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An alien/religion question

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posted on Jan, 1 2008 @ 03:32 AM
Don't know quite which thread to post this question in, so please move if required.

This is a question to religious followers of any belief really, If we were to discover or be discovered by an alien civilisation who just happened to have a completely different religous belief system to your own, not just another creator theory but radically different, say their God won the universe in a Godly poker game, and they had a 2000yr old book written by a guy who was there, kind of different, would they be considered heathens needing to be converted, or would their beliefs be tolerated as incorrect.

Now consider the same aliens but they are considerably more advanced than us , they have scoured the known universe and can prove that there is no God or no evidence of creation, how would they be recieved by the religous world or even yourself. acceptance? disbelief? or hostility?

Would this scenario be considered "a test of faith" and just make your own religous beliefs and faith stronger?

I am asking as a atheist, who admires someones ability to stick to a belief system in the face of adversity.


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