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Dog Heads

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posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 03:14 AM
I researched this and posted elsewhere and with the permission of the other place I am doubling it up here since over there the thread is quiet to the point of dustiness.

This is the thread in the other place:

There are two professional author / researchers seeking current sightings / experiences of the phenomenon of the dog-headed entities...

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 04:48 AM
Sounds like an urban myth to me. I dont quite see what it has to do with aliens. The link to werewolves is quite obvious too.

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 05:05 AM
Aliens... Well how sure are people about what aliens are and where they come from? As for Werewolves versus Dogheads... Similar but not the same I would suggest. Similar but not the same.

Magonia type ufologists would see Dogheads as another example of Operation Trojan Horse.

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 07:04 AM
I saw a dog-head floating in front of me once after waking from a nightmare. I've no idea what the dream was about but I awoke terrified and this fierce hounds' face was floating in front of my wardrobe. Kind of like when you look at a lightbulb and blink and it's imprinted on your vision for a few secs. Really freaky. I put every light on in the house and sat up for hours afterwards.

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 02:21 AM
"demonic" experiences involving devil dogs / hellhounds / shadow mastiffs etc. are surprisingly common... Weird.

As is the apparent link between such experiences and people also seeing zipping balls of light.

UFOs from Hell?

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 08:33 AM
Maybe it WAS a hellhound. When I woke up I discovered that I'd put my gas fire on full blast in the living room and had forgotten to turn it off before going to bed. It's probably a good job I had the nightmare. Maybe it was waiting for me?? SPOOKY!

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 10:12 AM
There might be a connection with reptilians. After all, it isnt really dificult to mistake a reptilians head with a dogs head, is it? Alltough they dont have external ears like most mammals.
They are said to have large teeth and look ferocious..
Just a tought though.

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 10:10 PM
The reptile link has been made before, as well as in cases where people report seeing the dog-headed kangaroo cryptid- dog head, lizard head, basically what is being reported is a fanged muzzle and forward looking side-set eyes, and a tongue. But then there are the clear sightings of creatures that really are dog-headed people. Which is so very odd. Aliens by definition but not the kind that fly around in convenient disk-shaped ships.

posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 04:11 PM
Doghead possibly coming from or going to an UFO?

Link to original summary article:
CNB Scene

Which slides around to the Beast of Bray Road...
Beast of Bray Road

And the Reptilian Flyer, Giant Eagle and Man-Bat of LaCrosse...
Man Bat

Strange sightings. The winged entities are some of the most amazing reports, just as reliable (or unreliable) as others but the creatures reported are startling.

posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 04:14 PM

I always thought anubis was representitive of the dog star Sirius

posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 05:02 PM
It's not exactly a sighting but in mythology Hecate kept company with a dog with three heads at the crossroads.

posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 05:13 PM

Perhaps these depictions aren't being seen for what they really are?


posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 08:48 PM
Anubis is one of the classier names for the entities but some are really ridiculous looking- literally like a big dog head (mastiff type usually) stuck on top of a human body. Frequently, the human body is wearing a black business suit or dinner suit! The other common outfit is more retro- black or dark robes "like a monk". Weird.

posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 08:59 PM
I wonder if they're poker players.

posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 09:03 PM
The link you provided me in that other thread presented them more in the light of something more ethereal than this.

like something that would "dematieralize" and was wispy in nature when not substantial.

Intereting concept, however. I always think of mythology being much, much more realistic than currently interpreted.

posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 09:50 PM
Comedian Bob Kelly has spoken about his experience in Iraq. He was riding with a Marine bodyguard when a creature with the "head of a wolf and the body of a man" walked in front of the HMMV. He was terrified and asked the Marine what it was and the, until then, stoic Marine looking just as shocked said 'I don't know.'

I don't know how truthful the story is but he takes a lot of crap for it so I would imagine he believes it to be true.

posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 11:20 PM
For me, having chased this thing, done the whole John Keel bit, I feel that several things at once are yet again getting lumped together.

Bigfoot: some contact is with an unknown animal, some with a misidentified known animal, some hoaxes, some paranormal - aliens, ghosts of prehistoric animals, timeslips, tulpa. Whatever.

Same with the Dogheads. If they didn't have dog ear... Just take off the pointy ears and see how much like Sasquatch and friends some encounters are.

Likewise the Hopkinsville Goblins- minus those inconvenient pointy ears and they could easily be shoehorned into the "Gray" category.

More goblin pictures

"As my eyes fell on the demon drawings in Plancy's Dictionaire infernal (1863), I was struck by their similarity to the famous 1955 Kelly-Hopkinsville UFO case. Imagine the demons as gray in color, and they would also fit the description of the ubiquitous grays in recent abductions."

"There are many in the UFO field (as well as various religious leaders) who believe that the creatures associated with UFOs are demons. The similarity of some demons to the grays of UFO reports are probably no coincidence."

Source: UFO Abductions Through The Ages, Dr. Gregory L. Little, 1994

posted on Feb, 9 2008 @ 03:20 AM
Can it be that some of you here are drifting into fantasy?

I admit that I havn't read up on the above posted links, but some of the post's here are deffo going into Fantasy books gender.

Will read the above links later, till then I'm open for all other info on this subject.

posted on Feb, 9 2008 @ 05:08 AM
I have obtained some interesting footage of the doghead phenomenon

posted on Feb, 9 2008 @ 01:57 PM
An interesting pic

Dogheads were more than mythological creatures, according to some ancient sources. One of them even became a Saint, as per

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