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Leaving The Home World

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posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 07:06 AM
I have often thought that we all wonder at times where all the money goes in our respective countries. We are told all the time that there are overspends and money is lost etc. but I have had this idea for some time that the money is being siphoned off to spend on a secret space program that none of us knows about.

There has been much debate and speculation about the Planet Mars, everything from it once had life to its a barren dead rock. But what if it can support life, there are many who would sign up to leaving the Erath if they knew they could get to a new World. Of course it would only be the elite, super rich, the best minds available etc.

All this money must be going somewhere and I dont believe for one minute that all the money that we are told is spent on various budgets is anything like the truth. Trillions must disapear every year so where is it going and what is it being used for. Its mans natural instinct to explore and travel so its logical to assume that there are those whom would wish to persue the means to leave this planet for another.

Again with space exploration there is so much disinformation, lies and smokescreens that none of us really know the truth. Naza and co control everything and they in turn are controlled by the military who in turn are controlled by the money men and politicians so it is highly unlikely that they would release any real truthful info.

Take the Moon missions what proofs do we have of that, just a few pictures, the testament of those whom allegedly travelled to the Moon and a few Moon rocks thats it, thats the sole proof of travelling to our moon. and that has come from those who lie, murder and extort etc.

Naza control all info from Mars, so lets think the opposite, yes there was life, yes it does have water, no the sky is not red, yes it does have a thin breathable atmosphere and yes it could be colonised. If you look at it that way then it starts to make sense as to where the money is going.

Remember we only know what they tell us and it is up to us to decide if its the truth or lies.

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