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Biologically prove complex lifeforms can shapeshift (reptilians)

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posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 07:07 PM
I am starting this thread in skunkworks and apart from the other 'reptilian' threads in this fourm because I feel it makes a viable, talkable point.

First off, I believe that there is abundant life in our universe and these lifeforms can take on a multitude of different forms. We can, in fact, have an intelligent species that are similar to our reptiles, or our birds, or our insects, or any other lifeform we find on earth. So to begin, I will not say that an intelligent reptilian/lizard race cannot exist. We don't know what types of extraterrestrial lifeforms exist and therefore, anything can possibly be alive somewhere in the vastness of our universe - including forms we can't even fathom.

Our earth has an amazing diversity of life. Of all the lifeforms we have on this planet, there is currently NO known complex lifeform that has the ability to transform between different cellular forms. The mimic octopus can only mimic and contort it's body to resemble another creature - but it does not change into one. A butterfly changes from one form into another, but it cannot change back - it is a one-way biological street. Other creatures can modify and maniuplate inherent aspects of their anatomies to create subtle changes, but only within the laws of accepted biology. And I repeat, there is no complex creature on this planet that can change from one form into another - and actually take on the identity of that new lifeform.

We have numerous 'reptilian' threads presenting evidence that there is an extraterrestrial race of reptiles who shapeshift into humans. However, this goes against all our current understandings of biology, cellular composition, physics and plenty of other accepted scientific principles.

The videos of these 'reptiles' have become laughable by many on these boards. Most 'video proofs' are the result of poor video compression or other simple explainable issues.

So, I present this as a starting point. If the reptilian-shapeshifter believers on this board are able to provide proof that an existing lifeform on this planet can shapeshift and revert back at will, we can set up a premise that shapeshifting can be a reality. And this means real, tangible proof - not stories from some ancient text or cave paintings or stories from some unreliable, second-hand information. Provide an insect, animal or other form of COMPLEX life that can change their inherent cellular structure and become another creature.

If that basic premise can be proven, then we can explore the possibility that shapeshifting reptilians might exist.

As I stated in second paragraph, WE, as humans, do not know what lifeforms exist in this universe - and an intelligent reptilian race may very well exist. We have our understanding of Earthbound life to compare other potential lifeforms to - and the life we have on our planet, as stated earlier, is extrememly diverse and provides us with a broad palette of possibilities. We cannot, however, assume that an extraterrestrial entity can defy the laws or nature or biology just because it fits the needs of a theory.

((I know one thing mentioned will be the idea that they are changing themselves with advanced technology and we are only seeing a holographic illusion. And other wild theories like that. That's for another thread. This thread is meant to discuss if a real shapeshifting lifeform can actually exist.))

For the record, I don't believe there are any shapeshifting reptilians on Earth with diabolical plans to control the planet. Government leaders are sometimes just downright evil humans - we don't need to make them into extraterrestrial reptiles.

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 11:46 PM
It can't be done. I too would like to see evidence of a complex shapeshifting organisms, but biologically it's not possible.

You're likely to get some believers talking about extra dimensions and spiritual stuff in this thread, though.

That doesn't rule out the possibility of the illusion of shapeshifting though, created through holographic technology or something.

posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 12:58 AM
reply to post by tvgraphics

Who says that the alleged shapeshifting is done on a physical level? Maybe it has more to do with our perception of them, some sort of hypnotic trick. Just a thought.

Edit: I see the poster above me had already said the same kind of thing.

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posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 01:07 AM
I also believe if they exist as shape-shifters, it will be some sort of technological tool, that can do the trick manipulating the surrounded light.

As for the biological thing...i think the octopus take the prize!!

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