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Planet X 2012

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posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 03:01 PM
Regarding the Planet X and 2012 theory I am curious to any thoughts on this subject. I feel as if there may be some logical basis or even fact as it relates to the following:
1. Ecological / Environmental changes and natural disasters occurence.
2. The increased need for national security policy and procedure.
3. The major Agenda of the "Green Initiative"
4. The fact that NASA confirms a planet x.

Is it possible that there is a major push in national and global security policy as propaganda to slowly prepare us for major global castastrophies known to be coming? Is it posssible that the Eco/Green Initiative is to lead us to believe we are responsible for the factual (if there really is any) evidence of global warming and eco changes, when in fact it is really planet x and its impact of our solar system?

My logic tells me that if in fact planet x was on its way to disrupt our solar system that there would indeed be privately operating scientist or astronomers that would have substantial factual evidence of this. Based on their methods of tracking the planet x course etc. Wouldn't it be quite impossible for NASA to cover up the factual evidence of these privately operating astronomers, scientists, physicists, etc? Also wouldn't this private scientific community broadcast their findings in every communication outlet available to them to spread the news?

I would be interested to see evidence by any such scientific community supporting the theory or Fact that planet x is on its way and will create cataclysmic disaster for Earth in 2012.

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