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Bohemian Grove analysis

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posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 03:44 AM
Alex Jones has put out a bunch of documentary's, none of which I had ever watched until recently, even though i listen to his radio show when there is nothing good on C2C. After watching ENDGAME i started back-tracking through his other documentaries.

Tonight i watched the one where he infiltrates Bohemian Grove. I have to say that i really thought there was something to this place UNTIL i watched his documentary on it.

For those of you who have seen ENDGAME, you may recall the portion where alex jones stops that advisor (cant recall his name) who served under reagan, clinton, and bush and asks him to answer a few questions. and then he ambushes him on the Bohemian Grove stuff and the guy gets really mad and says that if Alex went in there he took an oath never to divulge what happens yada yada yada....
well that was part of the reason why i thought there was something to this place. i was suprised that a government official would get so pissed about some regular resort retreat if there was nothing to it.

well for those of you who have seen the documentary by alex jones on Bohemian Grove i have a few questions about it.

#1 supposedly on the date he infilratred it the world leaders were meeting for there big occult ritual. but he never showed ONE on camera. all the people were just regular old fat americans chilling at a camp ground. did anyone find that odd?

#2 the parking lot that was for the "elite" had regular cars in it. in fact there were even some beat up chevy's. if the arrogant elite were meeting here i think they would have been showing off their "pimped out" rides ya know?

#3 again if world leaders were all going to be meeting at this same place on this specific date how was he able to just walk in. all the people that he showed on camera had backpacks and were drinking at a pub in there and everything. what is to stop some nuts case from sniping all of the leaders out as there seems to be NO secret service and minimal security?

#4 the people that were sitting in the crowd werent wearing robes at all....they were just a bunch of regular campers.

#5 the ritual itself seemed like it was some kind of play being put on...or if anything possibly this is a convention for people that are wiccan or something just doing their regular thing. world leaders were around at all.

#6 alex jones shows a bulliten that he says the people hand out before the "ritual" and the cover says "cremation of care". ok seriously, if this is a secret why hand out a bulletin? what is to keep one from getting carried off by the wind or taken out and dropped somewhere for the world to see? and alex jones never shows us what is inside the bulletin....maybe it showed the cast of the play? and really, these are world leaders that supposedly come here every they dont know what is going to they really need a handout?

After seeing his documentary i have come to 2 conclusions:

either A: there is nothing going on and this is just a country club, where the ritual is really just a play of some sort.

or B this bohemian grove is a decoy for the real one. so the government official got mad a alex jones because he thought he snuck into the REAL one. otherwise, why be upset? there was absolutly nothing to the place that alex went into. and the footage alex shot was a play they put on that is kinda wierd to keep people distracted and intrigued by what goes on they dont go looking for the real one.

if anyone noticed these things or didnt but has an opinon and wishes to share it i would love to get some feedback on this.

Thanks a bunch!

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 03:51 AM
They let in regular people to watch the ceremonies and walk around the Grove sometimes. Still, these 'regulars' are often invited and Jones had to pull major strings to get himself in.

As far as the absence of powerful people on camera, they are on the other side of the lake during the ceremony. They also arrive in black cars and limos and none of this is through public entrances etc. These are the explanations I've heard.

Bohemian Grove has serious allegations from whistleblowers who claimed to be part of mind control and satanic rituals that were going on there. It involves sex-rooms with all kinds of sick and twisted activity from child rape to ... well, I won't be specific. Terrible, terrible stuff.

Lots of drugs, lots of sex, lots of powerful people going wild in the U.N.derground (confirmed). They are simply doing what satanists do best - not a big surprise to people who are onto the Illuminati. It's all about dissolving their morals "cremation of care" and doing whatever they want. This includes prostituting mind control victims and murdering them when/if they try to escape or fail to maintain their state as an 'altered' personality.

Boy... just touching on Bohemian Grove opens a whole can of worms. What we can conclude from the video is simple enough, mock human sacrifice to a demonic God that devours children. It's not just theater, it's a way of openly showing people 'we are satanists, we run the world, we rape and sacrifice your children, you cannot stop us.'

It's part of Illuminati religion to publicly hint or display ones intentions while doing it - kind of like giving yourself permission to murder mind control victims as long as people see you performing a mock sacrifice. That is the Illuminati logic. Alex Jones explains this very well, time and again.

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 03:56 AM

Originally posted by DigitalGrl
or B this bohemian grove is a decoy for the real one. so the government official got mad a alex jones because he thought he snuck into the REAL one.

By the way, this is exactly right. The whistleblowers claim that there are parts of the grove that normal people have no idea about. This is kind of obvious... you don't just rape little children and walk around with sex slaves out in the open. The public displays at Bohemian grove are for the Illuminati tactic of 'hinting' at what's really going on.

You can start to imagine why a politician who attends the real grove would be scared to death if somebody knew what they were up to. What goes on there is videotaped and used as a means to blackmail each and every member of the satanic societies. This is a technique used heavily in the Illuminati trade. Allow the satanists to run wild doing drugs, murdering people, raping etc. and put it all on tape. If they ever have a change of heart and try to go public with the goings-on, the video tapes are released and the person in question is made to look like a sick-freak all on his own.

This is the reality of what goes on in the highest places. It's assumed that any politician in high places has already been blackmailed in the same manner. What we don't know is exactly what each person was doing when they were videotaped : but we do see that they go into a state of panic whenever someone starts to reveal the truth.

*Wow. I'm actually listening to Alex Jones radio broadcast from and his guest is explaining perfectly what I just went through. The CIA and mind control dark government operations LOVE to blackmail people - it makes them reliable and easy to manipulate. It's also very easy to blackmail a person who molests children, has gay orgies etc. and is in a public office.

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posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 04:59 AM
i have ran through in my mind some of what you had said before.
and it allows some it to make sense.

however again, if this part of the bohemian grove that alex got into was actually the part where the world politicians were..again i say all those other people of em could have a gun or a bomb and then BOOM the president and all these other world leaders are dead.

so this leads me to conclude that what alex got into, didnt have any world leaders present at that time.

it was just a show, or a decoy. also....the pamphlet thing, why didnt he show the inside? too many wholes in the documentary for me to buy what it.

i do believe that elites meet in secret at a "bohemian grove" because there are pictures from the early 1900's that were released as im sure you know and that advisor was pretty pissed at alex and actually revealed alot while yelling at him.

i just dont think that alex infiltrated the right PART of the grove or maybe the wrong one. because the footage showed an atmospher that was too casual and seemed far from elite.

thats my take on it.
however i do believe what you said about the blackmailing, and that there is a real grove where these terrible things are done.


posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 10:38 AM
I used to live 4 miles from Bohemian (Boho Grove). It's over 2,000 acresbig. World leaders do indeed gather there, I've seen the rosters. Both Bush, Sr. and Jr., Nixon, Kissinger, Ronald Reagan and alot of others have been there and are members. This is where U.S policy is made, behind closed doors with no input from the public.
There is tons of sex and drugs, especially Extasy. One woman owns a motel right by the Grove and has prostitutes for hire.
There's lots more information, but I don't have time right now to post.

But Boho Grove is for real, lots of HUGE deals have gone down there.

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 10:48 AM

Originally posted by NewWorldOver
Lots of drugs, lots of sex, lots of powerful people going wild in the U.N.derground (confirmed).

Confirmed by who and how? You seem to be suggesting that this type of activity goes on in or under the UN as well as the grove, is this the right assumption?

Frankly, I dont believe in the illuminati. There may be a cabal of powerful people seeking to maintain their power, but to what extent, what they call themselves, and how they operate is still a mystery in my mind.

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posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 11:11 AM
I don't know about the UN, but I can confirm the sex, drugs, etc. at Boho; on many separate occasions, I've spoken to many guys who have worked there and they are firsthand eyewitnesses. I have met the woman who runs the motel where they have prostitutes and I've met and seen some of the prostitutes. All you have to do is go to the motel and you'll see the prostitutes there in the evening, hanging out, waiting for the big politicians, etc. to come for their services.

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 11:26 AM
reply to post by forestlady

I understood that from your previous post, and im not going to contest such things. I did however, want clarification as to the quoted posters comments on confirmed reports of such things going on at the UN (as they did use U.N.derground)

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 11:28 PM
reply to post by InSpiteOf

Read Cathy O'Brians account in her own words here:

Specifically scroll down to the 3rd section of this page:

and more same source:


posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 11:37 PM
Let's not forget option C.

C.) Bohemian Grove is widely reported to be "nefarious" by those in an attempt to divert interest by the "normals" and to recruit interest by peoples who already don't fit into "contemporary society" by cloaking their alledged activities in a "veil of secrecy" designed to appeal to that aforementioned fringe element.

Nothing like a taste of the "forbidden" to perk a few ears up in the right circles.

That being said, I hope I didn't just get booted off the list of "potential canidates" for the all out 2012 shindig.

(*sorry Grovers - but I've been a waiting' a long time here!

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