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UFO sightings booming: A good reason why.

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posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 11:37 PM
Well hi guys.

I am not new to ATS, I have been reading ATS threads for years and replying to some here and there more recently. But here we go for my very first thread. Well respected veterans of ATS, cut me some slack: I am just a noobie to posting here, though I am a 20 year veteran researcher of the UFO phenomenon. Please, take me seriously, I certainly take the subject seriously.

I look at many conspiracy items on this site, however much like the X-Files, while I find interest in dabbling in some political here, shadow government and blackops there, I am always drawn back to my core stories, and those are of the Extraterrestrial/UFO nature.

I think you will find as I post more of my research, I am Absolutely DETERMINED to be a realist.

While the UFO/Alien phenomenon certainly brings out the wildly openminded side of me, I ground any real theories in just that: reality.

Of recent note was this often repeated question:

Originally posted by codex code
How come when a picture is snapped do the ufos show up?

The subject of 'cloaking' comes up as a solution FAR TOO OFTEN. This theory is cheap and evidence-free, like a fancy high-tech version of saying ALIENS ARE MAGIC OK. Lets not go all Star Trekkie here folks.

Lets keep it simple and reach for a fresh can of reality.
The answer isn't invisibility/cloaking/magic potions

*Begin My Theory: This is the part that is my two cents. It is well thought out and feel free to disagree, but I simply state I have alot of research to back it up, and in the end, it is just MY OPINION*

The answer is simple. It's speed.

That is the absolutely outrageous, and hundreds-of-times-over eyewitnessed and more importantly radar verified speed of these craft. As well as the fact(pat yourself on the back, human race) that we are slowly catching up in terms of speed ourselves. Not in our craft so much as in our modern cameras.

Consider that the modern day advances in average picture quality of cameras ARE DUE TO FASTER SHUTTER SPEEDS, and it doesn't take too long to follow that to an interesting idea...

This speed answers two questions:

1. Why are the number of quality sightings increasing?:
The craft move at tremendous speeds MOST of the time. The pilots are at times pretty ok with being viewed, so long as we leave them be. But the majority of the time, it's no stretch to imagine they get tired of the standard progression of:
a) Humans see us and go ape#.
b) Humans run and get more humans, who also look and point and go ape#.
c) Humans call other humans who look at their radar screens and go ape#.
d) Fighter jets come and try to catch us/shoot us down.
So the majority of the time they move so fast that, you guessed it, they are virtually invisible to naked eye. Call it a lack of the Human Eye's Refresh Rate: You could be looking right at it as it passed and never see it.
Think about it: How many UFO photographers say the same thing: I didn't even see that thing there when I shot the picture.

So think about the odds of catching that baby in your small view area in that split second it was in front of you. Astronomical.

Now think about the rising number of quality pictures taken with high speed shutter cameras.

And realize... what that translates to, in the absolutely VAST amount of UFO activity actually going on, unseen by most.

Right in front of our slow little eyes

2. How lucky were we to have such extreme amounts of UFO sighting activity in the 50s and 60s?


Not only did we have to happen upon them when they stopped to check something out, but at times, to our luck, they seemed hell-bent on exposing us to the idea of their existence. They were so determined, they drove the American government into stark terror of full disclosure. Blue Book/Grudge, and all manner of denials were to follow...

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