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PV II Catholics: is there a splinter group with severe conspiracy tendencies?

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posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 11:39 PM
Let me preface by stating that this is my first ever thread. So if I do anything wrong please school me right.

That said-

I have a pretty uncommon job that often puts me in the loop with families and communities that are living a life in pretty serious opposition/defiance to the mainstream while holding some pretty radical views. I often enjoy the exchanges as I too fancy that I live pretty far outside the mainstream. I am a homebirth midwife and I would say that about 10% of my clients are pretty survivalist oriented or outside the pale such as Rainbow People on the way to somewhere or people stockpiling guns and making babies for God's army.

I'm not joking.

However I have come into contact with a community in my area that makes me really uncomfortable with the extremity of their views and behavior, and the research that I have been doing just isn't going anywhere.

I have worked in three different states with Hardcore Pre Vatican II/ Latin Mass Catholics that are in fact stockpiling guns, have a significant amount of blatantly Racist literature in their houses, don't file birth certificates, and only get International Driver's Licenses. They are very mysterious and the women are pretty cowed. They are the most closed of the various religious groups in that they just want their birth and I can move along now. They are very secretive other than the screaming anti Jewish, Arab, and African American literature in their homes and the gun lockers and guns left out.

I serve two other Latin Mass Parishes in my community and although this particular extremist community intersects with the other Parishes, I am well aware of the fact that this group does not represent the Majority of Latin Mass Catholics.

Does anyone know what this splinter group of PV IIs are about? What their beliefs are in particular particularly with the guns and the hate literature? There are quite a wealthy group for being extremists in my experience, There is a physician in the group of families and some of the of the other families have other substantial business holding that have municipal contracts. This group resides about 45 minutes outside or a large city, have farms of various size and the women all follow modest dress.

I quit serving these families because they were scary, and let me tell you I see some off the wall stuff belief and practice wise. But I seem to be back in with them at least temporarily because the midwife who is now serving them has had a family emergency out of town, and I agreed to take call for her while she was away, and I am a little nervous again.

Does anyone know who these people are??????

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