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Calling all UFO Experiencers...

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posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 11:40 AM
I feel for those who have had traumatic experiences with ufonauts that visit our planet. I have been fortunate in that although, I have been left with scars, etc. on a couple of occasions. Overall, the experiences were positive.

Initially, when it first happened, I was terrified to say the least. I was just a child of four, when it started happening to me.

Maturity and education has helped me stay grounded on the subject. I believe that there are hostile beings visiting this planet and there are others who are benevolent and are concerned about the welfare of us and our planet.

I truly feel for those who have suffered the experience so traumatically that even speaking of it they are afraid of ridicule, which traumatizes them even further.

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 11:42 AM
I'm sorry Beamish if I killed your posting by speaking out against two extremely important ATS members Jeff & Paul, but it just seems to me that we are getting away from the true purpose of your thread:

"Calling all UFO Experiencers"

Please can we all come to some agreement and try to get along, we all live on this rock and we all seem to have experienced such strange and wonderful and to some ATSers dangerous events in our lives.
I came to ATS because of all of you that have opened the eyes of so many of us to asking that question.
I have lived with my strange experiences for so long and unlike you I buried the thougts as to why me, but so many here on ATS take their amazing experiences like they are an every day thing, fantastic you can do this and I want to know how you do this, ok.
So please for the rest of the ones that are with questions please help us in getting to the truth, definition & purpose of ATS, right.
Shake hands and lets get back to the OP subject, please,

"Calling all UFO Experiencers"

I am new here and I need answers and I hope I did not speak out of my skin in a wrong way to any of you.

Very Sincerely, gwhint

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 12:09 PM
reply to post by gwhint

As I said, I have no interest in engaging this type any more in this thread, (for that matter I have the member on ignore, so I dont have to even see it and be tempted to respond.) and I apologize for getting off in the discussion.

Gwint, I'd ask you if you've not only experienced the "alien" phenomena, but anything else? Ghosts, that sort of thing? Or is it strictly the UFO end of things?

It seems a lot of people I've talked to tend to experience not only the UFO thing, but other deemed "paranormal" events throughout the years. That kind of stuff has led many to think about connections between all of it.

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 12:40 PM
reply to post by jritzmann

I know I have had countless experiences with both. My feeling is that they are both somewhat related, albeit perhaps on different planes of reality. But I'm leaning towards both manifestations as being dimensional in nature. I would go a step further and say that Sasquatch is another one of these multi-dimensional manifestations.

I think these intelligences can speed and slow the spin of their particles of matter, and slip in and out of phase with our speed (which is what we percieve) as they choose.

In the case of ghosts, I think they are stuck just slightly out of phase (perhaps a tad higher than us on the 3-D plane), but can occassionally lower their spin / vibration (or we raise ours just slightly enough) for percievability into our reality.

Just feelings on what I've witnessed--Don't want to draw down the wrath of anyone.

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 01:11 PM
reply to post by rachel07

Hi Rachel07,

At last we finally meet-up on a thread ... how are you doing ?

I agree ... that there are many different alien-races visiting our planet. I don't know/understand however, why some people only experience the 'hostile' breeds, whilst others only experience the 'benevolent breeds !

I've always assumed (and have posted these ideas on this thread), that it has to do with our personal frequency/vibration. But that theory kind of goes out of the window when you hear about people that have experienced 'both' types.

But it is threads like this (thank-you Beamish), that might help us to understand a little more by letting us make comparrisons and pool our ideas together.


posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 01:24 PM
reply to post by jritzmann

Thanks Jeff for your response and to answer your question, yes I have experienced both types of encounters ET & paranormal, why me, but then I just have to look at my life from youth to the now, to know the Why of my Life, see, chatting with you ATSers does have its good side for me.

Maybe the NWO is controlled by reptilians, I dont know, but I want to know, maybe my encounters with ET from my youth, led me into what I have done most of my life, who knows, but I'm not sure I need to speak of my experiences for fear of opening the eyes of whoever, can you understand this, but with this being said then, OOPS I did it again, opened my mouth. I have been some sort of a robot to who?? most of my life.

Why, was the strange encounters from my youth leading me into what I have been doing or was the strange visits of shadows using subliminal messages in my dream states, who knows, but I want to know now, ok.

Maybe my strange ET encounters were a way of manipulating my DNA, who knows, but why am I here now on ATS and telling all of you, maybe we are coming together and for sure we are all hungry for the truth, so just maybe with so many people experiencing the unknown here on ATS we will be able to draw some sort of conclusion, ok.

How do we know its not a great coverup by our respective governments and we are being controlled to say and do just what they want whenever they want and just some of us have found away out of the chains that bind us, thanks to the powers to be for the information highway the net, for all of us coming together or gathering, right.

Maybe the respective gov's are looking for answers right or we wouldnt be talking openly like this from everywhere in the world, who knows, we all need answers, we are gathering and our mental juices are flowing into each and everyone of us, so who knows where its going to take us.

Maybe this is some sort of a test and ET is monitoring or maybe our future earthlings have found a way of time travels and just waiting for the right moment to spring onto our stage, hope so, I want to pass their tests, dont you, I want to know where is home, if it's not where I currently live or was born at, dont you.

But it seems we are going to get to the end of life on this rock from the warring factions all over the place, before the truth will be known or are they, the who's (ET or gov's), going to save us from ourselves, who knows.

I think I said more than I should have, so I am sorry to the eyes that that lurk in the background, waiting to pounce on me, ok, but then who knows, with all of the great minds on ATS, hopefully we will get to the truth before it's to late for you and me.
Very sincerely, gwhint

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 01:49 PM

Originally posted by gwhint
I'm sorry Beamish if I killed your posting by speaking out against two extremely important ATS members Jeff & Paul, but it just seems to me that we are getting away from the true purpose of your thread:

"Calling all UFO Experiencers"

Whenever there is a thread that addresses highly controversial issues, there is going to be heated exchanges. That is a given. This isn't a Wednesday night New Age meditation group. Perhaps some want it to be.

We are talking about people who have had real experiences with physical aliens, and have suffered for it, at least psychologically, if not physically as well. I've counseled a number of them. There are support groups around the world that help abductees, in part, to handle their post traumatic stress disorder from their experiences.

So when I see someone demeaning the whole process by stating that the years of research that has been done in the field by respected individuals, and that the idea that the extraterrestrials in question are physical beings, is all "crap," I find the need to say something about it

If in doing so it creates a little disharmony, that's fine. Defending an innocent against multiple muggers in a park creates disharmony too, but for good reasons. As such, sometimes it is simply necessary.

This is not a date club, but a debate society, the largest one on the Internet.

Let's all keep that in mind.

Originally posted by gwhint
I am new here and I need answers and I hope I did not speak out of my skin in a wrong way to any of you.

It's fine on my end.

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posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 03:08 PM
reply to post by jritzmann

Hi JR,

Let me begin by giving you a virtual pat on the back and saying 'good man', for pressing the ignore button. Now we can all concentrate on the subject at hand.

Anyone here who has read some of my threads will know that I have experienced supernatural senario's throughout my life and alien contact since the mid-90's. And I DO think there is a connection at some level.

There is one event in particular that brought me to this conclusion.
By the way, this is something I've never discussed with anyone before ... not because I have doubts or reservations, it's just never cropped-up in conversation before. Now seems like the appropriate time ... I hope I can explain it without confusing everyone.

I need to begin by explaining that I first became aware of my 'spirit-guide', shortly after I started getting the 'flashacks' of my past-life memories (1992). I'd been aware of something/someone observing me for a few weeks (I should explain that this is nothing strange for me ... having been aware of 'spirits' since I was about 3yrs old), so I was not at all alarmed by this.

One night I'd gone to bed (my ex-husband was already asleep), and I settled into my 'sleep' position, when I felt there was someone else in the room. I lifted my head and standing at the bottom of the bed (by my feet) was the solid form of a monk. He wore an off-white coloured robe with the cowl-hood pulled up over his head ... which meant I couldn't see his face. There was a darker coloured cord tied around his waist and his hands were clasped in front of him (but covered by the baggy sleeves of the robe). After I acknowledged him, he disappeared and I went to sleep.

Since that night (and that is the only time I've seen him physically), my monk became a regular companion, especially when I was doing paranormal work. At such times he acts as my 'gatekeeper', and prevents any darker entities attaching themselves to me ...when I'm in such a vunerable position. Whilst I can't 'see' my monk I'm always aware when he's there ... and over the years he has become like an old friend. I know that might sound very strange to those who have no link with the paranormal ... but to me it is the most natural thing in the world ... it is what it is.

Ok, I am the kind of person who rarely remembers dreaming. On the occasions that I do recall my dreams there are usually large chunks missing ... but the details I do recall are remarkably clear.

I had the dream in question about 2yrs ago. In the dream I was walking up a (real) street in the town I used to live, when I bumped into somebody I knew. We stopped to chat and as we spoke his face kept changing ... but his eyes stayed the same (it reminded me of those adverts on the TV that you sometimes see), where a persons face keeps morphing into a different one. And whilst we just stood chatting about regular mundane stuff, this guys face kept morphing ... only his eyes stayed the same throughout. I can remember just staring at him thinking wow, that's amazing (but we all know how weird dreams can be), so I thought no more about it. Truth is, I was more surprised that I'd remembered the dream itself ... than it's content.

A couple of weeks later, I was waiting for a bus to bring me home from a nearby town (where I'd just been holding a meditation circle), it was about 10pm. The street was poorly lit by the bus-stop and there was no-one else around. Then I got the impression of my monks face in my minds-eye ... it felt like he was standing beside me. And for the first time ever in the presnce of my monk I felt 'fear'. Initially, I couldn't understand why ... after all my monk always protected me !

As I studied the image in my mind more closely I realized it was his eyes ... they weren't his eyes. I was totally freaked-out by this until I realized they were Khya's eyes (for anyone who doesn't know ... Khya is the being who showed me the viewing-screen during my abduction).

I couldn't get my head around it ... what did it mean ?

Then I remembered the dream and it all slotted into place. Could my spirit-guide and Khya be one and the same ???

Who knows ... but this is what made me think about possible connections between abductions and the paranormal.


posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

Thanks for sharing your experiences and I mean this, I do believe you have a destiny to follow and that you are being led in a positive direction by whatever forces that appear in your life, cheers to you and your guide.
Hers one for syncroncity between you and I on this present journey.

You spoke of the eyes and boom what is my thought, well this popped out of the blue because of your words, how about a past memory that actually happened and what is amazing is your experiences of your regression is my experiences in real life occurances, of course they are not the same but the end result was, fear, how about comments on this tragic event when I was young:

I would consider this as abuse, it occurred during age 5:

My mom and I were walking to my school one day and one of her friends stopped to say hello, as we stood there on the sidewalk talking, you can imagine me being so hyper, it took all of my moms energy to hold my hand, well, her friend told me to hold out my hand and close my eyes, he would give me a big surprise that I would love, wow, oh boy.

I followed his wishes and closed my eyes, so, he placed something round in my hand, it felt like a marble in my dream state and I got excited, so then, he told me to open my eyes and look, to my complete and utterly frightening surprise he placed his fake glass eyeball in my hand and it really freaked me out to look at something so gross, positioned just right by him, in the palm of my hand, looking back at me.

I think I may have fainted because I don’t really remember what happened next, what stupid people there are in the world and what a sick joke that was, time heals all wounds, maybe, but what an experience that was, I found out the hard way not to trust strangers.

Was he a demon or just some sick pervert and what did he get out of this amusement at my extreme frightened experience at reality. So syncronicity for your dreamstate eyes and my shock into reality but eyes just the same, right.

Maybe someday I will get the chance to follow a positive path and get as much pleasure as you Woodwytch, hopefully time wont run out first.

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 04:20 PM
reply to post by gwhint

Hey there gwhint,

Your comment about 'if time doesn't run out' made me smile.

I always say, to achieve everything on my 'things to do before I die list' ... I'm going to need to live until I'm well over 100yrs old.

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 07:20 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

I'd say thats a pretty good example of the paranormal/UFO crossover. Like I said, there are similarities in both for instance apparition manifestations and alien/UFO ones.

I summarize that alien experience might occur more by who we are (or will be) then what we are, if you get what I mean. When I ask about being being involved in whats deemed by most as "occult" practices, along with all the other connective similarities, people dont often correlate the connection between occult things and why they had experiences as a child.

I had quite a few people ask "whats me playing around with the occult when I was 18 have to do with me being abducted when I was 5?"

Now here's the part to try and get your head around: Non-linear time. It almost seems to me, that the enigma either:

a.) knows youre going to open doors for entry before you do.

Or the more plausible (at least to me) - b.)the engima can travel time in a non-linear open the door at say age 30, and the access is open to the whole of your life. Your perception would be that you've had this all your life.

The other option is that it's the commonalities that I U2U'ed you, are working in ways we simply cant connect yet because we dont understand them, and I'm completely wrong on both A and B.

Either way I've interviewed enough people involved to say there's some sort of connection.

I have to run out for a bit, but I'll write further into this later tonight.


posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 07:56 PM
I only experienced a UFO sighting once,but I never got into the ship.

It was back when I was about 7.I'm now 18 and can still remember it fully.Poeple may think I'm crazy,but i know what I saw.Basically I saw a flying disk over a dog food plant.

They didnt come around ever again,they were probably in agreement with me that the place smelled really really awful,so I don't really blame them.

Interestingly anough,ever since I've been hereing young female voices calling me since.

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posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 08:18 PM
reply to post by Beamish

Hi, im Spirit. Im 25, and Ive studied Ufology intensively since I was about 10 years old. Surprisingly, Ive covered A LOT of ground, read most of the books, seen most of the videos, debunked some fakes and misinterpretations, and also support legitimate cases and worked directly with my local State Section MUFON director. At about 1 year old(I was not at the mental development to remember this case myself, but my brother and parents were), my mother was feeding me in the upstairs bedroom of the small farmhouse we lived in when she noticed a glowing, red, spherical object hovering outside the window. After calling this to my Fathers attention(who promptly took my older brother outside with flashlights to investigate), the object began making quick, right-angle turns and other erratic movements before silently flying out of view. This prompted my feverish study into the phenomena throughout my childhood, until I was about 13. My brother and I were both in Boy Scouts, and he and I, and my Mom and Dad were on our way home when we all saw a gigantic, black triangular object with bright white lights on each corner rotating silently about 60 or 70 feet off of the ground. This object was HUGE. This was NOT a Stealth B-2 or F117. It was NOT a blimp. It was NOT venus or marsh gas, or jupiter, or the moon, or a balloon, or a rc plane, or anything else one might mention. This object was silent, could suspend itself in midair without engines or stabilizing fins, or propellers. It also was capable of leaving the area in the blink of an eye without displacing any air(thus no sonic-boom). This sighting has been documented by MUFON and has appeared in newsletters, magazines and websights. Ive had some other unexplainable events in my life, which i wont go into detail about just yet, but two of them involve what i take to be INTERDIMENSIONAL entities(unconnected to ufos). Just thought I would give you that feed back. I dont know if its luck, destiny or what. It either happens to you, or it doesnt. I chalk it up to freak chance occurances.

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 10:56 PM

Originally posted by gwhint
reply to post by jritzmann

Thanks Jeff for your response and to answer your question, yes I have experienced both types of encounters ET & paranormal, why me, but then I just have to look at my life from youth to the now, to know the Why of my Life, see, chatting with you ATSers does have its good side for me.

Maybe the NWO is controlled by reptilians, I dont know, but I want to know

Why you....well thats the 10 million dollar question. I too have seen other paranormal phenomena, both in and out of my home. Some of it so bizarre that I dont even know what category you'd put it in.

I'll give ya for instance:
At my 40th B-Day get together, my Mom and Dad were over, Dad went outside, my wife and son were in another room. My Mom and I sat across from eachother, me on the sofa and my Mom across the room in my big leather chair. My dog, a beagle, was laying at her feet on the floor. I looked down as we spoke as something caught my eye, moving. On the floor coming from out of the livingroom, was a small shoebox sized black fuzzy rectangle floating about 3-6 inches maybe off the ground. It moved past me on the couch, past the dog, and faded out as it got towards the hallway. Took about 4-5 seconds to traverse approx....maybe 10 ft?

The dog, as it passed her, snapped at it. Her head turned and followed it...and she bolted down the hallway chasing what I couldnt even see at that point.

I said to my Mom "did you see that??"
Mom said, "I saw something, but I dont know what it was black and just a shape and it moved pretty fast.

Mom saw it, I saw it, and the Dog snapped at it. We all saw something. Now what category do ya fit weird stuff like that in?

When David Biedny came down to spend a few days with us, he saw something move from the livingroom towards the hallway as well. He didnt pay much attention to it, as we were talking and he thought it might have been my cat, as he was petting my dog at the time.

I have no cat. I have nothing but the dog. He mentioned at dinner about a cat, and was shocked when we said we didnt have one. He said he clearly remembered seeing something black move down the hallway thru the livingroom.

So what is it? Why is it.

I had an instance not horribly long ago, where I saw a man standing in my front sunroom, when I was in the living room. It's been one of the only, truly "alien" instances I've had in 10 years...and it wasnt really traumatic, but it was disturbing.

I got up off the couch, and there he was. I couldnt make out much about him, other then it "felt", like "them". But, I have to be honest and say there was no forewarning feeling, nor precursor events. I literally froze bent over the couch as I was getting up. I asked "are you one of them?", to which he snickered. The only words he said were "The seven rule the nine". Then he was gone. Proof. That quick.

It didnt have time to scare me past...well past a guy standing in my house that I dont know. Initial shock, and fear, but also a bit of the "I gotta get to a weapon and get this guy out of here."...but then you could just feel the palpable feeling that this wasnt just a guy, and something else far stranger was going on. Thats the only way I can explain it. The whole event was in the seconds.

So whats that mean? No idea. I've asked a lot of people, and no one seems to know. I connect it to the UFO thing because it felt like it. And after this many years, I know to trust how I feel during paranormal events.

Other then a sighting which I photographed this past summer, I've had nothing to speak of. Small little odd things, some sounds and small apparition things around the house...thats it. The most common thing we see here, is what looks like pieces of linen, very faint but visible passing thru the room. They almost at times look like a small section of sheet ribboned over itself and someone is not all there wearing a white sheet. I've seen it, my wife, my son, people who've come to the house...doesnt matter who it is. It just is.

It's all so ridiculous. I gotta laugh about it sometimes.

So, what is it all? I think it's all the same "thing". The paranormal in general may be from some same-like source.

In short, I think it's entirely possible that in different circumstances, we draw it to us, perhaps just by our interest, but most likely in my opinion by way of other reasons we cannot understand as of yet. I've just got my suspicions it's all connected.

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 11:33 PM
reply to post by jritzmann

Hey Jeff,
Thanks for your posts and I really am sorry I spoke out of place to you because ATSers like you and Paul included, gives people like me that are starving for info on these strange events, the feeling that we are not alone and that in some instances it may be better to come out into the light, at least some of us, ok, baby steps.

You have definitely had your fair share of encounters and I love reading about them and the way you can just let it flow amazes me to say the least. I have been a "behind a closed door freak" for all my life, maybe because of the way I was raised or maybe because of the career I worked in, so its just not a normal feeling for me to just blurt it out, I wish I could, though.

My strange encounters seem to have always had some sort of steering of my life and believe me when I say I have been there and done that.

I had the bigheaded dreams when I was young and then bouts of the paranormal episodes like precognant abilities, then I had an encounter which to this day still bothers me and I also was steered into another direction in life.

Then I had the strange Shadow beings subliminally whispering over me in my quiet sleep moments, what they were saying, who knows, maybe to go to ATS and start chatting, lol, but when they appeared I was always startled into reality, but I can honestly say I never witnessed your events of moving objects.

But I made another life move and find myself in the now time zone here on ATS and just lately it seems as though I have been discarded by the forces to be, who? and so I found ATS such a good site that I joined and hopefully the juices of all the ATSers will flow in the positive direction to getting to the truth.
Thanks for your thoughts, gwhint

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 09:30 AM
Hi everyone.

I've read each and every reply posted since my last visit and am glad to see that the quality of discussion, even if it did get a little heated at times, remained high.
Freedom of speech means we're all entitled to our individual opinions, no matter what they may be and irrespective as to how we reach them. (Backing up that opinion with verifiable data, whilst trying to maintain informed and informative, is another matter entirely, however. This is because the subject of UFOs, by its very nature, is succeptible to, and attracts, extremes of belief).

To anyone outside the field, and especially cynics and their cousins the skeptics, any interpretation made by someone within as to what UFOs and aliens are, is open to justifiable criticism. Heck, if we can't agree on it...
This is because there are so many differing scenarios as to who "they" are and why "they're" here, so many advocates of varying abilities who promote these scenarios, and so much (albeit anecdotal) evidence of a dizzying variety of craft, species etc, that everything seems to add to the puzzle as opposed to answer it. We must look like a bunch of headless chickens trying to sort it all out.

What we can comfort ourselves with is that, despite its eclectic nature, the subject of UFOs is a very real, ongoing phenomena, and nothing can change that.
Going by the information in some of the answers to my original post, and extrapolating a possible, and not unlikely, scenario, then there must be literaly hundreds of thousands if not millions of people who have seen these things in our skies. Most may well have simply ignored them. I think it's fair to say that generally, the average person in the street won't let anything interfere with their safe, controlable lives.

Yet despite the known sightings, and considering how much information we have at our disposal from them, none of us have managed to come up with the definite explanation as to what UFOs are. Not one theory covers every facet of the phenomena. Like any good detective yarn, it has got more than its fair shares of twists and turns.
As such, we're still learning, and therefore should be willing, and capable, of changing our minds. IMO, this applies to everyone who has an opinion or conviction about UFOs; we all should be eager to accept, or at least consider, new convincing and supportable evidence when it is presented no matter what, because you never know; there could be a needle in that haystack.

The worrying thing is that if, by some bizzare chance, we actualy have the answer to the UFO question already in our hands, then we will have a real job finding it as it is hopelessly lost in the self made, chaotic miasma of unintentional, and sometimes deliberate, confusion that we find ourselves in.

And also somewhere in there is the answer to my problem.

I can't tell you how pleased and, I have to admit, covetous I was to hear of all of your sightings and experiences. Did hearing of them, and the plethora of superb advice I have been given help toward answering that question in any way?

That's easy; yes.

But, it's also compounded the issue.

I have realised that what I initialy thought was a simple subject (as far as visitors from outer space, or wherever, can be), has now expanded into something totally unexpected.

From your answers, I think I've gained an insight into an issue that I was absolutely not expecting.

I was always of the opinion that UFOs and their occupants were different to us by a measure of evolution/creation and distance; they're not human, and they came from a long way away. This estimation, in retrospect, was moulded by my cultural upbringing and interests.

Now, because of the posts on this thread, the idea that UFOs are part of a phenomena that is far bigger does not sit so uncomfortably. Though I have heard of this before, for me beginning to acknowledge it as a possible reality is almost a revelation.

I have begun to understand the vibrational/frequency theory, though it hurts to do so! But, to fully accept this quite radical theory, I have had to also accept that aliens are not as physical as first thought. And as I do, I also have to alter my preconceptions as to their possible origin.

Is it such a leap of faith to imagine aliens come from an indefinable "elsewhere", as opposed to another star system?
And if it helps to see them by utilising a change in the body's frequency so to allow an attitudinal change, whether this occurs through emotional or physical trauma, meditation or other means, then surely this means we are dealing with beings or entities who may well have transcended the material? Beings that are so far evolved that they can communicate with us, and include us in events, via modes that we would consider paranormal? (BTW, I am not elluding directly to "higher light beings" and such, even though this concept may well have been hijacked by alien-based, psuedo religions).

Many of those who have replied here have stated that they feel they are being watched after they see a UFO, or that they were chosen to see them. Some have welcomed this attention, but others have said it is totally unwanted. Those who have been abducted feel they have been violated, whilst others have had almost enjoyable experiences.

All of these reactions describe something very personal; as if the aliens know of them, understand them, but ultimately ignore any protestations and continue to do as they wish.
This brings to mind the many warnings you have posted as to the inherent dangers involved when dealing with extraterrestials, warnings that I will heed.
But it also makes me realise that I have to change myself, allow a personal amendation to facilitate contact and thus solve my problem.

As I cannot simply look up and see "them", this is the road I will take.

I will also prepare myself technologically (as funds allow) to help in the process, IR cameras etc.

Thank you one an all for your help in this. The subject is far from closed for me and I feel the journey will be long...but at least I've taken the first step.

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 11:02 AM

Originally posted by Beamish

Now, because of the posts on this thread, the idea that UFOs are part of a phenomena that is far bigger does not sit so uncomfortably. Though I have heard of this before, for me beginning to acknowledge it as a possible reality is almost a revelation.

With all the cultural conditioning about the ETH in Ufo study, it's not easy to leave it behind for such a stance. Theres more then a few still well thought of researchers that are still plugging away at that direction, even for some after a lifetime of literally no progress, no physical evidence, and mental masturbation over and over of the same cases and outcomes.

Yet the ETH is still the most pervasive theory to people. Why? Because there's so much of it out there.

I just wanna maybe point you in a general direction to think about, and just remember these things (which are all of my own opinions and summarized findings, but maybe they'll help you get to an end)

-"They" can be physical. But, they don't *have* to be. Either we contribute to their physicality, or they choose one way or the other at any given moment.

-"They" seem to depend on us and our attention for manifestation. Yes, occasionally mass and random "hook events" as I call em, are thrown out to troll for new people to fixate on them, and therefore continue manifestations. I'll not forget the words shown to me many years ago : "These being seems to have only as much ability to enter our reality as we give to them".

-"They" are a symptom of something much larger. I have said this over and over for more then 12 years. There is more pointing to a very very complex issue in this then there is to the essentially easy answer of spacemen from planet X.

-Take note of the "dangling carrot". You will not get answers in your search from "them"...what you'll get from it is more questions. You'll think at *many* times you've hit on something, but when you step back you'll realize it's only a partial answer...with another question attached. It's a bait. To take it is ultimately your personal choice.

-The answer may not lie within the study of UFOs, and UFO occupants/cases...but with people. How they react to the enigma, how it fundamentally changes them, and where they go from it speaks volumes. This is where you stand to learn a lot.

-Keep the obsession in check. Don't let it rule your life and occupy your every thought. To do so is to experience personal loss on a pretty grand scale. While your obsessing on this, the rest of your life takes a back seat. (Because you just *have* to know, and you're sure you'll find it) Certain parts of your life don't dig that. Many wont put up with it. That, coupled with the attention you'll gain from the enigma itself (by virtue of the amount of time devoted to it), which may not be exactly what you want, and can often at times be highly debilitating.

-Look into books and lectures about the nature of reality, our senses, and altered perceptual states. Because so much of the alien experience is/could be within an altered state of perception, you may find out exactly what I did: there is far more complex and deep issues going on under the facade of little green men abducting humans for medical experiments. I personally see all that as a ruse. This is far more complex and personal then that.

I'm really confident you'll find these things in time. You seem like a critical thinking, intelligent person and curious person. But watch your step. I'm sure I'll piss off the majority of people here when I say this: the ETH is the easy way out for people who want to ignore a lot of aspects about the UFO subject that they don't want to acknowledge. Because it's too weird? Yup. Because it makes it harder to talk about? Yup. Because they don't know where to "go" with it? Yup.

Because people always want the reader's digest version? Undoubtedly.

And more importantly, because they may not like/or not know, where it leads them. The ETH is comfortable in comparison.

If you need anything, don't hesitate to contact me. Springer has my email, and it's in this thread. I need a bit of a break from this for awhile, but I'll be around.

Good luck,

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 11:07 AM

Originally posted by gwhint

Thanks for your posts and I really am sorry I spoke out of place to you

No worries. I have to learn to keep my venom in check sometimes. I just become incredibly irritated at situations such as that. I care too damned much, and it's ultimately whats makes me boil. I really need to be more like I used to 20 years ago....just calm and keep stating the obvious points. I guess getting older, the temper gets shorter.

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 12:36 PM
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posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 01:07 PM
reply to post by Beamish

Hi Beamish,

Good post.

I see where you are going here and applaud your objectivity and sincerity in the subject matter.

In having fought in this thread to further the idea that the aliens in question are mainly physical beings in physical spacecraft, I find that I really need to address the discarnate facet of this subject, from my many years of being a spiritual medium - in addition to being a ufologist.

There are really two aspects of the "UFO phenomenon." The first is the actual physical aliens in physical spacecraft. The ones that most abductees have identified as being little Grey-aliens.

Then there is the discarnate aspect, whereby you have alien spirits who portray themselves as physical beings in physical spacecraft.

Therein lies one of the ongoing deceptions

If you do a search on contactees and people who claim to be in communication with aliens on a regular basis - like Billy Meier for example - you will find that they have only illustrations of their alien contacts - no photographs.

Like those on this page.

The reason why they have no photographs is simply because they are channeling alien spirits.

The actual physical aliens - like the Greys - have no telepathic ability.

There the deception unravels.

Alien spirits telepathically promote the idea that they are the incarnate aliens and that the ships and probes seen in the skies are controlled by them. This is simply not the case. They are not controlled by them but by the physical aliens who have no telepathic ability and who are spiritually indifferent

It's kind of funny when you think about it.

To prove my point...

All you have to do is to challenge any "aliens" who contact you telepathically to provide you with physical evidence that they are in the flesh - by letting you photograph them. Their failure to provide you with that will prove to you that they are only spirits, not incarnate aliens who are technically advanced and who pilot the ships and probes that many have photographed over the years.

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