The author of this thread should be respected,

My advice to anyone who has serious reservations about this thread, is to start your own.... we all are here to share.

posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 12:08 AM
I was just re-reading over this thread, and where it's gone in the last couple of days, which is not far.

I'll some up my position, and leave it for others, who feel this thread holds something of value for them.

I stand by my comments that there are a large number of figures of speech in a the alleged transcript of an "arch-rabbi" that clearly show that the author is/was not a member of any Jewish community---certainly not Bnai Brith. I maintain that "arch rabbi is a term that is used predominantly by non Jews of the 19th century to portray a rabbi who held a representative, rather than heirarchical office.

Another example, that I haven't even touched on, is the question of rabbinic "initiations" alluded to in the text. As if the rabbinate were a parallel of freemasonry, with levels and grades and progressive initiations. There's an obvious attempt here to equate Jews and Freemasonry, which again fits in with a fascist world-view.

Is "neo-nazi" too strong a term for the transcript that started this thread? It definitely uses words intended to portray Jews as plotting against the interests of the human race.

The source material's stance definitely fits into a pro-hellenic, anti-jewish, anti-arab, anti-"saxon" viewpoint. Whether skeptical2012 shares that worldview is a separate question.

On a deeper level, I doubt the TRUTH of the worldview presented in the text--one of a sort of galactic war where earth's ethnic groups serve as proxies for an ultimate struggle between good and evil.

Even if there were such a race-based war, I for one would refuse to fight for or against a particular group based on my own or someone else's "race."

I intuit that the text in quesiton is a work of ficton, poorly written, with the goal of stimulating pan-hellenism, and "revealing forbidden history." There's nothing for me here; nothing that Bulwer-Lytton hasn't done better, or maybe Norman Spinrad in The Iron Dream

I've said my piece; and my interest and comments end there. I'll be deleting this thread from my list, since I have nothing constructive to add, and the people who disagree with me seem deaf to my comments anyway.

All the best.


[edit on 15-1-2008 by dr_strangecraft]

posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 12:23 AM
Like the good doctor, I have said my piece and I too will be absent from now on.

If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, by the way, it is most likely a duck.


posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 09:03 AM
reply to post by dr_strangecraft

Think outside the box dude.....a universal battle betwen good an evil and humans as the proxies? HA!! Whats any different than any other message from most religions.
No reference to JEWS in the post by the way just words used to describe the people involved and like i said before the context of which you understand to depict judaism. Yet that might not be so if the words are more ancient than we can imagine. PEACE MY friend.

posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 11:17 AM
skeptical2012 have you abandoned this thread? Would be a shame to leave this unfinished. Some of us still want to hear what the rest of the transcripts says and your thoughts about its possible implications for the future.

posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 11:19 AM
reply to post by Freelancer

I dont think he left.....lets hope so anyway. He needs to be resilient, especially if he has more info. Were you able to download the pdf from that site he linked? I cant download the file....can someone post images or something??

posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 11:51 AM
reply to post by GUICE2

Yes I downloaded this document, but as it is all written in Greek, it needs translating before I make any sense of it. If you still want this file U2U me with an email address that will accept a 1mb attachment.

posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 01:17 PM
Ι will continue to post here for the people who are still interested. I will not tollerate any further unduly swears and insults. In case I see that again I'll quit as I don't think it will worth to continue discussing with such kind of persons.
Ofcourse I don't know the background of the Dr. and his deggree of knowledge about the Bnai Brith jewish (secret) society hieararchy and methods but althought in some parts I strongly disagree nevertheless I respect his general thesis about this as he seems like an educated person and a gentleman. Dr. I would also keep an interested look for further commentation in this thread in case you change your mind..

An interesting source of information about bnai brith secret or "not so secret" society is the following:

And ofcourse bnai is connected with the masonic network pretty high in the hierarchy. They also have initiation ceremonies and initiation certificates. As for the connection of zionism and masonry it is common knowledge that masons are actually cabbalistic rituals practitoners (see: Albert Pike) and their lodges are actually a micrograph of the temple of solomon. (see: the hiram myth and piles of boaz & Jachin) It is no fascist world view it is a damn close to reality world view.

About the archrabbi thing it is a term widely and currently used by Rabbi's to describe their higher priesthood hierarchy rank. I don't find any evidence that they stopped using this term and this rank.

All of the above are connected to the transcripts. And you will understand that some people who rushed to insult conclusions are dead wrong and with a suspect behavior, ignorant of the details and history.

Lets see a fraction of what HRG has to say about Bnai Brith and affiliated secret societies: (explains a lot of past inquires)

The text is specific addressed to masons of various hierarchies and uses certain hidden meaning concepts not broadly understood by the …“profane” world.


The Scottish and the French doctrine are commanded by the tertiary staff of “Benen Berith” and “Olam Berith” or “Lodge of the Grand Oak” of New York, chief lodge of the “Argonauts 21”, in theory the tertiary staffs Ordo Adeptis Atlantis and Benen Berith, hate its other to the death, because they correspondigly have “higher leaders”, the Tamil – “Devil” and Yahweh “God”. The hatred of the two orders came to such a point that made possilbe to cause two world wars, in which the “bad” german leaders obeyd to lodges Ordo Adeptis Atlantis or Tamil underchthonics and the “good” allies obeyd to lodges Benen Berith or Yahweh heavenlies.


Because we are not having empathy against the hellenes masons of the legislative, legal, executive, military, cleric and economical authority, and because the members of HRG are mostly “awakened” members of the above sectors, “sleepers” and “active” in the masonic world view, because of that we are calling the hellenes masons to cancel their masonic oaths. We give to them the chance to undestand the following and to exit on time from hebrewmasonry:

It is known to you by your “special initiations” above the 18th degree that the forces Asmodai, Metatron and nomenclatures that end with –IEL under the general characterization “Tetragrammaton YHWH straight upper triangle” are forces that eminate from Levan (moon) or Levanhiah. Alike it is known that Levanhiah is not a natural satellite of earth but an artificial planet – ship originated from the constellation E’ Bootes and Hercules. Those are for you that have only an MTM initiation. For those of you that have OTO initiation, it is known that behind Levan (moon) and in a synchronus orbit with moon lies the sister ship of same size which is called “Lilith”.
Because neither of you has initiation AOA meaning a “tertiary” of Atlantis Ordo Adeptis, we promulgate to you the results of the HRG recorded transcripts in sessions of the Lodge of the Grand Oak, New York (Benen Berith) (Olam Berith):
1) The ships “Levan” and “Lilith” (moon and lilith) came into the solar system in 11.500 B.C. and entered orbit around earth in 11.432 BC with same linear velocities. In 9.600 B.C. Lilith accelerated and stabilized in same angular velocities with the moon, in order that the three bodies, Lilith-Levan-Earth to lay continusly in a straight line (see “Cabala”)
2) Because the planet earth was in a higher cultular level, from a previous colonization by the center of local galaxy in cooperation of the central galaxy Andromeda and the rest 11 galaxies of the local group of galaxies “KNOZ”, the new collonizers form “Levan” and “Lilith” accepted as “under terms guests”, from the thirteenmembership (and not twelvemembership) staff of Zeus, as a temporary planet commander in anticipation of a new thirteenmembership staff from the center of local galax, bacause of the rebelion by the planetary leader of planet Saturn against the solar system leader with headquartes the planet Uranus. The are of Atlantis was given to the setlers from “Levan” and “Lilith” under the terms of keeping the population analogy to 1:108 in comparison to the already present population of the planet and respect of the pre-existed cultular trend and language (archetype hellenic) of the planet, as an official cultular trend and language of the local group of galaxies. (see: demystification of Hesiod’s Theogony)
3) The governors of ships “Levan” and “Lilith” accepted the terms and discharged, from 11.000 B.C. to 10.500 B.C, using transport ships, populations from E’Bootes to Atlantis. Right after they violated the terms and genocided the hellenes of atlantis through the sinking of the area using lunar hypergravity technology, while they, already informed by the lunar staff, had already started to depart and colonize the eastern coasts of the american continent, the eastern coasts of Siberia and China and the western coasts of Africa and Europe (Basque), where they started systematic genocide of the hellenicdiallect local nationalities. At the same time by using the same technology of hypergravity they sunk the hellenicdiallect dravidian aegis, where lies todays mediterranean sea. At the same time the agresive ships from Selene and Lilith attacked against the galactic fleet of Zeus and occupied the 6 inner planets. They blow away 3 out of 12 planets of our solar system, because they believed that carried bases of the Zeus forces. Finally the fleet of Zeus divided in 3 parts one of which departed to the already existed bases inside the inner cavity of our planet, the other third departed to the 3 outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), and the lastone departed completely form the solar system in order to inform the local Galaxy center for the crimes of Asmodai and Tamil, respective governors of Levan and Lilith.
The final conflict and sinking of Atlantis and Aegis is dated by the lodge of the Grand Oak in 9.600 B.C., and it’s probably the actual date because it is cross-referenced by the ancient manuscripts of “Timaios and Kritias” of Plato.
4) The forces of Zeus that escaped inside the inner cavity of earth from the two holes of North and South Pole, preclude the dominance of Lebanians and Lilithians (Israelites – Mongols – Arabs) in this planet, because they have technology for telepathetic communication with their representative (Zeus priesthoods) and they inform them about the strategic moves of the adversaries that aim to genocide the hellenicdialects Andromedians.
In precisly that point Tamil under the command of his superior Asmodai or Yehowa of the Moon, sends crews of Lilith to organize underground cities in the earth’s crust that will fake-act the Zeus subordinates. Such underground cities exist right down from the pyramids in Mongolia, Egypt, Babylon, Mesopotamia, South America etc, and aditionaly right down from natural pyramids that formed by earth’s mountains.
Concerning Greece we note that the department of technology of HRG has located such installations that emit lowfrequency sounds and other frequencies, in the places of undergroud lodges characterized by mythology as “tunels that lead to Hadis”. We refer among others to Heleusina, Dodoni, Pelion, with the larger located mechanological installation that of mountain Sarakinos of Magnesia in a depth of 100 meters from the sea level and with lodges that communicate with caves of its mountaintop. (Triangle alike: Dimenion – Goritsa of Volos – Sarakinos Volou – “The triangle of Iolkos” is inspected by lunar ships every September or October).
Those underground forces of Lilithians uses tecnhology of telepathy which because of lower range from the earth’s surface overcomes the transmitions by the forces of Zeus from the inner earth and achieve to corrupt the earthly “Zeus priesthoods” driving them to degeneration of Spirit-Arts-Matter, to idolatry, to sexual lack of restrain (see: Vakhes and Mainades), to civil wars, to moral rampage, to myths that present the staff of Zeus as a “collection of vain drunkers, sexmanians that demand a worship of idols and blood of subjects”.
Those underground forces are characterized by the …holy scripture as “The Devil”, and by the masonry as “Tamil Forces”. The “Tamil forces” is the religius infastracture of Buddism and the second Induism. They are the forces invocated by the newlyfounded Theosophical lodges and propagandized by the “proHellenic” organizations like the “New Acropolis”, department of the Theosophical Society (Tamil).
The are the underground VRILL forces of America, ZEN of Mongolia-Thibet and others that created telepathetic “shows” of power to the SS of Himler, during special initiations to Bavarian towers. They are the same forces that through the politicians of the “New Right”, who belong to theosophical lodges will try to turn Europe to Nazi Europe form 1988 to 1995 having as leader Hellas, which will presented to the European public as “degenerate warmongering Zeus and Apollonians”, “Black sexual magic of degenerate Venus” and other similar in order for the final defamation of Zeus staff and the anihilation of those who still love the light of the galactic civilization, the archetype civilization of the planet of the hellenistic civilization. (see: “Nazism: Secret Society” and “The Apocrypha of Enoch”).
We judge necessary to refer that the three branches Israelites – Arabs – Mongols have separate roles of genociding their adversaries, by using as tools the three major religions – Christianity – Mohhammedanism – Buddism. Mohhadenanism teaches that God (Allah or Al Yah or Al Yahweh) lives in the moon!!!
Buddism teaches that God lives in the center of the earth under Mongolia – Thibet as a projection “Ta-Han – Tso –Han@ of the … universal logos, and that from there will came the “ruller of the world”.
Christianity teaches that “the woman (organization) of God stands on Levan (moon)” (Based on the moon), meaning that have as “central base the moon” (See: “John’s apocalypse” Bible, IB’1)
The above as concerns the A-O-A initiation.
We have any reason to combine the above with the lunar installations that literlay “drove crazy” the american astronauts when they landed. For the ignorants we refer that the crews of “apollo” sent reports for “ships and lunar installations of unknown origin”, and for a “second moon” (Lilith) behind the first moon.
We clearout that althought the Judaic priesthood is called Levanio or Levitico, meaning “Lunar Priesthood”, in the bible the term Iera-Selene or Jerousalem is preffered in the Hellenistic attribution.
The event is enlighted completely by the allusions of John’s Apocalypse C’12 where the new Holy Levan (moon) (Jerusalem) “lands” in order to “settle among people”, memorizing movie messages that they have ingeniously and deviously served to us throught the “encounters of the third kind”. In the specific movie by the hebrew director Steven Spielberg, the flag of the earthlings is white with a black triangle that has its base downwards and its top upwards, just right the triangles Tetragrammaton YHWH of the masonic lodges. In contrary the visitors, right before the appearance of the monstrus mothership, send for scouting three minor ships that stabilize in the air and create a tringale with its base upwards and its top downwards. The two tringles, straight and reverse, combined are the cabbalist sixpointed “Star of Solomon” and the official flag of Israel.
For those who still doubt the seriouness of these writings, we refer to a fraction of the Orpheic comments by Proklos, No.9, Timaion 41, 283, 11 Erman Diels: (translation)
“He created (Saturn?) another infinite (spherical) earth, which the Gods named Selene(moon) and the human Minin. She has many mountains, many cities, many megara”.

posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 01:21 PM
reply to post by skeptical2012

Do not be discouraged by certain do not have to quit. Information exchange is what keeps the universe moving. You can simply ignore people from this thread if they come back on to bash you. I mean....adverse opinions all welcome but in a peaceful manner.
So please continue....and if someone posts a rude remark you just simply dont have to answer and i will argue with them untilthey have had enough
Trust me....i can do that to people and have them reach a point where they would just walk away with their last word.

posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 01:25 PM
reply to post by dr_strangecraft

I concur that this is a work of fiction.

Whether the OP was the one who concocted this scheme is neither here nor there it's been my experience that many people write things either to get a rise out of others or because they just like to see themselves post. Whther or not that's the case here ... I dunno.

It's my opinion that this thread - as well as all of the anti-Semite BS in it, implied by it, and written to this thread - does ATS a disservice.

Shame on whoever was behind this silly diversion.

Your pal,

posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 01:43 PM
reply to post by mmmeat

Where is the antisemitism? No mention of it in our modern day in what context are you presenting this statement?
This guy has a lot of documentation regarding this exists in pdf format. The organization that published it exists too so why dont you look into that for yourself and maybe look at the bigger picture to infer meaning?
Anti semetic right? That means discriminatory of jews right? Well if you read the entire post and the translations then you would understand that there is no clear and concise seperation of religions (according to the translations they are all the same and will be united) where individuals can claim to be "jewish" or "christian" because they all came from the same point of origin. So where is the specific anti-semitism? This isnt about one race against another....well it is but on a galactic level and not our human global level. Think OUTSIDE THE BOX PEOPLE!!
And if it is all fake then we have a pretty good script for a movie dont we?

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