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Is Barack another Bush?

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posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 05:01 PM
I write this with growing concern watching Barack Obama rise in the polls ( Let me be clear: I do not support Hillary) I would just like to urge everyone to think hard and carefully. Obama talks about change, yet he opposes impeachment. This indicates to me that he opposes change. The democratic leadership in congress has said that impeachment would be a "waste of time".I can just say I am gad these folks were not around 200 (+) years ago. The American revolution would not have been fought, it would have been called a "waste of time", our history is fraught with "waste's of time". The revolution, the civil war, the race to the moon, all of these thngs would have been dismissed as a "waste of time". Are they? Also for everyone who will be showing up for the first time to your primary or caucus, you're not really going to be taken seriously. You'll show up once and make your mostly uninformed spoiler vote, then vanish back into the woodwork until you are disaffected again. If you want change, make change, get involved and stay there. Work at the local level, in a few weeks the parties are going to be back in control of the people they are now. The people who show up, who work ( mostly on a local level) be one of those people. Then change can be made. I wish us all luck.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 06:15 PM
Motivated to present an argument by McCain being a non establishment republican. He'll win.

What is going on is a Republican plot to get a hate campaign against their biggest risk (Hillary), and get all democrats on the basis of subconscious hatred (she will split your country after all) to put in a, yeah get this, a black man. lol. The WASP religious lot in aid of that will either

i) Not vote for him.
ii) Assasinate him.

And McCain will win.

Moral: If you are in front don't get so confident of victory that you drop to the politics of hatred, your opponents will use it. Hillary has been dumped by the Republicans, Obama is risking his life. Which Kennedy died mid campaign? Who won?

By the way, I have watched Hillary turn health care into a national issue for you, no one else had the motivation or strength. I will cry for her WHEN she loses to hatred.

Edit: The link is that no one knows anything about either Bush or Obama, Bush went on an anti McCain ticket and Obama..... well, he has to beat Hillary, but I'm sure he's a good man. She should quit the campaign, senate and your country. You'll destroy her for the rest of her life otherwise.

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posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 02:10 PM
IMO, the only candidates that wouldn't be another Bush would be Ron Paul and Dennis Kuccinich. All the other candidates running on both sides are but corporate puppets. They take orders from the people with all the $.


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