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Ron Paul VS. Barack Obama In November Election... Who Do YOU Vote For?

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posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 06:04 PM
If Barack Obama and Ron Paul were the nationally nominated candidates,
which would you vote for? And why?

I think this pairing is problematic for liberals and other independents...
since they both seem to be the least-connected to the NWO side of things

So many democrats supporting Ron Paul...

Who would win?


posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 06:18 PM
By the way-
if we can get a certain number of actual expressed votes here-
say a good 20 or 30-
then I suppose statistically it would constitute a real poll,
an ATS poll,
and the results could be noted,
and when November comes along,
see if the numbers line up...

Could Paul ever get the nom?

Clinton finished fourth in Iowa.... just like Paul...


posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 06:26 PM
If that scenario happened, then for the fist time in 27 years I would either NOT vote or...

Write in say....



posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 06:51 PM
On the Internet? RON PAUL!

In reality? Obama.

You know the difference right?

posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 09:37 PM
Ron Paul, when asked to compare himself to Barack Obama
The Democrat voted against the war and respects civil liberties, and that he appeals to the young, as does Ron.

But Obama is for a massive government. He would never approve getting rid of the income tax, or cutting government at all.

posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 11:53 PM
Obama AND his wife are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. How does that make him among the least connected to the NWO agenda??

Ron Paul all the way baby!! | August 15, 2007
Michael Vail
Its membership list is a who's who of Washington and Wall St. elite going back nearly a century. It should not be surprising that most presidential candidates in the 2008 election are CFR members. Candidates do not advertise their CFR membership to the public. They pose as "liberals" and "conservatives" to control all aspects of the debate. The CFR has stacked the deck for the 2008 election with several members in the race from both sides of the aisle:

Democrat CFR Candidates:

Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton

John Edwards

Chris Dodd

Bill Richardson

Republican CFR Candidates:

Mitt Romney

Rudy Giuliani

John McCain

Fred Thompson

Newt Gingrich

The mainstream media's self-proclaimed "top tier" candidates are united in their CFR membership, while an unwitting public perceives political diversity. The unwitting public has been conditioned to instinctively deny such a mass deception could ever be hidden in plain view. Presidential Candidate & Congressman Ron Paul is the only "top tier" candidate who is not a member of the CFR.

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posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 05:30 AM
obama, because i don't buy into conspiracy theory fear mongering and i agree with more of his policies than i agree with paul's. though, i'd much prefer kucinich.

but i think RANT has the best answer.


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