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CASTING CALL For ATS MIX Political Commentators NOW

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posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 11:04 PM
Well, The Amigos and I have retooled our original concept for the promotion of our sister site, AbovePolitics.Com. We are now going to approach it from the standpoint of having up to THREE Political Commentators who will participate in a weekly segment on the ATS MIX Show with Johnny and myself. Although we have yet to fine tune it, we probably will adjust here and there until we get what we are looking for. Keeping in mind that whoever is chosen will be with the team as we move up to bigger and better things.... this could very easily be an opportunity of a lifetime for a few folks with the possibility of future potential income.


Here are the BASICS subject to modifications as needed:

1. You MUST be a registered member of AboveTopSecret.Com (Any Country).

2. You MUST be an active contributor on the AbovePolitics.Com Board and Threads and/or political threads on AboveTopSecret.Com.

3. You MUST have good verbal and written communication skills and be able to discuss your segment topics LIVE with Johnny and myself.

4. You MUST be able to contribute on a weekly basis without fail.

5. You MUST have a good sense of humor.

How to throw your HAT in the ring, subject to modifications as needed:

E-Mail Me (Dave), NO U2U’s, at the following:

1. Shortcuts to 10 THREADS that you started or were a significant contributor in AbovePolitics.Com and/or AboveTopSecret.Com.

2. A ONE PAGE MAXIMUM letter telling me WHY you would be a great choice as an ATS MIX Political Commentator.

Be sure to indicate in your E-Mail your ATS MEMBER NAME and give me a CONFIDENTIAL PHONE NUMBER and best time to call you if you get to STAGE TWO.

We want a SAMPLE of your reporting style.

All you need to do, is simply pick a thread subject that is current now in the United States that is on AbovePolitics.Com, write copy that is factual but has a bit of personality and humor to it, time it for 2 minutes or less..... then call our toll free ATS MIX Hot Line at


Keep in mind that you are reading as if you were doing a LIVE SEGMENT. When you call, be sure that you start out by telling us that it is for the Political Commentator Selection and BE SURE to give us your ATS MEMBER NAME and your CONFIDENTIAL PHONE NUMBER & TIME TO BEST REACH YOU.


The Amigos and I will select the top candidates from stage one and will then contact each of you by phone for another conversation via conference. Once this process is done, we will announce the winner(s), and you will start to work getting prepared for the following week’s show.

As I said, this is very much a work in progress and we may modify it from time to time so check back here often to see if there is anything that has been changed or added.. We hope to make a decision and have you ON AIR no later than the week of January 21. 2008. We don’t have time to waste, so if you want to be considered, be need your submissions no later than January 10, 2008 for STAGE ONE

Good luck to all. Just remember this...... February 2006 I was running my company, bored to death and hated every day. I sold my company, got back into podcast/radio and love every second of every day and can’t wait to see what happens next. I would love to have you along for the ride regardless of where it takes us.

Further Questions? Post them here and I or an Amigo will respond ASAP for everyone’s benefit.


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posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 03:55 PM
Why does it have to be a thread subject that is current in the US. There is a great deal more to ATS and the rest of the world that political affairs in the US.

ATS is a global website and there is a very strong UK politics forum.

That said, a great idea and delighted to hear that Above Politics is getting serious attention

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 12:26 AM
SO is working on a GLOBAL MASTHEAD. We would have to post it in EVERY COUNTRY to do it properly..... ideally, I would like to have a UK, USA and CANADA representative on the team. But, if we don't have one from the UK and CANADA.... no one is going to really hear the political scenes there. That said, the USA because of the upcoming Presidential Elections.


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