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Insider Transcripts: Extraordinary Secret Recordings

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posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 05:30 AM
They are real, valid and therefore unfortunately and in my opinion through sheer luck alone supportive of the OP. However, one rare piece of evidence against the balance of probabilities isn't swaying me at all based on the weight of evidence against. On linguistic grounds and profiling grounds alone.

"Arch" as a term intrigues me on several levels in the context of this hoax. I think it indicates a Greek origin, and a neo-Nazi one for that matter.

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 07:01 AM
Context/Linguistic of words..

Please excuse the simplistic approach of my analogy..

(In my humble opinion..)

The context of these transcribed documents really DO need to be established before they can make any sense to the reader. There is some debate on the use of certain words within the first transcribed recordings. It has been said the use of such words indicate that the author knows little about the subject being described, and this may well be true, I have no proof to discount this and the reasoning seems logical to me. Languages, both ancient and modern DO change a lot in a developing society/culture. A word can change its context almost overnight depending on many things, such as its popularity of use and how its perceived by the people that use this word.

Here is one simple example.. [Please NOTE, this example has nothing to do with the topic being discussed, it is used ONLY to show how a word can change its context/meaning]

Not too long ago, it was acceptable to tell someone that you were [adjective] 'gay' or 'feeling gay', meaning you were happy/care- free or feeling happy/care-free.. Today this word is often associated with a person's sexual orientation. Same word, but now with two different meanings depending on which era & society this word is used in.

The primary meaning of the word gay has changed dramatically during the 20th century—though the change evolved from earlier usages. It derives via the Old French gai, probably from a Germanic source.[1] The word originally meant "carefree", "happy", or "bright and showy" and was very commonly used with this meaning in speech and literature. For example, the title of the 1938 ballet aptly named Gaîté Parisienne ("Parisian Gaiety"), a patchwork compiled from Jacques Offenbach's operettas, illustrates this connotation, and the optimistic 1890s are still often referred to as the Gay Nineties.

The word started to acquire sexual connotations in the late 17th century, being used with meaning "addicted to pleasures and dissipations". This was by extension from the primary meaning of "carefree": implying "uninhibited by moral constraints". By the late nineteenth century the term "gay life" was a well-established euphemism for prostitution and other forms of extramarital sexual behavior that were perceived as immoral.


So words written long ago or, referring to a different era, would most likely be written in the style/format of that time using words that now mean something different and out of context into todays language use.

Example Two.

The following poem is written in the style/format of the language used at the time of this event.

The breaking waves dashed high
On a stern and rock-bound coast,
And the woods, against a stormy sky,
Their giant branches tossed;

And the heavy night hung dark
The hills and waters o'er,
When a band of exiles moored their bark
On a wild New England shore.

Not as the conqueror comes,
They, the true-hearted, came;
Not with the roll of the stirring drums,
And the trumpet that sings of fame;

Not as the flying come,
In silence and in fear;--
They shook the depths of the desert's gloom
With their hymns of lofty cheer.

Amidst the storm they sang,
And the stars heard, and the sea;
And the sounding aisles of the dim woods rang
To the anthem of the free!

The ocean-eagle soared
From his nest by the white wave's foam,
And the rocking pines of the forest roared;
This was their welcome home!

Their were men with hoary hair
Amidst that pilgrim band;
Why had they come to wither there,
Away from their childhood's land?

Their was woman's fearless eye,
Lit by her deep love's truth;
There was manhood's brow, serenely high,
And the fiery heart of youth.

What sought they thus afar?
Bright jewels of the mine?
The wealth of seas, the spoils of war?--
They sought a faith's pure shrine!


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posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 07:02 AM
Aye, call it holy ground,
The soil where they first trod!
They left unstained what there they found--
Freedom to worship God!

Unless you already know this poem you might find it difficult to understand what event is being described. The context of this
poem is multi-layed.

Firstly, the title of this poem is called Landing of the Pilgrims. Try reading this poem again and notice how the text opens up.

Secondly, having a reference point (in this case the title of this poem) the style of words now take on a different perspective as we ajust our current language and perception to one used at that time.


Basically, you and others are asking me to forget what I know about the world, to ignore the places where this thread divorces itself from reality.

No you mis-understand me, all I am saying is that we have seen only a small part of these recordings, a fragment if-you-will. All I am saying is wait until the OP has finished translating these transcripts and after he has explained his opionion of them before condeming them on face value. Condem the whole picture in the light of day rather than a fragment of it.

Thats my take on the context/linguistic value of such [controversial] documents like the one being translated in this thread..

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posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 07:13 AM
an easy solution to this thread

The op needs to scan and post the original pages which he is 'translating'

I think seeing the original pages will greatly help this debate

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 08:52 AM
------------BEGINNING OF TRANSLATED TEXT-------------

Hellenic Restoration Group
Leadership HRG Larisa

Through readership HRG Volos

Through M/YF/ HRG K.I.

Department of Security Volos

Larisa 28-7-87

Base Commanders

Cape Canaveral USA



Through the corresponding military representatives of the Hellenic Embassies

Hellenic Security Authorities – GEA – GEETHA (Hellenic AirForce Command, Hellenic Defense General Command)



Based on the following accidents calendar:

a) 28 January 1986: Destruction of Space Shuttle “Challenger” during launch (USA),
b) 29 January 1987: Destruction of Reconnaissance Military Satellite “Cosmos 1813” (USSR)
c) 30 January 1987: Destruction of fourth stage transported Telecommunications Satellite, rocket “Proton” during launch. (USSR).

We put to you, on behalf of Prytaneum H.R.G., the following mathematical problem:

PROBLEM: On the basis of the theory of Chances in combination with the “theory of the Disasters” by RENE THOM, find the mathematical model which allows you to characterize as accidents the above three Disaster Events, if take into consideration that:

In the successive dates 28-29-30 of the same month January, thus in three successive time units, happened the only Space Accidents during the time period of 1986 and 1987, thus during the length of 580 alike time units (days), from January 1986 to July 1987.
We gave to you enough time to investigate the conditions of the above “accidents”.

Please do promulgate to us the solution of the above problem through our eponym representative. In case that you rule out the accident and conclude to the “accident”, we will reach to a position of negotiation with your governments through another eponym representative, member of “Leadership HRG Larisa”. In case that you will not conclude to the “accident” we will “help” you to see reason with NEXT accidents.

With honour, LEADERSHIP H.R.G. LARISA (on behalf Prytaneum HRG)

------------END OF TRANSLATED TEXT-------------

The above is the translation of the text of the previous image I attached.
It is an HRG official text.
So now you know that this text does not refer to jews at all.

Concerning the swastikas, those are archetype universal Hellenistic-Dravidian symbols of torque direction.
They are being used by HRG in the following pattern:
Righturn torque Swastika - Middle Sun - Lefturn torque Swastika
The demystyfication of the above, I will not analyse here.

They have NOTHING to do with nazism neither those symbols pattern, neither HRG.
If you had ever study history you would know that Hellas fought and won Fascist Italia in the Albanian Front and continued the resistance against Nazi Germany until the end of the War. In many cases Hellenes also helped, sheltered and protected jewish comunity people, while it is a known fact that some authority jews betrayed their fellowmen to the SS/Nazis.
It is at least disgraceful and unhistoric the attempt to connect Hellenism with Nazism.

USA has the KKK and the nationalist movement ultra right wing white supremacists groups. Does this mean that the US nation is connected with Nazis? Have mercy on my soul!
Moreover if you like a talk about Nazi crimes you must take into account also today's Zion crimes against the Palestinians and other nations.

As of the term Arch rabbi it's synonymous to the term chief rabbi and concerns the highest degree of the Judaic/Zion priesthood. (arch=arche=high authority=chief)

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posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 09:23 AM

Originally posted by pavlovsdog
Perhaps I should remove that one link. However, what of the two links that are from books dealing with jewish history?

As far as the first book goes, it is written by a Christian, and one who thinks the rabbis persecute their own Jews. From the next page online of that text:

Another such a stride would emancipate the people from most of the rabbinic shackles . . .

Hardly a pro-rabbinical or even Jewish text. . . .

The other text uses the word "exilarch" which means leader of the exiles in a given place. It might be someone else beside a rabbi.

I may be wrong about the whole "arch rabbi" thing, But I honestly believe it is a dated term applied by non-Jewish historians, and not used by Jews to describe themselves. I stand by may argument that it is not a word that a rabbi would use to describe himself or his colleagues.

The fact that a non-jewish, anti-rabbinical historian used the term doesn't indicate that he understood or even cared how jews in Spain saw or reffered to themselves.

But again, that's hardly at the core of what's wrong with the material thats been "translated" so far. Just one tiny facet, another mark that points to questionable authenticity.


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posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 09:34 AM

Originally posted by skeptical2012

The above is the translation of the text of the previous image I attached.
It is an HRG official text.
So now you know that this text does not refer to jews at all.

Nor does it refer to Andremedians Goyyim, Yawheh, the initiation of arch rabbis, or anything else you've translated.

So what does it have to do with the recordings made of a rabbi's speech? Why put it here? Why not post the transcripts of the RECORDING that was at the heart of your claim in the first place??

It looks like a red herring.

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 09:48 AM
No it is not!

I have the complete 67 pages HRG text dated 1985 which contains the transcripts.
It is in a .pdf file format because it is not the original. But, I have read and seen also the original typewrited HRG text. I don't have it right now in my files though. The original had more than 70 pages from typewriter machine.

I will need some technical help to upload the pdf though.

Finally, there is a third transcript also from a recording in Archerabbinia Athens.

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 09:54 AM
a pdf file? fantastic!

go to - follow the simple instructions to upload the file - you will then recieve a file download link

come back here and post the download link and we can retrieve it

this will help immensly

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 10:16 AM

The transcripts begin from pg.38

As a whole it is a mind blower conspiratorial document, totally unconventional thinking in some parts, some other parts contain revealing rare information about politics, banking of the era, and ethnological history analysis.

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 10:27 AM
is this connected to your 'top secret umbra' inquiries?

Web E? perseysteam?

Makes me wish I could translate everything .

I await the dr's return for further analysis.

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 10:49 AM
"top secret umbra" or ultra inaccecible umbra is the NSA codeword used as a flag by HRG to describe a certain geopolitical scheme for the release of WWIII.
HRG has insider informants in the CIA, the ARMY, astronomers etc.

Web E and pereusteam are just sites that have published some HRG texts in the past.

[edit on 12-1-2008 by skeptical2012]

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 06:10 PM
Thanks for postiing the text, skeptical. It is pretty close to your translation. Did you use a translation engine, or do the work yourself? THe only reason I ask is, if you did it yourself your greek is probably much better than mine.

I did notice on page 36 a reference to two authors:

Fenolglio Alberto, who seems to be an italian author, and this fellow: W. Raymond Drake who was a student of Charles Fort. The manuscript specifically mentions "Gods and Astronauts in Greece and Rome." (this is at the bottome of page 36, 2nd to last paragraph.

I am being called away RIGHT NOW to other responsibilities; cannot make out whether the text refers to those two authors, or if it says that it's from their works? Can you tell which it is?

Must go. More Monday or so at earliest

all the best.


posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 03:34 AM

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 08:20 AM
Ι have also translated a signal by HRG days after the attack of September 11th.
Because this is obviously a place with many members from the USA I believe this will be for your best interest.

Prytaneum H.R.G.
ATHENS 14/9/2001

Subject: “Terrorist” Attack 11/9/2001 against non-combatant citizens of New York USA,
a Hebrew Saxon purim for the release of World War III, US.E.J – R.I.C.

We inform the Hellenic Military Personnel that according to the current evidence and after analysis of the attack of 11/9/2001, the executive planning department of H.R.G. reached to the following irrevocable conclusions:

1) The whole operation was invented and organized by the shadow hyper government “NSA” or “National Security Agency” of USA, without the knowledge of the American Government, FBI, CIA, DIA and the rest American services, with purpose the creation of causation for World War III of the two allied axes US.E.J. and T.I.M. , against the axis R.I.C. .
2) The “NSA” staff is only comprised by Hebrew and Saxons university professors and by same ancestry high authority officials of USA.
3) The “NSA” of USA ordered the israelii echelon of NSA, as leadership of the israelii Mossad, and in complete ignorance of the lower hierarchy of Mossad, to complete the planning of the operation and to transfer its execution to the sister secret service of Pakistan, manned by Hebrew Pakistanis, under the current hebrewpakistani junta government, which fake-acts the Islamic Religion.
4) The “P.I.A.” or I.S.I. according to the commands by “NSA” of USA, “broke” the whole operation in five parts, which transferred to Islamic Organizations of 5 countries, in order to be impossible to track the original planner and commander of the operation “NSA”, and to safely track the “Islamists” as the executors.
5) The cryptohebrew Pakistani “I.S.I.” had the executive supervision of the whole operation.
6) States as Afghanistan-Persia-Iraq-Libya, and privates like Ben Laden, does not have technology neither the specialized staff in order to orchestrate and carry out similar operations.
7) The only “Islamic” nation capable of orchestrating the execution of similar operations is Pakistan, which has the high technology and specialized personnel, as a Nuclear and Rocket power, and a country that produces hardware and software.

H.R.G. to the Hellenic Personnel:
“NSA” of USA is planning the military attack of US.E.J. and T.I.M. against the collusion of R.I.C., under the typical commander-in-chief of Paul Glyxbourg or the alternative “King” “Palaiologos Dragazis”, with the activation of Article 5 of the “NATO agreement”, for the forced participation of Hellas, as an allied country, to the military attack of US.E.J. and T.I.M. against R.I.C. In case the Hellenic military accepts to participate in this campaign by US.E.J. against R.I.C, then Hellas and Israel, of Hellenistic Ashkanians or Ashkenazim, will be genocided as a priority in 2005 by the counterattack of R.I.C., through Nuclear-Chemical-Biological War, because the Hebrew “Professors” and the Rabbi’s “Sephardim” of NSA planned WWIII in cooperation with the Hebrew Chinese “TIAO-KIOY-KIAO” of Shanghai China, the country which they intend to move in 2004, right before the genocide of US.E.J. from R.I.C. in order to govern the planet from that position, as a “international sino-zionistic hyper government”, because sin=zion.
The hebrewsaxon “NSA” of USA is not a maker of decisions but an executive branch of the space invaders Draconians - Orionides - Bootedes and other members of the “Draconian Empire” under the rebel command of the constellation Draco, from which comes the yellow race Sin or Zion-Sion or Sina , known as “Sines” or Sinese-Chinese. (Nation of the Draco)
Prytaneum H.R.G.

P.S. 30/10/2001

P.S.1: In 11/9/2001 FBI arrested two Hebrew Americans under the charge of “weird” behaviour because they were filming the fires from the twin towers of New York while dancing and yelling with hysterical joy.

P.S.2: FBI announced that the type of anthrax microbe which contaminated Americans, is produced only to the biological warfare military labs of Iowa USA. After the broadcast of this news item by the American and Hellenic News Networks, further discussion about it was censored and forbidden by the media.

P.S.3: The broadcasts by the American Media about the threat of Biological Warfare with Anthrax bacillus were made 15 days before the first anthrax event in the USA.

The same is done by the American Media and for other forms of “Terrorist” strikes.

The above proves that the Islamic attack with airplanes against the twin towers of New York, and the delivery of letters with Anthrax dust microbes by Hebrew Agents of USA, and the future “terrorist” strikes, whatever will be, was planned by the Hebrew Saxons of USA, under the devious purpose to release world war III through which they will devastate all the nation-states except China, from which they are planning to govern all the -citizens of the world- as kings that govern slaves.

Content Responsibility of the above

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 08:25 AM
Anti-semitic trash.

"Cryptohebrew"? Try "written by and for Neo-Nazis".

Seems like Greece's longstanding and historic problem with anti-semitism is just going swimmingly well.

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 08:56 AM

Originally posted by dr_strangecraft
And then there's the phrase "political anti-christ." Not only an un-Christian concept (those are generally the only people who believe in Christ), but it's also unjewish. The idea of an anti-messiah is peculiar to Christianity.

Actually they do have something rather similar to the anti-christ'. His name is Armilus
The text comes from a 'kosher' Sephardic Orthodox Rabbi pretty well known I would say in the Jewish community

The first link is a PDF by the way, so it may download if it doesnt just load in the browser.



posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 09:01 AM

Originally posted by GUICE2
Not really....things take place without the knowledge of the general public.

WE have to remove ourselves from the "context" that we are used to. From reading things like the urantia book and seeing posts like the OP's i have to come to the conlcusion that none of us know what the truth is and most of what we were taught were lies.

Nicely put - it really does help when one thinks out of the box.
This does not mean that you have to believe everything, but to put things into perspective you do have to have the open mind to the potential that is out there. Or we are bound to dance in circles around are preconceived notions.



posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 09:29 AM

Anti-semitic trash.


Οh yeah. There are cryptohebrews alright. And we know their hidden heritage and root names of many of them usually taking authority positions in adversary countries and at the same time hide their ancestry from the public knowledge.
As of the zionists role in the 911 attacks you should try check Rabbi Dov Zakheim.

"written by and for Neo-Nazis".

HRG has nothing to do with neo-nazis. Don't try to put labels and name-calling without arguments and without having full knowledge of the case.

HRG representative offenly swear against Hitler. And by the way Hitler was a rothchild's bastard.

[edit on 13-1-2008 by skeptical2012]

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 09:32 AM
Just made it through the thread.

Skeptical, its good that you were able to let others see the document in full.
Albeit Im looking forward to more installments from you, as I dont know how to read the Greek language.

And Dr. Strangecraft, it will be interesting to see what you think of it now you have it.
Im sure your opinion will stay, but its good to see you guys got past the miscommunication that happened early on and which persisted throughout the thread until now.

- i.e., it was evident from the beginning that Skeptical was translating a document written in Greek into English...(although until now we did not have proof), and that the greek document itself was a translation from another language, or so the claim. But as you would probably say, lets see the original in 'Hebrew' (what-not) as well - I would agree with that.

Non-the-less, interesting thread. Galactic space conspiracies, etc. (make for a good movie I would think.)



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