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NWO - Future Life

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posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 09:48 AM
Okay, another one of my out-of-curiosity threads. More opinions to hear. I hope.

Anyway, I see a lot of threads about how the New World Order will effect our lives, but I want to know how. I seriously want to know what others imagine when they view the New World Order concept. No more, when it will happen, or how its going to happen, I want to know what will happen. I want to know what do you imagine for our future if the NWO takes over and what you will do or have done to prepare.

Here is my point of view. Keep in mind, my view for the world is definitely not paradise. This is what I think, not what everyone else says will happen. Though, I will probably have some things in common with some of you. A scene such as the Postman if you will.

In the beginning, many drastic events would occur. Causing fear and worry. An announcement reveals itself on the TV screen of the new President, telling us we have all become slaves under his/her order. Brain-washed military men would march down streets in armored clothing and helmets, guns and shields at their sides. Searching and even burning homes. People dragged to camps on trains. The ones that would enter your home, if you hadn't already prepared and left before, would either be the military or some madmen looking for shelter and/or loot. Important people, such as doctors, would be apprended first for their own use, families torn apart. Resisting at that time, would only lead to a quicker death or a great deal of pain in camps to where you are sorted. People who were not so foolish, or ignorant, those that saw this ordeal coming, would have prepared and left in different ways to where they had planned on hiding and fleeing to. Though, some may be caught, others will have gotten out.

After a few years since the take over, several disastrous changes have taken place. Many killed during the transition.
Men's Roles - At age 12 boys are taken for training in camps. At 18, if they are good in physical condition, they are made into Super Soldiers with a new injection, though many die from it.
Women's Roles - At age 8, some girls are sold into slavery or sent to Auction Houses because family is in debt, family in need of money, or even if someone of higher class wishes it, for whatever purposes, that I wish not to detail. Many women are taken to brothels if they are in debt and have no children of their own.
Rebellions - People that were able to flee years before into the woods or in the mountains, living off the land, would begin a resistance, though some would continue to live undetected and peacefully. Large groups setting up small villages.

Later on from that there would be the "End Times" if you will. 666 on societies foreheads and hands. Smothering what hope the resistance and the people ever had to win as the military and world leaders begin to crush many.

My Plans:
I can't really do much thanks to only being nearly 16. I'm not sure what I will do with my family, but I know that I must protect 3 people in my life, the only people I would sacrifice my life in order for them to survive. Two of those individuals live in my town luckily,Kacey and Cassie. Though, Matt lives in California, I would be unable to help him, that's the horrible thing. My family would still deny that this would even be happening, especially my mother, but I know they would cooperate with the officials. My dad is heavily armed other wise, but I must protect Kacey and Cassie. Cassie is surrounded by her family that would keep her safe, including a loving boyfriend, he would do anything to protect her. So that would leave Kacey. I would pack up a few things and possibly take my canine companion,though I may not, he might slow my down. I would head over to his house, which is only a 5 min drive. Of course, I would take a few weapons. I have 2 knives, a hunting one(best thing) and a curved oriental. Though this plan only depends on how bad it is, and where they are.

posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 11:16 PM
An interesting topic Sin. I see a lot of these threads showing how the NWO is taking over and possibilities of the NWO's history. I can not say I am truly convinced any of us 'normal' people actually know the big picture. That being said, our civil liberties are disappearing before our eyes and the rich and powerful are profiting immensely while the middle class dwindles. I don't think anyone can argue that the NWO is working it's way. What I can not see as a definite is who is behind the curtain and to what end is the NWO going to go.

I believe disinformation is their greatest weapon and allows them to hide in plain sight. How ever it serves them even more greatly by keeping us guessing how far they are going to go and by what means. Things do not look well, as they have shown, they certainly do not care for the common man (or woman) and will easily destroy individual lives as well as the lives of entire nations for something as simple as a larger profit. Not to mention, torture, incarceration, economic ruin, and even murder on a scale never seen before.

Take into account the control of information (media), the distractions (think britney spears), materialism, consumerism, etc, and you have a sheep-like population that is impotent to stop what they have coming for them.

This being said, where ever we end up, the NWO secret police may not be nearly as scary as an asshole neighbor who even right now can report you as a terrorist and you will disappear.

I have found myself at interesting paradox where I have little faith in humanity as whole. At the same time, I know individuals shine the best so to speak, and show the most courage and selflessness when they are put in a desperate situation. I have no choice but to rely that there are some other good people out there who will fight as the situation requires, and particularly hope there are some good people in positions of power.

How do I see life after the NWO is done? It is tough to say. I will just leave it at I hope that there are enough good people that it does not even get close to your scenario. How ever I would suggest that you keep your spirit of wanting to help others but understand you may not be able to trust, much less help the ones you love.

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posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 01:56 AM
i tryed to seek the answers myself, i've even started a thread called " Lifestyle in the Nwo" but all i got was more of the same. To be honest the answers you seek are all speculative in nature, unless of course your "in the know". Good luck, but you may be better off researching presentations, articles, socialogy, whistleblowers, world order motives, and assumed technology developed in the black budget. That way you can at least draw your own conclusions.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 06:32 AM

Simply no more wars……..period….

No more wars…more peace, more happiness, more joy, freedom….yes freedom, and a more united humanity…..

That’s what I see……..

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 10:46 AM
reply to post by Anonymous Avatar

Of course I wish that my vision will not come true, but oddly enough that is how I see it as. So many films have captured scenes such as that, and it cant all be fiction, or at least stay that way.
I will protect the ones I love at all cost, I will try and may even perish in the process. I mean, I care about my parents, but I honestly don't see myself sacrificing everything for them. Just like how people wouldn't take in some heroin addicted woman off the streets if they came to your door or give a beggar a hundred dollar bill. Everyone draws the line somewhere. Dont get me wrong, I would help someone if they needed it, like if they were on the run in the NWO. I would provide shelter if I had any, but I would not die for them.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 10:48 AM
reply to post by Obsurion

I'm not really asking for how it will be for certain. No one knows that unless, as you said, they are "in the know." I am just contemplating and asking for opinions, to see if anyone sees the NWO the same way as I or something completely different.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 10:50 AM
reply to post by andre18

Well let us hope that is true. Though, it is said there will be some time of devastation and chaos before Christs return. Don't worry, I'm not going into a religious rant on you.

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