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Identifying the Modern Descendants of Ancient Biblical Peoples..

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posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 09:46 PM

Originally posted by kozmo

Originally posted by amitheone

I found a refutation of that:

By the way, Armstrong is a cult leader of the early WCOG. Today, most of his teachings are abandoned and his church split.

What you refer to as a "Cult" many recognize as the one true Church of God and that which you refer to as a "leader" of the cult was and is recognized by many as being the End-Time Elijah. The "Cult" to which you refer many recognize as God's prophesied Phildelphia Era Church. The abandonment and split which you refer to many recognize as the prophesied arrival of God's Laodecian Church Era - for Armstrong spoke of it's future arrival as well.

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posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 05:34 PM
reply to post by SevenThunders

Yes, this is true and sad. In the previous centuries before the 21st, this played out in much larger ways. There was a time when people honestly believed that all dark skinned people had a curse because of their misinterpretation OF THAT curse in the Bible. See, the Bible doesn't forment these problems, people misunderstanding the Bible do.

Just like .. people who misunderstand the Koran go out and become Terrorists. But all Muslims are not Terrorist.

And yeah, I apologize for saying Noah descended from Cain, he descended from Seth, as I said. I would go edit the original post but i think too much time has transpired and the option is gone.

Well then, many of the people that existed pre-flood Mesopotamia area were indeed Cainites, I wonder which peoples to be exact.. I guess we will never know. I'm curious who Cain's descendants are. Could that be the missing "Southeast Asian Link" ? Because explaining who Southeast Asians descended from, Ham Shem or Japheth, is incredibly difficult.

Also: Food for Thought

If the Deluge indeed covered the entire world, and Noah's barge came upon the Mountains of Arafat, then let us consider something. The mountains of Tibet are much higher in altitude than Arafat, big time.

The people of the time were relatively primitive in Mesopotamia and as such did not have any knowledge of the Far East, nor its peoples and cultures, or its lands. Therefore, to them, the writers of these stories, the chronologists, had absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of the Tibetan area in South Asia.

Therefore, it is my theory that the Asian peoples are of a stock which is pre-flood, explaining the slanted eyes. No where has the slanted eye ethnic trait been convincingly explained; why did this evolve? White people have pale skin because in cold, northern climates, there aint as much sun. Black people are darker skinned because in Africa there is alot more sun, being in the southern hemisphere mostly. Same is said for noses. White people's nostrils tend to be smaller and their noses longer because of the northern air, not humid, supplied sufficient oxygen. Alternatively, in Africa, heat and humidity combine to make the air have less oxygen per measurable amount of air, therefore more air would need to be inhaled in one inhalation to match the same level of oxygen inhaled from one inhalation in the northern climate. See, you can theorize and explain all of thise. But slanted eyes? Huh? Wtf? No explanation!

The Mountains of Tibet could've provided a refuge for the people of Asia at the time to survive a global deluge, in theory, due to the extreme elavations, much higher than Arafat. The Tibetan people are known to be the oldest existing culture from history. This isnt written because as I said, at this point in history, there was no knowledge of Eastern peoples or land. This would mean they could be sons of Cain, or Seth for that matter. But unrelated to Noah's sons and the Semitic, Hamitic, or Japhethic people.

By extension, North American Indians and South American peoples came from these Tibetan survivors in Asia, taking boats along the coasts or a land-bridge, two hotly debated theories, to America. This would make them unrelated to Noah or his sons, but related to Cain or Seth. This would explain where the Mayans "super duper ancient astronomy knowledge" came from. They brought it from Asia, because the Tibetan remnant survived and with it did the ancient knowledge you see.

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posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 11:38 PM
Well since your asking where the descendents of Israel went I thought I would point out what the bible prophesies.

Look at Genesis 48 and 49. Simplified what they are saying that by the time of Shiloh (end times) that the offspring of Israel and Joseph would become a number of nations. And that Ephraim would be exceptionally blessed because a company of nations would be descended from him.

So according to the prophesies the tribes of Israel have migrated and intermingled with the various peoples of the world. And have become dozens of nations by now.

The Herbert W. Armstrong theory was that England is where Ephraim migrated to and the US is Manasseh. My personal theory is he wasn't thinking big enough. I would also add to that the former colonies of all the European colonial powers. After all it is supposed to be a company of nations. At least forty or fifty nations and as many as several hundred.

posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 12:08 AM
Right. This is why when people tell me that modern Israelis, Ashkenazi's, have no Semitic origin whatsoever I disagree. Many Jewish migrants intermingled with the peoples of Eastern Europe, and into Eurasia.

Also, they moved to all kinds of nations at differing times throughout history. First they went to Babylon and Assyria. Then they dispersed into the Middle East. Then they left the Middle East at the tip of a Saracen sword over the Black Sea into East Europe, and also up into the Caucasus Mountains.

Other wealthier Jews living on the Mediteranian coast (Palestine/Lebanon/Syria/Jordan/Egypt/Turkey) migrated to various places all throughout southern Europe, notably Spain, but also Western Europe, France etc.

At this point, when the Inquisition was whipped up, and the Reconquista, the Jews were again forced out of the Catholic nations. Where they went from this point, I couldn't tell you. All I know is that they mustve moved place to place all throughout Europe, avoiding unfriendly lands. This would mean there'd be a gradual move eastward. Also, the Jews which settled in Greece and "the balkans" would've been relatively safe.

So then we come to the common era where there were Jews all throughout Europe, and a mass in East Europe. 6 Million dead later, we have the remnants spread all throughout all of the European nations, The Unted States, Canada, and Israel, and there smaller populations within Muslim nations all throughout the east, though much smaller than in the west.

Poor folks .. what did they do to you except give you the Old Testament, give you a God named YHWH to worship, and set the foundation for moral, proper living within society? IE: no killing, stealing, raping, etc?

posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 01:40 AM
The problem with trying to pinpoint the modern decendants of ancient biblical people's is that the Middle East was just as volatile in antiquity as it is today. Milenia of wars and other social upheavals have led to tribes uniting, dividing, scattering, and reforming into entirely new tribes and nations. In short, the people's of the Levant are like a deck of cards in a casino- always being shuffled.

The Bible at best gives you a snapshot of what the constantly changing tribal make up was at just one brief epoch in time. In any given region in the levant, the people are a mixture of some or all of the Biblical tribes.

posted on Jan, 6 2008 @ 10:44 AM
I like your explanation there. A star from me.

I agree with you .. everyone is so mixed. This goes beyond the middle east as well. White Americans are a hopeless mix between various European tribes/nations etc. I know of 5 different countries in Europe where ancestors of mine have come from. I'm sure there are more, too.

However, DNA/Genetics are a funny animal. When breeding occurs between two different peoples, the better DNA tends to overwrite the DNA which is not as good, efficient, sufficient, or resilient to diseases. In addition, continued breeding over the generations with 1 type of people will effectively "breed out" any Genetics from the original person, who was mixed between 2 peoples for this example.

So if a person if half black and half white, and have a child with a white person, that child is 1/4 black. But, if that child has a child with a white person, that becomes 1/8 black. Then, if that child has a child with a white person, that becomes 1/16th black.

To be considered a "native american" , you must be at least 1/8th indian. So it seems the standard is, you must have at least 1/8th of an ethnicity to be considered "mixed". This means someone who is 1/16th black like in the example in the paragraph above, likely wouldn't even know it, unless their family knew and told the person. This is because by then, the "black genes" have been effectively bred out just about, to the point where the person in this example would appear completely like a white european, and have not the slightest trace of any african american features.

Interesting stuff huh. Alternatively, if the roles were reversed and the half and half person had a child with a black person, who had a child with a black person, etc etc, the child at 1/16th white would have no notable features to make them look the slightest bit mixed with anything. For all intents and purposes, you'd have a 100% black person.

[edit on 1/6/2008 by runetang]

There are two things that come from this:

1) Racists can claim that the non-white genes in a white person could be "bred out over time" thus promoting same race breeding and discouraging interracial breeding. They'd call it scientific fact. Theyd be kind of right too.

2) Societies where there are diverse populations of many different races and ethnicities would benefit. As more people birthed mixed offspring, and as more people birthed offspring from someone already mixed, over time the population would become "one race" in the sense of everyone being mixed to some extent and no one caring about skin color. If everyone is mixed, and being white or black or asian is a rarity, then racism will go right out teh window, and the peoples would all be varying degrees of tan skin to caramel skin, not pointy noses but not flat ones, varying sizes of lips, and a slightly wavy / curly type of hair of dark to light brown color. Essentially race would become no race, and identity would be on nation and religion alone, because ethnicity would be history.

According to our latest Scientific discoveries, this would make the strongest, best population of human beings in regards to resilience from disease, intelligence, ability, and other traits. It is known that breeding within the same pool of people for long periods of time creates genetic mutations and other inherited diseases. We also know that breeding with someone of a different "tribe" made the offspring better in all respects. This can be traced back to olden times in the Mid East where the custom was and still is to marry between tribes, not within tribes. This is to strength the genetics.

At the rate America is going, with the rest of the Western World trailing slightly behind, this will be the future of mankind. A raceless race of all races mixed together, indistinguishable over time and therefore all importance of racism is lost. Not only this, but it produces the fittest people genetically, most capable of survivng, most resilient to disease, and most intelligent. Also, less birth defects and malformaties. I see this as the real future of mankind, even though all the nationalists, racists, and right-wing extremists will go kicking and screaming.

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posted on Aug, 25 2009 @ 04:24 PM
12 Tribes of Israel

JESUS CHRIST is a black man from the Tribe of Judah


1) Judah: African-Americans (Blacks)
2) Benjamin: West Indies/Caribbean
3) Levi: Haitians
4) Ephraim: Puerto Ricans
5) Asher: Colombians/Uruguayans
6) Gad: North American Indians
7) Issachar: Mexicans
8) Simeon: Dominicans
9) Manasseh: Cubans (Formerly known as Dan)
10) Zebulon: Guatemala/Panama
11) Naphtali: Argentina/Chile
12) Reuben: Seminole Indians

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