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Enterprise Rental.....

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posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 01:15 PM
I feel the need to relay this story to all. My wifes car was in the body shop for some repairs. My insurance company arranged a rental through Enterprise Rental Cars. I picked the car up, a nice white Dodge Magnum, on 12/19 in the morning. On Christmas eve my wife was driving down the road to finish up dinner plans for Christmas, when she was pulled over by three police officers. They had their guns drawn and were screaming at her to "GET DOWN...GET DOWN...GET THE F*** DOWN" to which my wife promptly did as requested. She immediately informed them that she was pregnant to which they made her get on her hands and knees. A very humiliating position to be in. They came over and handcuffed her and put her in the back of the patrol car. They informed her that she was being arrested because Enterprise had reported the car AND tag stolen. My wife luckily had all of the paperwork in the car. All of this was taking place in a up scale mall just down the street from our house. I was at work. I work a 24/48 schedule for the same county that the incident occurred in. She told them who I was , where I was working, what apparatus I was riding, all of which they confirmed. They then let her call me.

I then immediately called Enterprise. They DO NOT have a customer service number for their customers, so I had to call the rental number. The guy who answered the phone immediately got defensive and told me I was not going to get to talk to anyone unless I calmed down and that he really doubted my story, that it didnt happen. I informed him that if my pregnant wife went to jail and my 2 y.o. went to DHS on Christmas eve, he thought they had trouble now...just wait. He then reconsidered his actions and put me in touch with the only branch open...The one at the airport...The busiest airport in the world. The lady that answered the phone was nice and tried to help, but the manager refused to get on the phone to help me, refused to call dispatch and tell them that the car was not stolen. Things were not looking good.

The police, after some investigation, decided to let my wife go. They stated that they knew she had not stolen the car, that Enterprise was notorious for this type of stuff. He told her he could not remove the car from the national database. The officer even gave her a card with his cell number on it and told her if she got pulled over again to have the officer IMMEDIATLY call him, no matter what time it was, and he would straighten it out. My wife then went home. She was visibly shaken by the event. She did not feel well, had alot of abdominal discomfort. She was already a high risk pregnancy. Pretty much ruined Christmas eve plans.

The airport called me back finally. I asked for another car. She told me there were not any more cars. I asked them how they were going to rectify this problem with the car. Their solution......replace the hard tag with a paper tag. They told me that the cops dont run paper tags. WTF????
I know better than that. I asked them "A car already reported stolen, that has a different tag on it, dont you think that is even MORE suspicious??" To which they replied "uhhmmm ...No". I asked for a letter stating that the car was not stolen....They said.." uhhhmmmm...No". Asked for a manager. She STILL would not get on the phone.

Since this has happened, my wife has had 3 ultrasounds, the first of which they could not find the babies heart beat and she had to wait a ADDITIONAL 2 hours for a second more through one. She has also had blood drawn and other tests. No one has apologized to her. They have talked to her numerous times...Never apologized. The brought me another car 2 days later and CHARGED me a up charge for a vehicle I didnt ask for.

I have gone round an round with them since this has happened. I called HQ in St Louis...I get a low level manager here. I have caught him in SEVERAL "discrepancies" in our conversations. No one of any importance has called to even check on my wife. I am soooooo tired of dealing with these people.

The caveat to this story....If you rent from Enterprise, expect no customer are not important....and make sure they have not reported your car stolen.....

posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 03:05 PM
I used to manage a branch of a rental car company (not Enterprise) and I can tell you 1st hand that the car rental business is full of scumbags that could care less about the customer but only care about what they can sell.
I used to get reprimanded from my superiors constantly because I wouldn't follow the corporate crap that they tried to push off to the customer. I always tried to work taking my customers best interests to heart.

We had an incident where one of our cars was reported stolen and an innocent couple was pulled over. I delivered them a different car immediately, apologized until I was blue in the face and refunded their entire rental.......guess what; I was written up by my manager for doing it.

We used to try to sell the full coverage insurance only to harass the customer if they had an accident and go out of our way to try to prove they did it deliberately. Some days I didn't even feel like a human being having to push these almost criminal practices off. I was so happy when I found another job.

I really feel for you and your family and I think you should get an attorney. You'll be surprised at how fast upper management will talk to you then.


posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by Anjin

I think that is what we are going to do. I had a conversation last night with their rep. I pointed out to him specific instances where he had lied to me....He knew he was caught...I told him we were not going to talk to him anymore. I think he was surprised at the information that I had access too

posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 05:07 PM
Yep, I absolutely would get a lawyer. Preferably one with a reputation for going after corporations and winning big settlements. Sometimes just the reputation alone will force a quick settlement.

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