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Bob Lazar debunked for good !

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posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 01:13 PM

Originally posted by atsguy_106
and they cant delete him from the books?
cmon of course they can..they can do anything they want and you will like it.

It's a real hassle to have a person off-books. Even the occupational medicine clinic won't be able to schedule an appointment. The property mananger won't be able to deliver a new laptop. Etc...

I've known people at LANL who worked on classified stuff. They were in the phonebook all right

Dont be so gullable...

I am already not...

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 12:20 AM

Originally posted by Dallas
I feel, Mr Lazar was paid-off. Big-time. Only or the most serious deluge, he must from that time forward SAY, WRITE or SPECULATE nothing perpetuating his experience, thoughts or history regarding the TRUTH.


Maybe so, why must we humans always live in a world of lies and deception...

Is the TRUTH about UFO`s and alien life forms so valuable $$$$$$$ ??????

Only the Elite of this planet can know about the "hidden secrets" ??

Normal working humans like us cannot know nothing, except how to spend money and live in a 110% materialistic world...

Go out and buy that BIG Plasma TV, Surround Sound 7,1 Stereo System, Brand New Car, New Furniture, New Clothes , New I-pod, New MP3 player, Re-Mortgage your house to get more $$$,.........

This is a delusion thinking society system that works, axed on $$$ and Spending.

This actual belief system is a man made invention and we are all rooted to it, either we like it or not...

Go ahead, look at that pretty girl who just winked at you.... Pretty isn`t she ??

Do you think that she would LOVE to know about all the lies, conspiracies and secrets hidden from us from our Governments ??? Or wouldn`t she like a big diamond ring ???

You all know her decision. Welcome to Ca$h Planet

"Ignorance can be obtained by brainwashing a whole bunch of innocent humans into money minded, materialistic zombies that makes the "System" work."

That was my invention, and my way of thinking.


posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 06:29 AM
reply to post by Grinder

You know its actually possible to get a really hot girlfriend who doesn't love money being spent on them. Its also possible for a hot chick to get into all the alien # or atleast listen and be interested and offer her oppinions, mine is a great example.

Sorry to say mate but you didn't debunk Bob Lazar at all, everything has been mentioned in the posters before.

I don't even think Bob is a fraud. He comes across as actually a really intelligent man. Have you seen the company he runs at the moment ? Quite successful to say the least.

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 07:42 PM

Originally posted by lazer1
I'm not sure about lazar..He does interest me though..

There was an article published on americanantigravity where one of their experts was in contact with bob.. Whoever bob lazar is he certainly knows his stuff:

"Lazar had another idea as well – again, a real stunner: I’d been talking to him about the corona-wire in Lifters early on, and he mentioned to me the idea of putting a nuclear material on the corona-wire to increase thrust. Most people would have dismissed this as a silly notion, but Lazar drove the point home by discussing an experiment in which nuclear-materials in a high-voltage environment gave off a massive excess of electrons, thereby becoming a nuclear battery of sorts. It’s not free energy, but more like a transistor for ion-wind: a small voltage on the corona-wire excites the nuclear decay process, and serves as something like a “control voltage” for a much larger flow of stimulated-decay electrons that emerge from the uranium coating on the corona wire."

This exciting story of how high voltage effects the nuclear decay is yet another nail among the bristling thousand others in the coffin of Bob Lazar's credibility as a scientist.
You cannot influence nuclear decays with voltages available to you in the lab.

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 06:10 AM
reply to post by buddhasystem

Originally posted by buddhasystem
This exciting story of how high voltage effects the nuclear decay is yet another nail among the bristling thousand others in the coffin of Bob Lazar's credibility as a scientist.
You cannot influence nuclear decays with voltages available to you in the lab.

Hi buddhasystem, first I want to say that I am absolute not a nuclear scientist, so I cannot judge myself if what is said here below is possible.
But I understand from this article, that the rate of the decay process of certain nuclear isotopes can really be increased.
What is your opinion of this?


Certain nuclear isotopes emit electrons when they break down - these are called "beta-emitting" isotopes. The electrons that are released during this natural decay process can be collected to provide a useable stream of electrical energy.

According to the research of Dr. Ruggero Santilli, the rate of the decay process can be increased to provide electrical energy on-demand.

The experimental work of Ted Gagnon has further shown that by providing an 'envelope' of harmonic electrical impulses into a liquid medium, this process of stimulated decay can be further increased to provide useable power from isotopes that would otherwise have a very low rate of decay.

Building a nuclear battery isn't hard to do - Bob Lazar's comments indicate that generating electricity in this manner can be as simple as putting a rock inside a glass jar, but doing this safely is another thing entirely, and that has prevented the commercial marketing of nuclear batteries for commercial applications up until now.

Prof. Ruggero Maria Santilli

Betavoltaic’s PlasmaVolt Technology
By Tim Ventura, August 7, 2003

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posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 07:22 AM
Here is some supplementary info of an retired senior research engineer that in my opinion supports the claims of Bob Lazar.

Boyd Bushman (1928–) is a retired senior research engineer who worked for Lockheed Martin,Texas Instruments and Hughes Aircraft. Regarded as one of the inventors of the Stinger missile.
[edit] Antigravity claims
Boyd Bushman has claimed that Lockheed Martin has carried research on antigravity technology,specially gravity manipulation by means of magnetic fields, he even has stated that he carried experiments at Lockheed's White Settlement,Texas facilities,where is proven that magnetic fields affect the gravitational field and because of that ,bodies don't fall with the same acceleration,a result different from the classical experiments made by Galileo. He currently lives in Lewisville, Texas.
[edit] References
• (video) 'The Billion Dollar Secret',Nick Cook's documentary on American Black Projects
• Apparatus and method for amplifying a magnetic beam - US Patent Issued on July 27, 1999]
Retrieved from ""
Categories: 1928 births | Lockheed people

Look for a moment to this interesting short video,
“David Sereda with Boyd Bushman - Anti-Gravity / UFO Disclosure”.
what is a small part of David Sereda’s movie, “From here To Andromeda”

Listen at counter point 11.45 what Boyd Bushman said to David.
He said,

"I given you the Lazar tapes, and that is as far as I can talk".

Then he said,

"and the reason that I given you the Lazar tapes is that it is from a white world form".

If a man as Boyd Bushman said something like this, it means in my opinion that he take the Lazar case absolute serious, otherwise he never would said that "on the record".

More about Boyd Bushman and Bob Lazar in this very interesting interview “UFO & Antigravity Disclosure” on Coast to Coast with host Art Bell.


Only subscribers to Coast to Coast AM's Streamlink can access Coast to Coast AM live radio broadcasts, radio show archives and daily radio show highlights.

posted on Feb, 28 2008 @ 03:30 PM

what happened to the video of element 115? and also if bob iis back at LANL then what dept/position is he?


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