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Now what if....

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posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 02:11 AM
Hold on a second here, lets sum this up to a single picture as best as i can....we got
-and us

Now..supposedly" The earth was a larger planet called Tiamet"...and it could be assumed that this was the time of the dinosaurs...due to their mass and such.
Now the catastrophic event could also be assumed, on this frame of mind, as the collision with nibiru/one of its moons.
(petrification could possibly happen in space..where there is no bacteria and such to eat away at anything..)
Now nibiru was caught in our suns orbit and keeps coming around.
A race of beings not onlike ourselves comes comes to be on this planet, which has a super dense atmosphere to support life, along with a heavily heated core of these beings go through basically same things as us, phases of war/control/power/ and gre to be slightly more advanced than we are now.They realize that thier atmosphere is thinning, and they will eventually all die if they dont do something..
They realize that gold is only thing that works, due to the fact that it can be ground up to a small powder and shot into the atmosphere (also it is radiation resistant). now there isnt much gold there, so they search elsewhere. one of them remembers a "tale" about the "battles" of our planets (Tiamet/earth/Nibiru) and how Tiamet had "great gold veins" and decided to search for what was left of Tiamet.
They came to earth, found gold and successfully mined it.
Then they got lazy.
The workers revolted..and in the end they decided to make workers.
After several failed experiments(which account for many legends/myths) they finally succeded by mixing their own genetics onto primitive man.
After a while, they got carried away with it all and looked upon themselves with a little too much egotism..seeing as they were "gods".
They eventually warred it out..and left.
Mind you there are several occations when Nibiru Gets close to us, and causes great catastrophes, one of which it was ordered to let us all perish, but by a true miracle, the one known as "moses" in the bible, regardless of how it happened, made an ark and saved a number of animals (supposedly household ones).
Now this is not all thats going on here. It would appear that there are other forces at work here. There is "talk of another race in this story.
There are other gods in the world as well. There are these serpent gods everywhere. Where they came from is not what matters. What matters is that they also have high egos. They also mayhap have slightly different morals than us, and than the 'Annunaki/aryan. Regardless they are here only with the "old gods permission. Now we can point out, that the egyptian royalty, and several others, are all supposedly" decended from the gods. Much of the Roman royalty, can be traced to egypt'. much of the brittish/france royalty can be traced as such, and the american "royalty" can bbe traced to them. So im sure your starting to see this story for how i want it to seem. It would seem that an age old way of "human" living is still being upheld. With the majority, if not all "humans" being nothing more than slaves/cattle...Maybe they have it planned, that when nibiru hits and kills off alot of us, and throws us into dissarray..then will be the time for them to take control. If that is so, then that is as it should be.
Now can any of you ever remember a moment in your lives, when someone you put your total trust in, had been lying to you hypocritically for a long say your spouse cheating, and while they were doing so, they were saying how bad it is to do. How mad did you imagine going through all hell and losing almost everyone you know..then imaging you find out one of these nasties about the government is imagine everyone in the world feeling the same thing, toward the same source.......I wouldnt want to be that souce....

Now what if this was all true?

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 02:26 AM
By the way i forgot, bigfoot could be what we were evolving into before these guys came along...

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 02:31 AM
and the greys of course fill in the grey areas
They are working in between everything...for instance native lore talks of the "ant people" who clothed and fed them underground...perhaps during one of the great catastophes..

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