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My recollections as a victim

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posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 06:46 PM
Some of this will be very hard to read for some people, it contains sexual abuse. Consider it parts of my life story which are relevant to the message I am trying to convey.

First I'll set down some of the background story.

-I am Australian
-My father is Australian
-My father did contract work for the CIA
-My father did black operations with the Australian Army and the CIA and other groups unknown to me
-My father had very close friends in the intelligence world
-My father had very close friends in the criminal underworld
-My father had very close friends within the Neo-Nazis (I am mixed race, part white part Indian, and they call me "Aryan")

I have a near photographic memory, have been tested to have a high IQ.

I'm not sure who to blame this stuff on, but I will blame it on government agencies.

Growing up as a child we always had firearms in the house, mainly a pump action shotgun for a self defence weapon but also a .22 semi automatic, an air rifle and various other guns at other times, including pistols, other rifles, other shotguns and we had a crossbow too.

I was always taught how to use guns and to not be scared around them.

I was often taken to military bases when they had open days and got to explore the bases and the equipment.

One time when I was less than 10 years old I was taken to a base when it was closed to the public, and introduced to whom my father called "the boss of the Army" who I then gave a hug too as at that stage in my life all I loved and wanted was the army, as it was how I was raised.

I later found out the person who was described to me as the boss of the army was not actually the Commander of the Defence Force, but the Chief of Aussie SOCOM.

I cannot be 100% sure, but I am fairly sure that whilst I was there I was allowed to handle weapons on a firing range, possibly with simunitions. This could be a false memory.

When I am not sure of something I will give a percentage of how likely it was to have happened. In that case it was about a 65% probability.

I am not sure of the exact date of when this happened.

My parents seperated when I was approximately 7.

I chose to live with my dad, as I was always a daddies boy and he used to do enjoyable things with me, such as fishing and bushwalking.

My father used to train me in how to use weapons to a degree of proficiency whilst I was living with him after he and my mother had parted ways. We would shoot indoors with a .22 loaded with Zimmer rounds in to phone books from a range of approximately 7m. The rifle was a Ruger 10/22. It had a 30rd magazine loaded with high velocity ammunition and this was my weapon (dads being the pump action shotgun) if it was ever necessary.

One day my father told me some people were coming to the house and I had to behave in a certain way.

He taught me to act as if I was hypnotised.

A few days later some people came to the house, two if I recall correctly were in the house, one was outside, if there was one at all outside. The more wiry and snake looking of the two inside, he actually did look like a creep, produced a box which he opened which had a disc on a string, a hypnotists tool. My father started crying and said "You can't do this to kids it's wrong!" to which he was told to shutup and go away. He said I am going to stay with my son through this and you can't stop me, and they said fine we don't care and started laughing.

They then sprayed some aerosol in to the air, which I later found out to be pheromones.

My dad put his arm around me and was fighting back tears and saying it will be alright, it will be alright.

They went through the motions of hypnosis. If you remember reading, prior to them arriving a few days before I was taught how to act hypnotised, which I did. I remember during this hypnosis that I put my head up, looked at my dad and said, with a breaking voice and tears coming down my face, "I don't like this dad make it stop."

More to follow.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 06:59 PM
Wow you have caught my intrest. Waiting to hear me, though its highly likely that i wont like whats to come; if i read this mood of the thread right, its not a pleasent experiance to say the least.

Thanks for at least expressing concern about this experiance and telling us, much appreciated.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 07:03 PM
I'm curious to here more but i really don't like where this story is going now!

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 07:05 PM
reply to post by hikix

Exactly what i'm thinking.....

TO THE OP: What is your stance about the state of affairs concerning the conspiracy theory of a New World Order, and their possible satanic rituals and child abuse? Do you believe this? Do you think you were a victim of this? If not, was it an unfortunate cult action who did this?

Sorry to ask you, i just want a better understanding of your view on this.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 07:16 PM
Ive actually read ALOT and heard about abuse victims. Its pure horror. I am actually surprised I didn't throw up at all. From what I read, theres a huge child porn ring in Australia. There was a article on the BBC that estimated there was thousands of Australians who were child abusers leaving the country. Its a more of a problem in 1st world countries then you would think.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 07:22 PM
The hypnotist got quite irate with this and started it all over again, with my father demanding he give me time to compose myself, which was granted.

Oh yeah, before all this started I was scared and anxious as to what was happening, and my dad said "This is the doctor, don't you remember the doctor he is here to help you?" then the hypnotist yelled at my dad and my dad played dumb and was just like "I thought I was trying to help and relax him." Which he did.

Back to the story.

We went through the motions, chemicals being sprayed in my face with instructions such as "Associate this feeling you are feeling now with this feeling", and using other sprays and words with emotional connotations such as anger, sadness etc etc.

When they first sprayed the chemicals at me (before the hypnosis started) the two in the room looked at each other and laughed and said "We didn't have to do anything! He was already like this!" And continued laughing. I believe that they were implying I was homosexual, although I feel no sexual attraction towards members of the same sex and do to members of the opposite sex, perhaps I am genetically homosexual, who knows? The reason I think they were implying that I will get to later.

Anyway, back to the story.

They eventually left the house, having assumed they left me in a state of post hypnotic suggestion. When they left I asked my dad if I did alright and he just smiled at me and said "How do you do this stuff?" to which I said you showed me!

I was very young at the time and none of this made any sense to me whatsoever.

It was due to happen again in a few weeks time, and it did and my dad told me to just be as I was last time. When I sat down in the living room and my dad went to sit next to me, I became sinister and said "We don't need him we can do this without him, go away." To which he became extremely upset and was forced to leave the room and go wait in his bedroom.

They went through the motions again, but this time before they did they asked me about what happened last time. I answered truthfully, as a naive child does.

This exposed my dad.

I cannot recall what happened after that, except that I know I was hypnotised because the motions were repeated except that time I had absolutely no recollection of what happened to me. After this was done, it only took a short period of time, I was left in a state of what appears to be normalcy, the state I am still in now.

My dad asked me what happened and I said I don't know what did happen? And he started crying again and then told me "You know I can't tell you anything anymore? Not now." and I said what do you mean and he said "Nevermind, you're still my son and I love you but now I can't trust you."

There was a third visit from these people. Again sprays were sprayed in to the air. I was asked where the one place in the world I would like to go for a holiday would be and I said, "Disneyland!" as all young children do. My dad again got upset and the two outsiders started laughing and said "They always want Disneyland!" and laughed amongst themselves some more.

They went outside to a van and got a video camera and a tripod. They also had a bag. In that bag was leathers, like kinky sex bondage leathers. They forced my dad to get dressed in this stuff, head to toe, face mask and all. Again he started crying and said he won't do this to his kids and they said well if you won't you can disappear and he can be put in a foster home.

They also gave me a small piece of paper to suck on and swallow.

I sat in a chair for a while whilst things were getting ready.

I then had to get naked in view of the camera, which being a young child I had no qualms about nudity or false modesty.

I was then instructed to bend over by my father, who then said to the camera (the other two people were standing behind the camera) look what I do, I give my kids acid and send them to Disneyland.

More to follow.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 07:56 PM
My dad then raped me, although it wasn't rape, he wasn't consenting in the slightest.

This was forced upon him by the other two in the background, who may or may not have been armed, I do not recall (no fear of firearms and no reason to see them as a threat, having been raised with them my entire life), or they may have had information or a hold on him that I am unaware of due to his past work with governments.

I screamed like I have never screamed before, and then I closed my eyes as tightly as I possibly could and said "I'm in the happiest place on earth, I'm in Disneyland!" and from then on I can't remember too much that happened, except when my father finished he went over to the camera and said "Remember, sex before 8 or it's too late!" and switched the camera off. Let's say that he was set up to look like a pedophile by outside parties when he wasn't. He always tried to do his best by me and my sister.

The other two people in the room, who remained impassive during this entire traumatic ordeal then took the tape, video recorder, tripod and left. I have never seen or heard of them since.

Fast forward to age of about 12.

I was sitting an entrance exam for an academically selective high school.

I found the test extremely easy. I was the only person from my primary (elementary) school who got accepted. A visitor from the education department came to my school to observe me and ask questions about me. My teacher then told me "you know you're already in", this was well before the letters of offer were sent out, months before in fact.

Fast forward to high school.

I hated high school. I enjoyed the experience but I hated the curriculum, particularly history lessons, where it was extremely misleading. I would often get kicked out of history class for stating facts which could be looked up in encyclopaedias which were contrary to what they were trying to teach us. Actually, I didn't even enjoy the experience, teenagers are too insecure and far too often involved in dominance battles, even at academic schools. The amount of times people tried to stand over and fight me and I had to defuse the situation would escape me (I have done limited self defence and martial arts training, enough to look after myself, as well as weapons handling).

I never did any work while at school, classwork or homework. I still managed to get passing grades.

One time my deputy principal said to me, "You have no idea how smart you are, you could easily be smarter than all the kids in this school! (one of the hardest and most prestigious schools in the state to get in to)". I think he may have been alluding to similar reasons as to why I got that special visit from an education department person when in grade school.

Once again, I never studied for my exams, never did any homework and never did any school work, and in my year 10 school certificate (intermediate exam they might call it in England?) the lowest mark I scored was 78%.

I left school due to sheer frustration half way through the 11th grade, as it was boring, not stimulating and I was constantly abused by my teachers for knowing things which they didn't which they took as being smart alec but rather was just trying to have intellectual discussions. Many a time I was called dumb and a liar by my teachers and took my own initiative to bring documented proof of where I had evidence to show I was right.

My teachers hated this and resented me for it, I was never trying to out do them, just have intellectual discussion, but I suppose robots can't reason. I won't talk much about my school, except it was a place where the easily led (the intellectually gifted) were easily misled and involved in wide scale coverups, such as Asian gang activity on school premises, weapons on school premises, wide level racism and bullying, drugs etc.

All covered up to protect the valuable schools name.

After I left school I wondered what I was going to do with myself. I decided I was to join the army.


posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 08:49 PM
I had to sit various tests for the military. One was called an aptitude test which was just an IQ test.

I scored band 19 out of 19, so I was placed in the highest possible band for their IQ test, making me eligible for any job they had to offer, including fighter pilot, except that I did not finish high school so I was ineligible for that role.

I just wanted a normal military type job, and I chose armoured as my first preference. I passed the medical and psychological testing but failed the final interview as they deemed I had not enough life experience (allegedly). They told me to reapply in 6 months, as a Commando (Special Forces). I said I didn't want to be a commando, I wanted to do what I wanted to do, to which I was told "Is this what you want or is this what the army wants?!" to which I said "I'm not even in the army yet and I'm not putting my name down for something that I don't want to do for 4 years." To which he said "Of course not no one is suggesting otherwise." I was 17 at the time.

Let's backtrack a bit again. My dad died when I was 15 from cancer. When he was dying he had some friends over from whom he knew back in the day. Apparantly, apart from being a soldier and doing other things, he was an underworld hitman/standover man back in the day. He stopped all this before he had a family though, and turned religious. Raised us Catholic and all that. Some things he always told me were that the IRA was a cause he believed in, he had a friend in the army who used to steal guns for the IRA, that the citizenry need to be armed so that the army (government) can't be the ones with all the power, everyone should have a gun if they desire etc etc. I remember one time driving past a Masonic lodge and I asked my dad what Masons were and he just flipped out and yelled "Stay away from the Freemasons they're bad people!" Like absolutely flipped the # out.

Anyway, I ended up getting a job contracted to the Federal Government (nothing like what you are thinking), but I did have access to sensitive material which isn't that thrilling and doesn't need to go in to because it is fairly irrelevant. I also got to play around with firearms and blackpowder cannons, just for fun.

After a year I left this job and got a new one.

At this new job I met a girl who had/has family in the PIRA. We got talking and I told her that I think it's a good cause cause my dad said it was and that my dad had a friend who used to steal guns for the IRA when he was in the army (I think it might have been him he just used to keep his mouth shut and I was too young and dumb at the time to catch on).

At this new job I also make friends with a former member of the SASR. No one knew who he was except me really because no one payed him any attention because he mostly kept to himself. I introduce the two of them. She tells me she doesn't want to meet him and gets scared, and I tell her it's ok, they're not like the British SAS.

When I introduce them, they both get scared of each other, and I ask my SASR mate what the problem is, isn't it the job of the SASR to raise guerrilla forces behind enemy lines? He says yes. I tell him the IRA are only fighting for the freedom of the country, which is what the SASR are trained to help people do. He thinks for a second and goes good point and says no more except the cursory introductions.

Anyway I am really attracted to this girl.

One day one of the girls from work is leaving so we have farewell drinks. There are two gay guys there who are convinced I am gay (maybe because I am not unattractive? I was offered a modelling contract). I don't feel gay. Anyway, they are liquoring me up and ask me to come back to their place for more drinks. I say ok just drinks nothing more I don't feel like anything more. I tell them not to try anything. They end up trying to rape me.

More to follow, I am going out to see a friend now, and I need a break from writing.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 12:33 AM
I've been out for a few beers so the words should flow more freely!

The two gay guys took me to their house (I am not homophobic, just Christian), and wanted to # me. I kept saying no. They offered me a Panadol (paracetamol) to which they told me it would stop my headache in the morning.

I am under the impression it was a heavy sedative, as when I took it I was fighting sleep constantly. I was in the process of passing out and kept falling asleep with them trying to suck me off, to which I would wake up and kick them off me. I was not aroused at any time.

I was just there to drink their beers.

A knife was pulled on me by one of them, to which I picked up a bar stool and pinned him against the wall with it until he dropped the knife.

I threw the knife off their balcony and on to the street.

Another knife was pulled on to me so I picked up their laptop and was going to start swinging it at him (it had gay porn on it, alot of it homemade I assume, and they wanted to put me on tape. I never saw what was on the laptop, they just told me). He put the knife down. They constantly offered me sex and I constantly refused just wanting to be friends and that not everything has to be sexual.

I rang a friend of mine and he came and rescued me from their house and took me to a nightclub.

The IRA girl was there. She wouldn't go near me cause she thought I was gay. I told her I wasn't but didn't go in to detail. She, as well as another guy were convinced I was.

I didn't explain to them what happened but they just assumed I was gay.

Because of this, I was deeply embarassed and took time off work. A friend from work set me up with a girl, who I wouldn't touch because she was dirty, in a slutty sense, and also I didn't know her well. She had a house out in the country, and even though she had only met me once or twice she offered to take me in and I moved in with her.

Whilst in this town I began looking for work and was unable to find any (small town). She turned out to be an amphetamines junkie and was too much for me to handle. I ended up moving in with complete strangers (her next door neighbours) because they were decent people and could see I was in a bad way. All the neighbours knew why I had left the city and wanted to hide out.

The people I moved in with were reformed drug addicts, a man and a woman, a couple. One was a former bank robber who had done time and the other was a former junkie who was homeless. I stayed with them for approximately less than a week.

One of my fathers friends lived out that way, and I was asking around to see if there was anyone around who knew him. One person there did happen to know him, and I told him my dad shot a bloke for him because he asked and that I was my fathers alibi in this matter (true story).

Whilst there I hooked up with quite a few underworld figures, as in hooked up but did not form ties with.

I never ran in to the friend of my fathers who he did the shooting for, just his associates.

At the time I was armed with a knife, and after I told about what my father did for his friend I was being told by everyone, "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight." I didn't get it at the time, but now I realise that my dad's friend wanted to kill me.

Anyway, people started asking me about what happened, the situation, how I got liquored up, and one person in particular was saying how he hates how things like this happen to young people and it disgusting, regardless of their sexual orientation.

I was then asked if there was any place in the world I would like to go and live, and I said France, because the language is so beautiful, the government stands up for itself and its' beliefs against the USA regardless of if they are right or wrong and just follow their hearts and that also French is the diplomatic language.

For the next few days I was getting constant calls off the gay guys asking to meet up with me and talk about things and have sex and I just said no it's not me.


posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 02:19 AM
I was saying thanks for the offers and all that but it's not me I'm just not interested.

They kept begging me to come and see them, I was saying I'd rather not ever see them again.

They kept saying I was a good person and that I was an Angel and they believe in Heaven and all that, and I was saying that's good so do I.


Before I linked up with these underworld figures the dominant of the gay guys phoned me saying he was in hospital and that he had been bashed. He asked me if I had asked any friends of mine to work him over, where I was and that he had friends also who were tough. I told him where I was, being completely ignorant and innocent of anything that had happened.

A message was passed on to me by my mate from the SASR telling me that if anyone asked, I bashed that guy, even though I didn't. I didn't understand why he said that, but it was similar to the story that if anyone asks, I killed my dad, something to do with underworld rules and regulations.

So apparantly I killed my dad and took his place. I gave my dad cancer.

I just played along and said OK. None of it really clicked at the time.

I passed these messages on to the people I was staying with at the time. They really didn't like the sound of these gay guys.

They said they had to go in to the city, for men's business, and that I was to stay here. That day on the news there was a story of someone being abducted off the streets of Sydney and never being heard of again.

I was then getting constant calls off these gay guys trying to get me to change my story about what had happened but I stuck with my guns and didn't let them manipulate me, in regards to them trying to get me to do stuff, them liquoring me up, me constantly saying stop. I might be naive but I don't stray from the truth.

They kept wanting me to come visit them, and I wouldn't. They said they were going to move to France and if I wanted to come. I said yes but that I wouldn't like to take anything off them for free. They said I could become a famous model in France but I would have to whore myself out and be a man slut to other men. I said this really wouldn't suit me and I wouldn't like to do something like that (I was offered a modelling contract previously). They keep begging me to go with them. I said they can go on their own, and if I go to France I wouldn't like to meet up with them as I would just like to forget about them.

They ring me back later, the bitch of the relationship is asking me if he is going to Heaven and I say it's not up to me it's up to God but he says I'm an angel and I can choose and I say I can't it's God's decision and I am no angel. I say if he has been good and prays for forgiveness he gets to go to Heaven.

The dominant of the relationship is crying over the phone to me, says he hopes he sees me in Heaven and that he will never forget me.

That is the last contact I ever have with either of them.

Back at the bank robbers house he was telling me it was time to leave, I couldn't stay there. I said I didn't want to go back to Sydney as I didn't want to see the gay guys again. He told me they're gone, they're never coming back, they've gone to France. I said but one day I want to go for a holiday to France and I don't want to risk running in to them. He told me that I will never see them again, they are gone, and I go what do you mean and he goes, "You are so smart you're dumb, trust me you won't see them again they've vanished. France is a big country anyway." I said I won't go there anyway because I might run in to them, and that I would like to join the French Foreign Legion.

The bank robber told me his dad was an IRA child bomb deliverer and ran away to join the FFL during WW2 cause he hated both the Nazis and the Brits. He then showed me a letter. The letter stated that the son was welcome in any French Embassy on Bastille Day to be treated as a king because of what his father did during the war.

More to follow.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 05:20 AM
He showed me the letter and let me read it only once. In essence it said that his father, an Irishman who escaped the IRA and joined the FFL, was part of a team that went in to Norway and destroyed a Nazi heavy water plant or something or other involved with the production of atomic weapons. The letter was from a FFL research team and it was all top secret classified whatever and explained how on Bastille Day he is allowed in any French embassy anywhere in the world and will be treated as a hero because of who his father was.

Anyway, he and his partner were telling me I had to leave, that my fathers friend who he did the shooting for was coming over and that he wanted to talk to me and that he was going to kill me. I asked why he would want to kill me and they said because you asked him to kill those two gay guys. I said no I didn't, which I didn't. They said he owes you no favours now. I said he owed me no favours to begin with, that was his and my dads business, and had nothing to do with me.

I have a good feeling that those two gay guys were murdered.

Again I was told I was so smart I was dumb, the girl I marry is a very lucky girl and to hurry up and go get married. They told me to leave and not come back, and next time if I do, don't bring a gun to a knife fight.

Whilst I was in the country I kept getting phone calls from people I worked with saying the SASR guy who I befriended didn't care what happened that I was his mate and he wanted me to come back and no one cares. I explained to him how I wasn't gay and nothing happened, and someone else told me if anyone asks I bashed the gay guy.

So anyway I come back to Sydney.

I am unemployed for a while.

I get a job in a factory, and hate the indoors.

I then get a job doing door to door sales.

When I get that job two new guys start there, both Irish, and they act as if they have known each other for years. I ask them if they do, and they say no they don't they're just from the same country. The other Irish people there they do not have the same level of rapport with.

Both these guys try hard at being my friend. I don't need to go in to detail. Both these guys constantly ask me if I have underworld connections. Both these guys ask me if I have ever broken the law.

We get talking about IRA and stuff. One of them asks me if I would join the IRA, I said it's a cause I believe in because my dad told me so, but I wouldn't join up with them because they are communists and people deserve freedom. I also said I am against the killing of women and children, which is something which has happened with the IRA.

I then get asked if I would ever consider working for ASIO (an Australian intelligence agency) being a guy who follows people around. I said I'd rather be the guy in the middle getting to know the bad guys as following people around all day seems like boring #. I then told him the one to work for is ASIS (another intelligence service) as they are the one that is super secret, and he gets a look on his face like I know what you're talking about, but how do you know about that one?

One of my dads mates worked for ASIS.

They also ask me the exact same questions with the exact same phrasings at seperate times, which is kind of suspect. I catch them out at this at least once.

He keeps trying to look after me and get me job offers. He sets me one up and out of the blue starts telling me he is convinced the other Irish guy has left the country, with no prompting what so ever.

I also tell him, "What if I told you my dad worked for Australian security services straight out of the army?" and he said "I'd say no cause of his age." then he got the whoops I #ed up look on his face, like eyes wide and everything and wouldn't go back to it.

I never ever told him anything about my family.

He also asked me questions like was my dad a standover man, was he in the underworld and # like that.

More tomorrow, I need to sleep and regather my thoughts.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 05:28 AM

Originally posted by jarheadjock
reply to post by hikix

Exactly what i'm thinking.....

TO THE OP: What is your stance about the state of affairs concerning the conspiracy theory of a New World Order, and their possible satanic rituals and child abuse? Do you believe this? Do you think you were a victim of this? If not, was it an unfortunate cult action who did this?

Sorry to ask you, i just want a better understanding of your view on this.

Yes I believe it was Satanic ritual abuse. They have tried to get me in to things like astral projection and rejecting God in favour of karma. I believe the conspiracy of the NWO strongly after education I received as a child from my dad and some of his friends who are against this stuff, have high level jobs and are trying to expose this stuff.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 05:54 AM

Originally posted by aussiejoe
-My father had very close friends within the Neo-Nazis (I am mixed race, part white part Indian, and they call me "Aryan")

And this is where we call shenanigans on the story. Your father would not have had a single friend among Neo-Nazis. He married someone outside of his race, and had a mixed-race child. They would have considered him a race traitor. This story is complete bunk.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 06:02 AM
I'm not talking Aryan brotherhood or # like that.

Call bull# on what you like.

True Nazis recognise the Indian race as a white/aryan race. That is what I was told anyway. And this Nazi guy thought my mum was the reincarnation of Hitler (same birthday).

They all said they were Nazis. They had Hitler flags, one of them nicknamed his son Adolf and even had a Luger.

He was fluent in German, had an assumed German name and had tapes (audio) of Hitler youth speeches.

All I know is what they told me.

I'm not here to convince you, just tell my side of the story. You can stop reading now if you don't like it.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 09:48 PM
Anyway I was with some other Irish people, and I suspected this guy wasn't really Irish, so I got them to teach me a traditional Irish drinking song so I could sing it back at this guy.

He said I was making it up and he'd never heard it before.

The next day he knew all the words and said they just came to him overnight.

I also got a friend of mine to send him a text message saying, "Stay out of this it has nothing to do with you." and he got a phone call straight back from this guy asking if he knew me etc etc. My friend also said his accent sounded heaps fake.

Also, different places in Ireland have different accents. I met a girl who claimed to be from the town he was from and her accent was COMPLETELY different to his. Like not even similar.

He still keeps trying to set me up with girls. He told me he used to take speed alot with his wife (my dad told me speed was my activator, whatever that means) and that he has all these girls he wants me to meet.

I remember once after I stopped working with him I was taking my dog for daily dog walks and every single time I left the house I would see this girl on a motorbike and every single time I came home she'd be there also.

One time I was out walking my dog and I found a packet of smokes with a lighter. I had the cigarette but it tasted kind of funny (bitter). I now recognise that taste as amphetamines, as I have had small quantities of it 5 times now, not enough for a recreational dose.

I was walking around a corner about 5 minutes later and saw the girl on the motorbike stationary, with her feet on the ground, and when she saw me she accelerated as fast as she could in the direction of where I found the smokes.

I started to feel weird.

Anyway I am on my way home, about 200m from home and I see a fit guy walking down the park near my house, definately not a local and definately had a resemblance to this Irish guy. He is rubber necking and looking for someone.

He goes and sits behind a car, as if hiding/looking for someone. A van pulls up next to him, stops briefly and drives off. I start walking quickly in the direction of my house, avoiding this guy.

The girl on the motorbike appears and starts doing laps of my street, like circling around and driving very aggressively.

I think things are really weird here and I go to sleep for a while, although I am highly suggestible at this time.

After a few months I write my entire experience regarding this Irish guy and the motorbike up on the internet.

That same night I get a black van parked outside my house. It was no hallucination because my sister saw it too. I think this is weird and I go outside, just to go down the road to buy some smokes, and this van, in the middle of the night, appearing to be empty just starts up in a hurry and gets out of there as fast as it possibly can.

I think this is weird and just keep going on my way to get some smokes.

Anyway, a while later I go back to the army to reapply for the special forces program. I do some tests and I pass them.

Before I enter the building a lady is holding a cup and asking if I would like a drink because it is such a hot day. It tastes really bitter (speed) and I go yuck. She just says it is mineral water and I go oh ok and drink it down. She tells me I have one more day of fun then they're bringing me in. I am 85% sure this happened.

Anyway in the army centre I do my test but then I start acting weird an hour or so later, like really energetic and confident, the effects of speed I guess.
I also start talking heaps. I recall my life story in perfect detail for them. Other things happen in the building which are of a unique nature but I do not need to go in to detail of them.

Anyway I go outside after this and sit down and need to compose myself as I am not sure of what just happened. A lady comes up to me, snaps her fingers, says something I am unsure of, walks away and then I start crying. I am 70% sure of this happening.

More to follow.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 11:12 PM

Originally posted by SaviorComplex

Originally posted by aussiejoe
-My father had very close friends within the Neo-Nazis (I am mixed race, part white part Indian, and they call me "Aryan")

And this is where we call shenanigans on the story. Your father would not have had a single friend among Neo-Nazis. He married someone outside of his race, and had a mixed-race child. They would have considered him a race traitor. This story is complete bunk.

I only skimmed through his story and of course dont whether its true or not but indian is an Aryan race in the Aryan root language etymology sense which is truly the only connection between them (greek, Iranian, etc)

"Aryan" isnt really a race

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posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 12:13 AM
The lady who clicked her fingers at me comes back, and from the window of the army centre I can see them looking at me and pointing.

One of the girls comes running downstairs and gives me some paperwork which she says I forgot.

What follows then is people running away from video cameras, people trying to abduct me, spraying me in the face with chemicals, me having to fight people, retrieve stolen property and generally being involved in the weirdest conspiracy ever.

I am only 55% sure that this happened, but I am more sure than not that it did.

Fast forward.

I am writing things down on the internet and getting a bit scatter brained. A guy is hanging out the front of my house, and the next day I get picked up in my street by a police car which had 3 officers in it, 2 normal police and one detective.

I get taken to a hospital.

In hospital I enquire as to why a detective is riding around with police when detectives are supposed to work in pairs and investigate whatever.

I also discover that the two uniformed police officers are not from the local area and that they were brought in but not told why. I also discover that the detective is not a detective and they have no idea who he is. We deduce that he works for a government agency and one of the officers is taking notes in his book about initials for agencies that I am telling him. The 'detective' says I am a liar and I read too much and that what I am saying is lies. I then give the police officer urls to websites to prove what I am saying is true. The 'detective' is kind of lost for words now and tells me to shutup and that he is trying to help me and has no idea who is doing this stuff to me and that it's not them doing it and they are trying to get to the bottom of it.

I tell them to just # off and leave me alone, I never asked for any of this and just want to be left alone. The 'detective' tells me that my father did this to me, and that everything I say he told me I told myself and that he didn't tell me anything.

The parts so far involving the police I am 90% sure of accuracy.

Off to the back of them there is a lady sitting down with some men, possibly 2 or 3.

She gets up and comes over, the 'detective' gets a petrified look on his face, they have a brief discussion and he walks off to the side.

The woman has scars on her face, and I ask her what happened to her, and she says to me "As if you don't remember! You could have had everything, but now you get nothing. We still have the tapes, we still own you. You get nothing for hurting a woman." I say, "What tapes? When did I hurt a woman?" and she says "Tapes of you being sexually inappropriate with your dog." and then I am very confused. I tell her I don't want anything I just want to be left alone and she says "Yeah right, everybody wants something and I said I want nothing to do with you people you are all bad."

She then says something again, clicks her fingers and says "See we still have you." My head is cocked to one side (hypnosis?), and I turn to her and say "You only think you do."

I am 90% sure this is the same lady that clicked her fingers at me and tried, along with others, to abduct me from outside the army recruiting centre, as well as the one who gave me the 'mineral water' laced with speed.

Fast forward. Recently I was shown tapes of me [SNIP] of which I have absolutely NO recollection of, and I have a dazed look in my eyes, the tapes would have to be a few years old, I would say I would have been in my teens when they were taken. Then I was told that if I don't do as I'm told everyone I know gets to see them. They said they have other tapes too but I am unsure of what these tapes are and I'm not sure if I want to know.

The 'detective' then apologises to me, I say I forgive him, he tells the lady with the scars that I forgave him and she said she doesn't care, she is coming with him. I say it's not fair what they do to kids like us is it?


Civility & Decorum are Expected

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posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 12:51 AM
He just shakes his head and agrees with me silently. I give him a compass and tell him not to follow the magnets, but to follow his heart, he knows who he can tell, he knows how to fix this, he knows what to do and I give him my best wishes and say I will pray for him.

He thanks me and leaves with the lady with a sorrowful look on his face.

I end up being in hospital for a month and get diagnosed as bipolar mania, possibly brought on by stress or too much testosterone, they are unsure.

Later on, a few months later I reacquaint myself with someone who I have met only a few times.

He starts telling me stories such as he was trained on army bases when he was a kid and it was really really weird, as his stories match up with mine and I have told him nothing of my past. It was quite odd.

I tell him that speed (base amphetamine, not methamphetamine) is my activator, but I am unsure as to what that means, and he goes yeah me too. I am not sure if he was full of it or not, but his story was eerily similar without me telling him anything of my past, including receiving limited military training as a kid. He was an amphetamines junkie anyway, so if it was his activator I'm sure it's passed its' use by date anyway.

I leave his house at about midnight and start walking towards my house. On my way home I notice a black Subaru Impreza wagon (I know it was a Subaru, not sure if it was an Impreza, but I am assuming so) parked on the wrong side of the road facing in my direction.

I think nothing of this at the time.

It then starts up and starts weaving across the road. I still think nothing of this at the time. It turns around and faces me, about 40m down the road. I think perhaps it is someone I know, so I smile and wave at it and keep walking on my way.

It then revvs the engine up hard and starts harassing me all over the road. I think this is stupid and try and ignore it and keep walking on my way.

I am on the footpath and turn and face the car. It then swerves straight at me.

I tense my whole body up, bend my knees and stare the car down. It is coming straight at me and swerves off at the last moment.

The car then goes down the street and reverses to do a 3 point turn and come back at me. I start jumping fences of peoples' yards and end up in the backyard of someones property. I knock on the door and ask to be let in. They say you look like a nice person we will let you in. I freak out a bit but won't tell then anything except people were trying to run me over and that I can't tell them anymore. I ring some friends and the police from there and get picked up by some people and taken back home. The son of the house says he can see a car in the street, a black one doing laps. He gets nervous. I thank them for letting me in.

Cops come to my house and all I tell them is a black Subaru was trying to run me over.

That's pretty much all there is to the story, obviously with a whole lot of detail left out that doesn't need to be disclosed.

I will add some footnotes now and then answer any questions I am able to that you ask me. I can't give too much away though because there is way way too much detail to go in to.

Footnotes to follow.

posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 01:19 AM
My father and two of his friends (that I know) did contract work for the CIA in south east Asia before the Vietnam war started. I will not go in to too much detail of what I know, as what I know is very limited, and I once posted it on the internet, the website got taken down and all guestbook entries (where I posted what I knew) were lost. The reason I believe the stories to be true and not fabricated was because I found out on his deathbed, he didn't want to tell me and his friends were shocked he had not already told me and he wouldn't go in to any detail on it, well none that I am going to write here.

Almost a year to the day later after I posted it, well after the entry had been removed, I got an email off someone who wrote something along the lines of;

I know the incident you are speaking of although I did not know your father. I advice you to keep this information secret as you do not want to wrong parties finding out about this, particularly the CIA.

I wrote back begging him for information.

All he wrote to me was I can only advise you to keep this information secret.

I got a job working for a guy who claimed to work for the CIA in Cambodia (same place where my dad was alleged to have worked) for Air America. I asked him if he knew of the codename I was given in regards to what my dad did, he nodded his head, cocked it to the right and put his eyes to the top right corner of his eyes. He later tells me he spent time in a prisoner of war camp and had a friend die in a tiger cage with him and the body wasn't removed.

I got a phone call off the Irish guy (who I doubt is really Irish) who is always wanting to set me up with girls and jobs, asking where I was working, what I was doing, what time I start work, what time I finish, how I get there, bus and train time tables etc etc. I tell him my boss worked for the CIA in Cambodia just like my dad and he seems really intrigued by this.

The next day two girls appear out of no where, in this part of town which is vastly inhabited trying to pick me up and take me home. I refuse both of them as they seem to be coming on a bit too strong and just dodgy.

A few days later a man arrives at my place of occupation, dressed in business attire, looks at me (about 50m away) whilst talking to my boss. He then (my boss) tells me that he has to let me go, he is sorry, seems really upset and that he has to get himself off to hospital for treatment.

The Irish guy (fake I reckon) has asked me if I would join the Freemasons and that I would go straight to the top, and I say no I want to help people not hurt people and he goes how do you know that they are bad and I said because they do everything in secret and you never really know what they are up to (this is the same guy who wanted me to reject God in favour of karma). I also told him my dad told me they are bad people and to stay away from them and he said really? and got a really puzzled look on his face.

When I was 15 or so I remember waking up in the middle of the night with 2 people at the foot of my bed and another climbing in the window and me asking who they are and what they want, a gun was pointed at my head and I was told to go back to sleep. When they were leaving I woke up and said goodbye as they were climbing out my window. I put this down to alien visitation at the time as it made absolutely no sense to me. This was the middle of winter and when I woke up my bedroom window was open.

I once made a website attacking my school which appeared extremely violent in nature, but it wasn't, it was just exposing the truth of what happens there, and the media misrepresented the context of what I wrote. I am not a violent person by nature. The woman at the hospital who said she owns me said she knows I want to kill and all that but I said no I don't, I'm not a violent person and I don't want any job she has to offer me and she said I was lying but I know in my heart I wasn't.

Ask questions, I will add more as I remember.

posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 01:30 AM
Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

My dads friend who works for ASIS told me that they have a box that emits radio frequencies that interfere with bioelectrical resonance frequency or something of the human mind and can be used to brainwash and teach from afar without the person ever realising what is happening to them.

It has 10 levels or something of intensity.

ESP does exist according to this guy. He did work for the CIA too.

As I said, ask questions and I will add more as I remember.

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