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Word play with Headlines

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posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 05:07 AM
I see all these headlines all over the place and sometimes it takes a few moments to work out just exactly what's being said.

So as a side line, I thought I'd give you a few examples and add on a little sentence or so to show how I'm reading the headline.

I think it might be an idea to link the headline to it's site topic too so you can see I'm not making them up.

Engine repairs free ice trawler

How clever of an engine to repair a trawler that gets free ice... cool.

Woman, 84, discharged in nightie

OH my, I hope she didn't leave too much of a mess in her nightie...

Brown pledges superbug screening

Brown determined to show us all his latest DVD

Tests on dead man 'inconclusive'

Doctors still not sure if he was dead or was a man... tests to continue...

Plaque marks final public hanging

This is the final time they're going to try to hang Plaque Marks in public, after that they'll try in private..

'Skinny kid with a funny name' reshapes US politics

That one just has to be very poor reporting and bad research...

Hunks to watch in 2008

So what are they watching????

Well, there you go, hope you like them. I've tried to be sympathetic in my choices. there's loads more I could've used but didn't want to rop the tone of decency or upset anyone.

Perhaps you'll find a headline that makes you think twice or is just outright silly... pop it in...

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 06:21 AM
The point of a headline is to get your attention. They're an oddity of English grammar, with rules very much of their own.

Yes some of them seem a little funny, but not that funny.

"MonKey posts crap in thread"

That's funny!


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