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One Year On

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posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 05:27 PM
I first came across ATS about 3 years (maybe longer?) ago as I used my sisters net connection to browse for the answer to a military question which arose during the course of a discussion with some friends.

After using the site to settle the discussion, I promptly forgot about it until I got online myself.

This time there was a big change in the format, which was a lot easier to use and to navigate and I started to visit on a semi-regular basis, lurking and reading some of the threads.

Then, 1 year ago I decided to join as there were discussions, forums etc that I wanted to not only read, but also to participate in - that and the fact that I desperately needed something to occupy me as I was soon to attempt quitting smoking (again).

OK, so I didn't manage to quit, but I found a site full of diverse characters, opinions and subjects which has held me rivetted ever since, and the more I explore, the more I appreciate this unique site.

I'm sure that many of the long term members here could tell of similar experiences to those I have had over the last year - the following are just a few of the emotions I have experienced;

But perhaps the most important of all, a sense of happiness that I have been a small part of one of the most important years in ATS history.

I've learned things about myself and others that I didn't think possible.

I've learned about subjects that most people "in the real world" scoff at and treat with disdain as the mindless ramblings of the terminally bewildered - only for them to be shocked and appalled as I have explained the whole stories that governments/corporations/religions do not tell us and in some cases would rather we did not know.

I have become (and some may laugh at this) the person that people turn to when they seek a version of the truth other than the official one, and more importantly, a person that they take seriously when some are putting forth outlandish government (or other organisations) propaganda.
It doesn't take much - If I'm asked a question which I have no answer to, I can usually find a version of it here on ATS, usually backed up with good research.
The people who used to scoff now take ATS very seriously, having seen the quality of the threads, posts and forums.
Some were mightily surprised that serious research is undertaken here.

I've even got a couple of friends to join, and although they don't post, they love to read, and they love to talk with me about what they have read.

All in all, it's been a bit of a rollercoaster year on here for me, and I still have much to learn, both in the sense of the forums, and on a personal level.

The one thing that remains the same though, is my utmost respect for the site, its owners, admins, mods and most of all my fellow members.


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