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Let the Lessons Begin

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posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 03:55 PM
This following thread is dedicated to numerous groups which are about on ATS…

For the heretics; my brothers and sisters, I look forward to our discussions, so that we may learn and grow from each other.

For those with religion; likewise, I look forward to our debates, and hope that by expressing ourselves in a meaningful way, a better understanding will emerge.

For the non-believers; perhaps, just perhaps, this thread will be what you have been seeking regarding answers and proof.

For the liars; it will be with this thread that the truths shall expose your false pretenses.

Now, without further ado…

I am not about one direction or any single belief… I have walked many paths seeking answers. From my journey’s I have learned many things, but one truth stands out the most, and it is a lesson which must be taught before that which is to come. It is a truth that I have stated and expressed on many different threads…

‘All Paths Weaving a Greater Picture’

But what does this mean? No matter your beliefs, your background, or your views, you are only seeing a fraction of what surrounds you. Only by listening to others, and understanding that everything is just another side, another aspect, of a greater whole can one hope to achieve knowledge and truth.

This thread shouldn’t be focused solely on magic, although it will be touched upon. Likewise, this thread shouldn’t be focused on spirituality or religion, although that too will be touched upon. What this thread should focus on is being of an open mind, for the arcane, the spiritual, the magical and the religious.

Deny Ignorance shouldn’t just apply to UFOs, the Illuminati, or assassinations.

By learning from each other, and what we have to offer, we will grow. Those with a bend towards the arcane may learn new styles and techniques; the religious may discover that we are not so different after-all; the non-believers will find what they are after; and the liars will find that they have nothing but empty words.

But what shall we use as topics? I welcome everyone with an interest to send me U2Us as to what discussions should be, and where we should go. I will not be hesitant with any idea, so do not be afraid of any topic or subject or idea.

I am versed in many things, but I am not all knowledgeable; I am hoping that some of you can assist and add whenever possible, to keep the discussion alive, and the lessons flowing smoothly. It is here, then, that I shall end the original post of this thread, and begin planning for an opening topic, so that we may begin upon a grand experience.

Deny Ignorance

Keep an Open Mind

All Paths Weaving a Greater Picture

*feel free to talk amongst yourselves for the time being*

posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 04:33 PM
Finding One’s Self

What do I mean by that, finding one’s self? People of all ages wonder and question ‘who am I’, and yet no one can clearly give a defining answer. We go through life adrift, without direction or purpose, yet we always strive to have a better understanding of who we are, and what we are meant to do. We are defined not by our needs and goals, but by our experiences.

It is with this in mind that I begin this lesson; in order to bring truths and experiences to you, you must know who I am and what I am about.

I am… chaotic. I am not religious by any means, although I am spiritual; at one time or another, I have been Catholic / Protestant / Christian, a practicing Buddhist, an atheist, a Pagan, and a member of a small Ojibwa tribe. Currently, I am more of a traditional Kabbalist; not the ones who sell energized water or magically empowered red bracelets, but rather of the ones who seek the truths no matter where they may be… perhaps that is more akin to a Gnostic, but I seek answers in all beliefs. I also hold credentials in psychology, and I am an ordained Reverend… although, I admit, I sought that so I could upset George Bush and perform same-sex marriages.

I saw my first ghost at the age of three, my first shadow person at the age of eight. My mother denied these visitations and other similar experiences to an over-active imagination as she thrust the Holy Bible into my hands; it wasn’t until many years later that she admitted the truth, that she too encountered those beings, and that she tried in a mother’s desperation to protect me from their influences. Apparently, the truth of what I am runs deep into the history of my family, along my mother’s side…

I’ve developed a knack for automatic writing, Ouija boards, tarot cards, dowsing, astral projection and astral combat. As my experiences grew, so did my ‘abilities’, although at that time I had no clear conscious control. Eventually, I grew and developed to the point where others outside my group of friends and similar minded people placed mental barriers, to keep me from exercising my talents without first learning; this included energy transference and draining.

I have been told of my past lives, my past experiences, and to some degree, my future self. I have a natural bend and aptitude towards the occult and the arcane, which ties into my family’s history. I am a shadow walker, carefully staying within the very thin middle ground between what others would call ‘good’ and ‘evil’… I take what I need from each side in order to become more. Eventually, as I have been told and foreseen, I will be one fighting on the side of both ‘good’ and ‘evil’ against something greater and more powerful and more wicked then imagined. Until that time, however, I must try to bring the truths to as many as possible.

Though this does not convey every detail of my life, my experiences, or my ‘credentials’, it is a start in helping you understand me a bit more, and thus opening a means of communication.

posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 06:07 PM

One doesn’t have to go to the local Wal-Mart and purchase a Parker Brother’s Ouija Board ($14.95) in order to experience the fun and thrills!

I have constructed numerous boards out of numerous items, ranging from regular cardboard to driftwood to lightning struck oak. It doesn’t matter what materials you use… a board made of turquoise and hematite will work just as well as one made of a cereal box. One must always keep in mind that the Ouija Board is simply a tool, and as such, it will work irregardless of its material or expense.

And, as a tool, an Ouija Board is not evil, nor is its use evil. It is a tool. As such, it is the eventual responsibility of the user and their intent. If you use a tool as it should be used, then all is good and well… but if misused or used improperly, then expect to have difficulties. Again, the Ouija Board is a tool, one designed for communication and for gathering of knowledge.

When designing your own board, keep its intended purpose in mind. What are you wishing to communicate with? What is it you are trying to seek? What are your intentions? Although these questions may seem irrelevant, they are not. Any person can make a general board, but all you will get in response are general contacts. As an example, there are two board types I constructed which are of note:

The first, I intended for ‘nature’ or druidic type entities. It was made of oak, with the four elements embedded in the corners. This was accomplished by burning one, soaking one in water, embedding sand into the third, and leaving the fourth exposed to air. This may seem like a simple process, and it was… but effective none-the-less. What was important, though, was the mind set in its construction. That energy, that focus, went into what it would become.
The second board I wanted something a bit more powerful. I wanted to feel the entities behind the words, I wanted to experience their powers. Since this was a work in progress, I opted for a prototype style operation… I used cardboard until I felt I had achieved what I wanted. Along with some modifications and designs, what worked best for my goals was a board that had the symbols of the 50 Names of Calling (from the Necronomicon) engraved along its border. Why did this work? Because I wanted it to, and because of the thousands of people out there who actually took that book to be 100% true… their beliefs gave it power.

In making your board, as with everything else, do what feels right for you.

Earlier I touched upon something rather important: a general board will give you general contacts. Not entirely true. How can you attain something more from something so… mundane?

Place something under the board. Seriously. Every object has an energy or force behind it, and what you will be in contact with would have been connected to that object. Again with, two examples:

Money. A single dollar bill (or your country’s equivalent). Why money, what makes this such a good example? Money, people say, is the root of all evil… expect a powerful force with this one. If you happen to be sensitive to strength levels, you should be prepared to brace yourself.
A tarot card. Think of tarot cards as a business card. What is unique with these is that the entity you contact with, say, the 5 of Cusps, will be the same entity you talk to later on using the same card. My advice? Make a directory, keep a list of the entities contacted. AND keep in mind that each deck will be different… the Witch’s Tarot will have different entities then the Elemental Deck.

...end part one...

posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 06:09 PM
...part two...

Some useless information.

1. Ouija Boards, with practice, can be used to communicate with people. Yes, people… but only if one of the participants is astral.
2. The board will not operate by itself. It will not move by itself. If anyone says otherwise, it is because they heard it from a friend from a friend who saw it.
3. Yes, it is possible to use one by yourself, but be prepared to be moved like nothing experienced before.
4. Keep a tape recorder… err… have a recorder handy and turned on while in a session. It makes things easier.

Now, as a last bit in general information… be respectful. Be mindful of what you are communicating with. Arrogance will only be effective for so long before something else pushes what you are talking to aside… those who have experienced that will know exactly what I mean.

posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 12:35 PM

This was U2U’d to me last night, by someone whom I would guess would want to be anonymous; this U2U you now read is not in its entirety… it covered a few different subjects, but I wanted to touch upon this one in particular.

On a side note. I would like to ask you a question about dreams. I am on the pursuit on trying to become a better person. I know I have some faults as everyone does. But there are some that I wish to change for the good.

Recently, I had a dream where I got in some form of trouble and was told to write I AM SELFISH on a paper 250 times. I guess this is some sort of eye opener telling me that I am selfish, is it not? So my question is, could dreams be used to influence you or show you who you are? A gateway to your true self?

Absolutely. People always say that ‘no one knows you better than yourself’ and ‘you are your own worse critic [or enemy]’. Both of those sayings hold a lot of truths in them.

Dreams are an excellent way of showing you who you are… or rather, showing yourself what you think you are. Now, someone might read your dream and say that the number 250 is significant because ------ or say that the trouble you had gotten yourself into shows a repressed ----- . Bull. A person should interpret their own dreams, and get from them what they can. After all, it is your subconscious that is trying to give you a message, not someone else.

Your dream was trying to tell you something rather bluntly: ‘I AM SELFISH’ Now, whether you are or not, that is up to you, and those around you, to decide… though, I will admit, I don’t think your friends would be as direct as yourself. I would definitely agree with you, that dreams can show you who you are.

Just keep in mind that dreams can also show you who you want to be, and how you perceive yourself.

Can dreams influence a person? Indeed! Think of all the inventions that started with a simple dream. And don’t forget the greatest dreamer of all (no, it didn’t involve a silver key or the wastelands of Kaddath)… Martin Luther King Jr. These, however, are ‘good’ examples, of dreams doing ‘good’. What of evil dreams? Obsessive-ness, paranoia… these can develop because of negative dreams, if one beliefs them to be factual in any sort of way. If a person is easily influenced by outsiders, just imagine the damage that could be wrought by his own.

Lastly, dreams used as a gateway to your true inner self… yes and no. If dreams show you what you think you are, then chances are that your inner self would be something you think it should be. This involves different perspectives and viewpoints: can you see what you want to be, can you feel what you want to be, what others think of you and how it reflects / alters your perception…

Do you believe in past-lives? If so, then this might be what you are seeking in trying to figure out what your past self is… every life you have lived (or will live) has one vital connection, that remains constant no matter what or when you are. Call it your essence or soul, what this is is your true self… this is the being that you truly are. How you go about finding this being, though, is a different subject, and involves a great deal of ideas that are not main-stream: example being how many people have seen their Hall of Doors?

Lastly, the above person would like to discuss these topics:

Astral Projection, Achieving Astral Projection and Techniques.
Meditation and Meditation Techniques.
Mantras and how they work.

If anyone would like to get started… I need a break for a moment!

posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 09:24 PM
Well, it has been five days since the last posting, enough time, I think, for any discussion on that subject... although, if anyone still wishes to comment, by all means do so.

Moving on...

The subject of astral projection has been covered quite a bit on ATS, and I eally don't think any further postings would be of any benefit at this time, in so far as dealing with the aspect of projection. In regards to technique, I am really not one to give advice or tips / hints.

Why is that? Well, for starters, everything I have read in the "astral how-to's" never worked for me; I'd hit a certain spot, feel myself start to detach, and then BAM, snapped back into my body. I've tried everything from the full body relaxation to counting back from seven while visualizing the colors of a rainbow (thank Laura Calbot on that one... if I remembered how to spell her name).

The one method that always seems to work best for me, though it could also be viewed as the most difficult, is the lucid dreaming... gaining control of your dreams. There isn't much that seperates the realm of dreams from the astral plane; in fact, the two are almost interchangeable. The only difference between them, though, is the amount of control you surrender. Will you be allowed to be moved by your subconscious, or will you consciously take control?

It is a simple matter of simply stating, as your dream-self, "I am dreaming!". The problem, though, is being able to do so... with a second issue on not waking up upon stating that fact. However, once you realize you are dreaming, and you begin to exert control within those surroundings, you are astral. Let yourself go.

Now, I cannot speak for everybody else, as everyone's perspective influences the astral plane and how they interact, but here are some things of note that I have experienced:

1. There is no silver cord. There is nothing connecting you to your body... if there was, it would be easy for someone to seperate the two.

2. You cannot lose your body. Your body being moved while you are astral is not a problem. Think of homing pigeons, and how they can always find their way back.

3. You can have something inhabit your body while you are out, to guard over it; I had one in place, and my friends, coming back from a drinking night, tried to wake me (taking pillw, blankets, shaking me). Apparently, "I" sat up, turned to them, and said "leave him alone". Note, I didn't say "Leave me alone" but rather "him alone". On a similiar note, you will not lose possession of your body... think of it as organ rejection.

4. It is possible to have physical sensation, though it is a slim possibility for most.

Now then, two astral events that rather disturbed me...

1. The first time I went astral, I was above my body and "sat" up. As soon as I did, I felt a pai of hands grab me from behind and pull me backwards... I was being pulled through a completely white area with blue squares of equal size and distance on my left and right, when a voice said "Now you understand", then BAM, back in my body. I have yet to figure that one out.

2. I learned you don't need to move above your body while going astral How? I was beginning to float when several beings began to push me back into my body... force-ably. I fought, but was going nowhere. So, like any normal person, I decided to sink below my body and moved out that way; it suprized the creatures holding me down. This is also the first time I experienced physical pain. Not the sense of physical, or thinking of physical, but actual physical sensation.

So, how does this all help you? Simply stated, try different things until you find a way that works for you. Experiment if you like. Just keep in mind that thins aren't as cut and dry as the books would have you believe (or for that matter, some of the ATS posters).

posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 09:48 PM

The Well of Knowledge is a place, a real place, that stores all the knowledge of this plane of existance; anyone who is desperate enough and willing to reach the Well can partake of its wisdom. However, like most things, this is NOT an easy way to a quick answer, nor is it an easy place to reach. And though the general appearance of it may change from person to person, it is in the details that one can gather the most information.

To reach the Well, one must begin to journey, albiet astrally or metaphysically. Relax your body, always keeping in mind your destination and your goal (what it is you seek). Eventually, you will feel your body relax to the point of near-slumber. Here, then, is where things differ.

Some people will visualize a large oak tree, with a hole within it that you can climb into, others a descending stairway. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as the details are the same; once you enter, you must head down. For me, I see a stairway, the walls are made of medival style brick-work, with a bonze hand rail to my right, engraved.

There is no number of steps, no number of feet or meters you must drop. However, keep in mind that the further you descend, the further your body MUST drift into relaxation; drive past the pins and needles, go deeper into a conscious level of numbness. You must remain focused on the task... any diviation, and you will return to this realm, wide awake and with a feeling of disappointment. Your mind will know when it has reached the bottom, for it is a part of the Well, a part of the human collective consciousness.

At the bottom there will be two guardians, male and female. I would imagine that this is to represent our duality, or the anima / animus... I don't know. Again, how they appear is up to you. For me, they are both nude, 'classic' builds (Leonardo style), with bird heads. Yes, I know the Egyptian connection... but that is not relevant. These beings guard the enterance to the Well, and will judge you of your worth and honor. DO NOT LOOK UPON THEM Humble yourself before them, but to not gravel. Be respectful and mindful. In the beginning, expect to be rejected, but do not fret. Answers cannot be given to those who are selfish, and with time and patience and practice, you can find an inner balance that is worthy of the guardians permission.

The door to the Well is a trick: there will appear to be a puzzle upon its surface, as well as inscriptions. The words you will already know on a subconscious level, but the puzzle is there to keep you occupied, to deter you from your goal. Ignore it, and enter.

Inside is the Well, and your final test. This test is different for every visitor, and every visit. Sometimes it will appear as a great eye which will open you completely, sometimes you will face yourself... but no matter what, it is something that you will fear, to make you doubt yourself, or to simply distract you.

By all means, for any one who is reading this, try it out. You may not get far... like mentioned earlier, it takes practice. You may only reach the stairs, or you may be lucky enough to face the final test. As long as you remain focused, and keep a level head, remain true to yourself / honest with yourself, you will not fail. And please, as always, feel free to reply back with your results so that others may also gain.

Thank you.

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 11:30 AM
Another U2U question, and again, leaving the individual's name out of it. If any reader knows of any good viable astral suggestions or how-to threads, please, by all means, post them.

how does one enter the astral?

how to descend to the well of knowledge?

Ask different people, and you will always get different answers, on how to go OOB (out of body). The key to any method, though, is being completely relaxed to the point where you don't feel your body anymore, but still maintaining a conscious state of mind... at some point, you will just know that you are detached from your body. In my experience, I am mostly successful in lucid dreaming, or taking conscious control of my dreams, and then leaving that state of mind for an astral one. I would suggest doing a web-search, or even hunt around ATS to find a method that feels and sounds right to you, because if you don't agree with it, it isn't going to work (being a state of mind and all).

As far as the Well of Knowledge, when you are relaxing or meditating to achieve an astral projection, what you want to do is keep in your mind a flight of descending stairs, and what your eventual destination is (which is the Well). The stairs will appear as you want them, as you feel they should look... likewise the walls, any light source, etcetera. As you feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed, project yourself down the stairs... with every step you take, you are becoming more relaxed. At the point where you step onto the landing, you should be astral.

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 11:42 AM
Wow... you are a one man post machine here. I just felt bad because it seems you're talking to yourself here.

Have a nice day

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