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What I know so far of the NWO.

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posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 02:53 PM
Hi I've been lurking this place for a bit and there seems to be a lot on here that I'm not up to speed on yet and I may be on the wrong direction aswell so I decided I'd join and hopefully I can get more insight into this.

So far from my research I believe that there is a bunch of elites in control of the world that were behind 9/11, which was brought down by explosives to fool the people into accepting a war on terror where the elites are presently trying to take control of the Middle East and later other regions to eventually fulfill there NWO where they have us all chipped and all your id and your money will be stored in the chip.

I believe that all the mainstream media, banks and most of the corporations and most of the Presidents are (or have been) involved in the NWO plot.

David Rockefeller is the person I believe to be the most at the top of the elite, pulling the strings.

I believe the Rockefellers and some others started the the fed reserve and everyone's being robbed blind from the money system.

I believe these people are Freemasons/Illuminati (and as far as I've worked out Freemasons and Illuminati are the same thing) and that these people can be traced back to starting in the 18th or 17th century in Britain.

I believe that these Freemasons/Illuminati/Power Elites have the same beliefs and worship the same god (the sun) as the Ancient Egyptians did.

(This is where I get just speculative)

I believe that the Jews that have made it to the top of the Corporations and Media may just be Zionists not Freemasons/Illuminati and that just the top Power Elites are Freemasons/Illuminati and that they are tricking the Jews/Zionists at the heads of the Corporations/media that there goal is to obtain Israel for them as their homeland, but once they eventually have all the power they need to bring in the NWO the Jews/Zionists will like us just become slaves to the Power Elite, like the Israelites were slaves to the Egyptians.

I believe the Bible is nothing more than guidelines for these peoples NWO and that all the religions are just bull# that stem from the Egyptian religion of sun worship.

I also believe that the the Power Elite have scientific/mathematic/atronomic/religious knowledge that we have no idea about. Involving things like the constellations and how the pyramids were built and stuff.

Lastly I believe satanism is also involved, but I don't know how it links in.

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posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 05:07 PM
Great read. Now, can you explaine how the elites are going to incorporate one of the worlds largest standing army into this "NWO." Ho, nearly forgot, this army is also backed by over a billion people, who also have a nuclear armament. You put to much emphasis on middle east and western history as if "asian" history has never existed! Who do you know who speaks Manderin, Farsi, Urdu, Arabic and hindi, a large proposion of the worlds populasion by the way. I'm interested how the elites of the "NWO" are going incorporate this population.

You mention "ID" implants moneatary control of the population. The local council in my city during the festive season never emptied the refuse bins for three weeks, 15,000 residents have signed a petition, saying they want a council tax reimbursement because of the inconvenience of having of having to store refuse that can attract vermin. Yet, you see those individuals queing up to be chipped?

My conclusion is, your talking #ing #e. who has read the wrong history books.

posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 07:51 PM
Although you may or may not be wrong on several points
I still agree that this MONSTER does indeed exist.

I TOTALLY agree with religion being their main control mechanizm.

and man we are in trouble...
... Big trouble.

they got us running so much that we don`t know our beans from our buiscuts.

posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 09:30 PM
After a bit more lurking I now definitely believe that the freemasons and all the major secret societies involved are just a front for the Illuminati.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 06:59 PM
reply to post by Phazon

(from my research, may not be correct)

all wars after the start of the french revolution were caused by the people who are trying to get a New World Order (freemasons, illuminati, Omega Angency, blah blah blah). 9/11 was caused because there were a bunch of pissed off muslems that hated the U.S. the muslems in control of that were also educated in the U.S. the U.S did pull off some stuff that made 9/11 seem even more devistating then it was to build up the U.S' people to go to war. isreal and the muslem world are already fighting for land, and after all the war, the people who want NWO plan on giving them a peacefull solution. which, being exhuasted mentally, spiritualy, and fisically, they will accept. the U.S is aiding to the inflation of the war purposly because of their Elites.

Now if you read in a few other threads on this forum, some state that china may be preparing for a war, and that there may already be 80,000 troups in mexico and also stationed in cuba. if so, that meens that the US. will be dragged into war with china and its allies, which will finaly bring everyone to wanting a peaceful solution.

am i correct or did i misread some posts?

posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 11:59 AM
I don't know if war is really what this whole NWO thing is leading up to, at least not some sort of nuclear holocaust. If all-out war breaks out, the guys at the top will not make as much money in the long run after you take into account population loss and irradiation and rebuilding. In other wars the Rockeffelers and Morgans made millions, but that was before nuclear and biological weapons were as widely available. No, it's going to be small proxy wars that are just meant to keep us distracted and keep us afraid.

There is no way for an Orwelian nightmare to be imposed on us, we will ask for it. Well, I won't, but the majority of people scared of losing what few jobs remain here and scared #less by the threat of "terrorism" are going to ask for things like chipping and surveilance. Starting March of this year, we are going to be required to carry the national ID card, equipped with an RF Chip. We will need this card to drive legally, open a bank account at a federal bank, etc. There soon will be almost no way to survive outside of this system, whether or not you believe the bible prophesies, this is about as close to the "mark" as you can get. Combine this with the Patriot Act, and the Violent Radicalisation and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention, and we have....

Government allowed to search your home without your presence or knowledge, unchecked surveillance of both the internet and phone lines, all in the attempt to prevent "terrorism," buuuut terrorism is now a thought crime. Being declared a "terrorist" or "Enemy Combatant" (which are defined by the president) means you can be arrested without charges, detained indefinately without the right to a trial, and denied access to a lawyer, all because you have radical ideas or views opposed to the current system. whew.

And the whole religious aspect...There is no such thing as Satanism, it was invented by the catholic church to scare people. And people who say they are Satanists are lying or stupid. I've studied the occult and there is really nothing sinister about it, it basically boils down to a system of mental transfiguration. Aleister Crowley himself states in the Satanic Bible that it is called that just to freak people out, its all symbolic, really a religion about humanism, which is far from evil. There is no God and there is no Satan, its just about control.

The war is against us. The question is how do we fight back?

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