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Guardian Tape

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posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 12:59 PM
If there's anyone here that is/has been an avid "Unsolved Mysteries" viewer. I'm sure you'v come across the episode entitled "Guardian" if not, you can put the name up on YouTube and I'm sure you'll find it.

I'm adressing this tape in particular to adress the question that one of the researchers asked. It was said in the episode that the tape had in fact appeared to be genuine evidence of a saucer landing. However, other pieces of "evidence" had been sent along with the tape, a poorly done picture of an alien, as well as a canadian government document revealed to be a cheap forgery. The researcher asks "Why soil the evidence presented in the tape with cheap fake evidence?"

I personally think that the sauccer evidence seems to be genuine, I did look at the screenshots over and over again. Reason being because I study film in college (wanting to be a film maker) and to be completely honest it just seems to damn real for it to be special effects done in the computer and they mentioned that no evidence was found on the site that might support the idea that a fake saucer replica was hauled there. So since no evidence was found on the ground and to be honest I can't see how it could've been replicated on the computer. It leads me to believe the same as the researchers, that it was genuine. So why soil the evidence? simple, to cover their tracks! Whoever this Guardian is, if my assumptions are correct and it's a real UFO it is very likely that this Guardian individual is in deep. I'm sure that he would also be pursued very closely by the people involved, unless of course, he paints his image to be "just another clueless conspiracy nut".

Think about it for a second, again, assuming this tape is real, and you're being pursued for "outing" sensitive information. The best way to escape pursuers is to hide your identity and pose as something you're not. Hence why we have the name "Guardian" along with a printed "finger print" which could've come from anywhere. It definetely sounds like something only a "conspiracy whannabe" would choose in order to appear important if not at least humorous. Add to that the fake evidence along with the real evidence and I'm sure it could throw off pursuers. How do they know for sure if Guardian is really the person they're looking for? for all they know this individual could've been just another "conspiracy nut" who came across the real evidence by accident, hence why he has fake evidence, all the while the real "Guardian" is still in hiding. That's just my opinion anyway and that is of course assuming I'm right and the saucer is real (which in my opinion, I think is real)

posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 01:12 PM
The Guardian tape is a hoax, as jritzmann explains here:

This is the "Guardian" Carp case, and is a confirmed hoax. This case is the one that put Bob Oechsler out of the UFO business for being involved in presenting the case to the public to "make a buck", even when Canadian researchers had proven it a hoax.

I have an original copy of the video, direct from Oechsler's master copy sent by "Guardian", and I have seen lately a clip of that footage with new soundtrack added. There are NO voices on the original footage, just breathing is heard much of time from the photographer. The link you posted is NOT the original sound, it's added by 2 kids fooling around.

Also included with the tape were obvious faked Canadaian govt. documents, and all sorts of bizarre scribblings. At NO point did the disc leave the ground in the footage, and any instances you see that happening with regard to this case are a recreation of the footage for dramatic re-enactments by a show called Unsolved Mysteries.

The case is a hoax. I knew Oechsler pretty well, and was shocked when I heard all this come out years ago. If youre interested in learning more about the hoax you can Google "Guardian UFO case" or "Carp UFO", I think you'll find alot of the details.

posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 01:34 PM
reply to post by Radiobuzz

Bah! well thanks anyway for the info. Too bad it wasn't what I was hoping it was. Oh well, one more to check off the list as hoax.

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