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FOIA: PBB Investigaton File - Capt. Mantell Case 07Jan48

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posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 03:37 PM
Any note of radio communications?

According to Renato Vesco and David Childress authors of "Man Made UFOs 1944-1994," Mantel's last words over the radio were, "My God! There are men in it!"

See here

However I don't see William R Lyne in "Pentagon Aliens" mentioning
that although Mantell is mentioned 15 times:

The Pentagon's order to cease and desist was heard by Clements, but not
by Mantell, and must have been intended to avoid such an incident, based on prior knowledge by
Pentagon personnel as to what could happen. Otherwise, there is no case in which the Pentagon
has ever ordered the U.S.A.F. to cease pursuit of any "unidentified" aircraft, while flying over the
continental U.S.A. The parts of Hynek's report which were false, due to critical omissions and
misrepresentations—since Clements told his story to me the same as he told Hynek—were related
to the facts that they clearly pursued a flying saucer, that Clements was in view of Mantell's plane
at the time of the explosion, that radio contact had been obviously broken with Mantell due to the
electric field of the saucer, and that the Pentagon had caEed off the pursuit immediately on
notification, prior to the incident. This incident has been rehashed over and over, and Clements was
very clear on the fact that it was a flying saucer, and not a "weather balloon" as the government
later tried to fabricate.

So perhaps we have real saucers and real people although vintage
January 7, 1948. Taking the guesswork further the saucers back then
were a glowing ball due to the plasma motor engulfing the space
around it with at least one million volts ac (assuming Tesla had
some design input).

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 11:45 AM
reply to post by

I believe my entire family witnessed perhaps this event. I was born in 1937. One day as we were eating lunch a huge roar came over the mtns. of S.E. KY. We all ran outside and stared at the sky. A long dark cigar shaped obect came into view. Heat waves radiated over it as it seemed to pause in midflight. It took off at high speed going S. toward Prestonsburg KY and a few seconds later a jet plane came roaring along the same track. My mother, dad, a sister and brother all watched this. Later we heard on the radio that a pilot had crashed while chasing an object. We lived at Little Paint creek at East Point, KY 41216


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