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Barium, strontium, or other metal nitrates

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posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 12:47 PM
According to reported testing barium, strontium, and trilium were found in high levels at the WTC. Trilium would indicate radioactive explosion, and barium and strontrium can be indicative of both radioactive or non-radioactive explosion or implosion.

At the Pentagon, radioactivity associated with DU was discovered as far out as 12 miles over DC.

"The Radalert 50, Folkers said, is primarily a gamma ray detector and “detects only 7 percent of the beta radiation and even less of the alpha.” This suggests that actual radiation levels may have been significantly higher than those detected by the doctor’s Geiger counter.

“The question is, why?” Folkers said.

If the radiation came from the explosion and fire at the Pentagon, it most likely did not come from a Boeing 757, which is the type of aircraft that allegedly hit the building.

“Boeing has never used DU on either the 757 or the 767, and we no longer use it on the 747,” Leslie M. Nichols, product spokesperson for Boeing’s 767, told AFP. “Sometime ago, we switched to tungsten, because it is heavier, more readily available and more cost effective.”

The cost effectiveness argument is debatable. A waste product of U.S. nuclear weapons and energy facilities, DU is reportedly provided by the Department of Energy to national and foreign armament companies free of charge.

DU is used in a wide variety of missiles in the U.S. arsenal as an armor penetrator. It is also used in the bunker-buster bombs and cruise missiles. Because no photographic evidence of a Boeing 757 hitting the Pentagon is available to the public, 9-11 skeptics and independent researchers claim something else, such as a missile, struck the Pentagon.

A white flash, not unlike those seen in videos of the planes as they struck the twin towers, occurs when a DU penetrator hits a target.

Photographs from the Pentagon reveal that large round holes were punched through six walls in the three outer rings. The outside wall is 24 inches thick with a six-inch limestone exterior, eight inches of brick and 10 inches of steel reinforced concrete; the other walls are 18 inches thick."

If Shanksville was not tested, there is no way to know if a DU carrying missile or a massive non-radioactive chemical ground explosion left the crater seen in the Shanksville area.

What is for certain, is that something besides unproved asserted claims of commercial jetliners, is not obviously indicative of what may very well have actually impacted three buildings and the ground.

When high levels of barium and strontium, are found in areas of impact, it is highly indicative of either chemical reaction controlled demolition implosion, explosion or atomic energy. Neither of which would be caused by jet fuel or commercial jetliners. It is not a case of whether or not radioactivity is found at sites. Low levels of radioactivity naturally and unnaturally occur in the air, land, and sea. It is the amount that can determine whether or not non-radioactive chemicals or atomic isotopes are deliberately used for explosive or implosive purposes. The highest levels will always be at the point of impact.

A question to those still clinging so steadfastly to the NIST report. What does the NIST report state concerning testing of trilium, barium, strontium, or other metal nitrates? Because with demolitions, highest levels will be read at the supports but not necessarily in the metal that was not cutter charged. That is the steel they had to have to lab analyze the levels for comparison to other steel, air, water, and ground, in and around both twin towers or any other impact areas on 9/11/2001.

posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 05:40 PM
If you do a Search for my name and those chemicals (isotopes) or USGS, you will find out that we here, have posted extensively on this subject already years ago.
That's why you don't get a response.

This is lately the norm, btw.

Rehearsals of already beaten to death 9/11 subjects.

Search first, and if you really have something new to add, mention the old thread and add your thoughts.
This is all old news. Sorry for you.

posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 06:11 PM
reply to post by LaBTop

reply to post by LaBTop

With all due respect, new people join all the time. How would they know to search for particular topics that may or may not have been specifically covered? I have not been on the forum that long, and I had no idea anyone, so long ago, had specifically covered it as I did.

I actually posted it because I was became aggrevated with continuous requests to repost any of the same information, in every discussion, the "official report clingers keep repeatedly asking for substantiation. As a separate discussion, it is most currently available for old and new members alike. It saves time and avoids feeling obligated to continuously repost the same substantiation in every discussion upon request.

Is there really much of anything concerning 9/11, which has not been rehashed time and again in these forums? Those discussions will sink further back with each passing day, and be long forgotten in a very short period of time. Plus, never seen by newer members. It is the same on all highly busy forums.

Again, without due respect, As a new member, how would I have known to look for your name and anything you posted years ago?

posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 06:15 PM
reply to post by OrionStars

"Again, without due respect.....," should have read, "Again, with all due respect........." The editor does not work for me either.

posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 06:24 PM
There is appx 5 lbs of Strontium Nitrate contained in small cloth bags within the aircraft fuel cells to combat algae growth. I know I was surprised the first time I was doing a tank job and asked what all the little bags hanging inside were. Sorry but a small trace memory has alerted me that the compound in the tanks was Strontium Chromate" vs Nitrate. We were cautioned that the Chromate was more dangerous when inhaled than the Strontium.

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posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 08:20 PM

According to reported testing barium, strontium, and trilium were found in high levels at the WTC. Trilium would indicate radioactive explosion, and barium and strontrium can be indicative of both radioactive or non-radioactive explosion or implosion.

Barium is used in Fluorescent lights as an electron emitter to coat the
electrodes. Want to guess how many fluorescent lights were in those

Tritium is used in luminous signs - aircraft emergency lights use tritium
luminous lights to highlight escape paths. Also luminous "night sights"
are used by police officers on their weapons. Furthermore WTC 7
housed arsenal for many federal agencies, WTC 5 was the HQ of the
POrt Authority PD. Over 60 Police officers died at the WTC. Many watches
also use tritium for "glow in the dark" dials.

Several tritium radioluminescent (RL) devices were investigated as possible sources ofthe traces of tritium at ground zero. It was determined that [the]Boeing 767-222 aircraft operated by the United Airlines that hit WTC Tower 2 as well as [the]Boeing 767-223ER operated by the American Airlines, that hit WTC Tower 1, had a combined 34[.3] Ci of tritiumat the time of impact, contained in emergency signs. WTC hosted several law-enforcement agencies such as ATF, CIA, US Secret Service and US Customs. The ATF office had two weapon vaults in WTC Building 6. Also 63 Police Officers, possibly carrying handguns, died in the attack. The weaponry containing tritium sights was therefore a likely and significant source of tritium. It is possible that some of the 2824 victims carried tritium watches, however this source appears to be less significant than the other two m&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us&ie=UTF-8

Strontium is used in glass for TV and CRT screens to absorb any X rays
produced by the tubes. Want to guess how many CRT screens were in
those buildings?

The primary use for strontium compounds is in glass for colour television cathode ray tubes to prevent X-ray emission.

Also the Hazardous Materials section of FDNY surveyed the scene for
radioactivity - didn't find any elecvated levels.

Try doing some research before you make idiotic claims.....

posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 08:25 PM
reply to post by thedman

Unless people read at the websites, they would not know what is considered higher than normal levels.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 12:31 AM
thedman : Also the Hazardous Materials section of FDNY surveyed the scene for radioactivity - didn't find any elecvated levels.

Try doing some research before you make idiotic claims.....

Try to research a bit deeper next time you use that insult.

Tritium is a gas. It disperses quickly in the air, and can normally not be detected with the Geiger counters from Hazmat units, which are not build specifically to detect alpha and beta particles.
You need a very specific, expensive counter to detect it.
The half life of tritium is also interestingly short, look it up.
Tritium spills must be diluted and washed away with copious amounts of water. After a few weeks, that isn't needed anymore, see its half life value.

The night and days after 9/11 brought a thunderstorm with copious amounts of rainwater to New York.
And the NYFD hosed down the site with, in their own words, an amount of water as big as in "a small lake". Millions of gallons.

The USGS guys send to New York immediately, were kept out of Ground Zero, by direct White House interference. They could only take a few samples outside the periphery lines set up by Secret Service and FBI. Even in the following days they were not allowed at Ground Zero.
This disturbed them quite a bit, and they returned home without their normal coverage of a crime scene.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 05:03 PM
To help you out, OrionStars, I have Searched myself for my past posts, and used these search terms : USGS LaBTop

Well, read my 2 posts in this thread page, and do click all links!

If you perform the same Google-search as I did, with the same terms, you'll get many more posts of mine on the subject of radioactivity at New York and the Pentagon. And some more interesting subjects.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 05:14 PM
reply to post by LaBTop

Thank you.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 09:21 PM

Unless people read at the websites, they would not know what is considered higher than normal levels.

That is why there is a SEARCH function. Use it. Learn.....

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 09:28 PM

Tritium is a gas. It disperses quickly in the air, and can normally not be detected with the Geiger counters from Hazmat units, which are not build specifically to detect alpha and beta particles.

Tritium like regular hydrogen burns, result is tritiated water. Either
T-T-O or T-H-O ( T = tritium, H= hydrogen). Elevated levels of
tritiated water were detected in some samples taken from site.
They are numerous sources of tritium from various luminous "night" sites
to supply it.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 09:45 PM
reply to post by thedman

What has a search function to do with what you cited of my words?

Before someone can search for anything specific, don't you think he or she should be aware of exactly for what he or she might be searching? What if the wrong key words are use in the search? How would anyone find exactly what he or she is looking?

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 10:02 PM
reply to post by thedman

Tritium burns? Differently than it states at the website?:


Tritium is radioactive with a half-life of 12.32 years. It decays into helium-3 by the reaction..."


"Tritium has an atomic mass of 3.0160492. It is a gas (T2 or ³H2) at standard temperature and pressure. Tritium combines with oxygen to form a liquid called tritiated water T2O or partially tritiated THO.

Tritium figures prominently in studies of nuclear fusion due to its favorable reaction cross section and the high energy yield of 17.6 MeV for its reaction with deuterium:

(See site for chemical bonding)

All atomic nuclei, being composed of protons and neutrons, repel one another because of their positive charge. However, if the atoms have a high enough temperature and pressure (as is the case in the core of the Sun, for example), then their random motions can overcome such electrical repulsion (called the Coulomb force), and they can come close enough for the strong nuclear force to take effect, fusing them into heavier atoms. Since tritium has the same charge as ordinary hydrogen, it experiences the same electrostatic repulsive force (see Coulomb's law). However, due to tritium's supply of neutrons which are carried into reactions and feel the attractive strong force once delivered, tritium can more easily fuse with other light atoms. The same is also true, albeit to a lesser extent, of deuterium, and that is why brown dwarfs (so-called failed stars) cannot burn hydrogen, but do indeed burn deuterium."

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 10:29 PM

Originally posted by thedman
Tritium like regular hydrogen burns, result is tritiated water. Either
T-T-O or T-H-O ( T = tritium, H= hydrogen). Elevated levels of
tritiated water were detected in some samples taken from site.
They are numerous sources of tritium from various luminous "night" sites
to supply it.

Quite right

Like LabTop said, it's an old topic and nothing conclusive came from it because the sources of tritium were indentifiable in the buildings and the planes.

Tritium is an unstable isotope of hydrogen but that doesn't prevent it behaving exactly the same as normal hydrogen in chemical reactions. Burn it in open air and it forms tritiated water which is exactly how it was detected on the site and the levels were below the specified limits for human exposure.

Some people might jump to invalid conclusions if they confuse simple chemical reactions with nuclear fusion - vastly different things.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 10:59 PM
If that is the case and that much radioactivity was always at the WTC complex, it is highly amazing that more NYC residents were not showing a quantity of of severe radioactivity related illnesses, particuarly those working in and around the WTC complex, plus, residing in that area.

Only after 9/11, did the following signs described in the excerpt below begin happening in quantity, primarily doing WTC clean-up, when the levels were far higher than what would be normally found.

Unless the following was covered years ago, the following in relationship to my initial post has never been covered before. Because it took years to discover that WTC clean-up was responsible. That is the way it very often happens as victims of Agent Orange can attest, for those not having yet died because of Agent Orange related cancers and other debilitating toxic related illnesses.

"The Effects of Nuclear Weapons

The destructive effect of nuclear weapons is the result of the enormous energies released by the fission of uranium or plutonium atomic nuclei (in an atomic bomb) which (in a thermonuclear bomb) cause the fusion of deuterium, tritium, and lithium nuclei with a still more massive energy release. Classified until the publication of the Glasstone Report in 1957, the horrendous damage caused even by a “small” nuclear explosion is the result of this energy release.

But the most insidious effect of a nuclear weapons explosion has no counterpart in a chemical or volcanic blast, however large. A nuclear explosion results in the release of enormous amounts of ionizing radiation. First, there is the “prompt radiation” produced by the blast itself. For very large bombs, without protection this radiation can be lethal well outside the blast radius. But the bomb produces so – called “secondary radiation” as well. The ultra – energetic nuclear particles released by the explosion radiate the surrounding material, and the intense heat causes this debris to rise upward in a giant cloud. Much of this cools when it reaches the stratosphere, falling back to earth as intensely radioactive “primary fallout”. Many of those who managed to survive the heat wave and blast will succumb to the effects of “radiation sickness”. Destruction of the DNA in the body’s rapidly – growing cells leads to hair loss, diarrhea, soft tissue and internal bleeding, pulmonary edema, and severe damage to the immune system. If the exposure is great enough, it can fatally impair the vital functions of the liver, lungs, heart, and nervous tissue, leading to a lingering, painful death described by one doctor as “cancer of the everything”."

"Illness Persisting in 9/11 Workers, Big Study Finds"

Tritium, barium, and strontium, altogether in higher than normal range levels. are highly indicative of the reason for higher radioactivity levels, which did not exist prior to the morning of 9/11/2001.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 05:35 AM
Prior to 9/11 that tritium was in sealed containers made of glass or plastics which are adequate for shielding the very low level beta radiation as one of the superfluous neutrons gets thrown off. The containers were broken releasing the tritium gas which reacted with atmospheric oxygen in the presence of ignition sources to form tritiated water found in the WTC rubble.

Barium and strontium compounds are quite common in electronic equipment and are also used as colouring and fluxes for glazing ceramic materials like floor & wall tiles.

There's only a conspiracy in those if you want there to be one.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 05:56 PM
I would like to attend you all to the "diluting factor".
Like I said, there was a thunderstorm after 9/11 with copious amounts of rain, and then the FDNY hosed down a "whole lake" over the debris.

If you take your samples after this diluting process, your found quantities will be ridiculously low, compared to a situation where you could have had access to the heart of Ground Zero, to take your samples.

The few USGS guys who made it to New York in the evening of 9/11 were forbidden to sample at the heart of the complex, they weren't allowed in beyond a perimeter line, set-up by Secret Service and FBI.
And their came a direct order from the White House to prevent these USGS guys from sampling at the footprints of the collapsed buildings.

This made one of the vice directors of USGS mad enough, to leak this to the press. As usual that was pulled under the rug as fast as could be.

Did you find my posts regarding the thousands of 9/11 rescue workers sick with what looks damn well like radiation sickness from alpha or beta particles.
There is audio footage from one rescue worker (I have it saved, it's one hour long) who's hair and teeth fell out, just like his co-worker who died already in Januari 2002 after having the same symptoms much earlier on.
He explained how the secret service agents would harass every rescue worker returning from the job, by interrogating them first, asking if they had found something suspicious. If they had, they were warned not to speak about this for reasons of national security, and turn in every artifact they would have found.
These bureaucrats were more interested to hide evidence, than to unearth it.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 09:13 PM
reply to post by Pilgrum

But what danger it poses depends on the amount of ppm in the air or physical matter. Low levels always exist. Most healthier bodies adjust to those fluctuating lower levels, but not rapidly increased levels caused by abnormal circumstances. Those with already challenged immune and autoimmune systems are challenged daily by lower, normal fluctuating levels. They can easily die under abnormal conditions. Everyone's body does not react the same way to environment toxic or not.

posted on Jan, 8 2008 @ 09:36 PM
I see OrionStars, you already found the latest health study of 9/11 rescue workers.
""The Mount Sinai results found, as studies done by the New York City Fire Department also have, that those who showed up in the first hours and days after the twin towers collapsed have the worst medical problems. Seventy percent of the workers in the study arrived at the site between Sept. 11 and Sept. 13.""
Your source :

The usual spin doctoring of the politicians :
""Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, speaking at a news conference at City Hall yesterday, questioned the conclusiveness of the study, saying that statistics could suggest a connection between events, but not prove a direct link.
“I don’t believe that you can say specifically a particular problem came from this particular event,” he said. Nonetheless, Mr. Bloomberg announced that the city would create a screening and treatment program for anyone exposed to the trade center dust or fumes.""

Page 2 :
""The study did not include cases of cancer reported by workers and their relatives.""

You know why? Because that would raise serious questions about the nuclear side of the subject. Bloomberg etc. have temporarily succeeded in at least that part of their orders from the higher echelons.

""They also are planning to begin a statistical program this fall to examine the occurrence of cancer, lung diseases and other ailments among that group. That information will then be compared to national rates to see if there is a higher-than-expected incidence of those diseases.""

Hopefully that study will include embedded isotopes.

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