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Satanic and Mind Control Manipulation in the 'Rock' Music Industry

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posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 01:22 AM
What about good old Led Zeppelin and the Stairway To Heaven(or is it Stairway To Hell) ahahahahha!!!!
Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven reversed

I don't think its the Illuminati but more profit!!
make the artist more than what they are to sell more albums
ad a little controversy!!
because hype goes a long!!!

I mean think about who's sold more albums the artist with more controversy
or the one who has no controversy!!

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 01:41 AM
Kleverone, I can't say much. I am a huge fan of Bob Marley for his music but I also understand him deeply through his philosophy. I love the man for his soul, rest in peace : but he was also a womanizer. He wasn't perfect. I believe Morrison is in the same boat. People shrug their shoulders and say he had a drug problem, that's why he was the way he was. I think he had a philosophy and spiritual consciousness that was only peeking out in the music, and that all his fans, all the people who loved him, only caught a glimpse of this. To this day everything about Morrison could be a lie and nobody would know but the man himself. That's the nature of the occult, and I believe that's the nature that Morrison is most famous for. There are secrets in his past that he only hinted at - but they were big. Have you ever wondered what his life was really life as a kid growing up with his father on a military base? Do you think he would have told anyone if he had been conditioned or abused in that part of his life? Or would he have stuck to his conviction that the thing that made him different was an indian shamans spirit possessing him? I don't know... it's all conjecture to me. The man wasn't an alcoholic because it was fun.

Stormdancer, that's very deep. You have alot of resolve to stand your ground while your son was expirementing with that stuff. I know the things that crowley demands of his followers and they are nothing short of terrifying. Let's just say that raping and murdering little children in order to absorb their soul is not for the faint of heart, and to actually listen to a person who condones such actions is nothing short of toying with the demonic. Unfortunately, millions of people follow his instructions behind closed doors and out of the public eye. Many of these people are powerful, famous, rich etc. But to know that your own son was studying crowley would be enough to seriously freak out most parents. I know he never went 'that far' or else he wouldn't be the person you claim he is today.

Regardless, I have also had many friends who were into the satanic, the heavy, the dark, they loved heavy metal and played it with me in the basement etc. They didn't become philosophical or deep thinkers and they haven't done anything good for anyone else in their life. *shrug* I still believe that people are unwittingly contaminated by the things they obsess with. I hope your son has moved onto brighter pastures and that Marilyn Manson didn't seriously get into his head (M.M. is a intelligent person but a full blown satanist who knowingly manipulates the angsty teenage mind. I studied his obsession with Nietzsche while I was in high school and was greatly tempted into following the path of personal power.)

Boy I'm tired and rambling, I feel like I've posted a bit too much in my own thread so I'm going to take hiatus and just let people progress the topic.

Thanks for all the input.

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 03:02 AM
Real quick, I just want to apologize to anybody if I seem to have attacked music in any way.

Music is one of the single most important achievements for the human soul. It is a conduit for us to reach higher planes of existence and , if directed, lower planes.

These higher planes exist, and many musicians are pushing the consciousness in the right direction. They should not be ignored, nor should they be overshadowed by the materialistic, lusty, violent lot who are in their shadow attempting to feed off the music industry. We need to embrace the shamans and feel the message they are sending us, because they CAN help us raise our consciousness.


posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 03:24 AM
om god i better get my beatles albums out and burn them

Im a metal fan, right now im listening to Dark Tranquillity before that it was Amon Amarth, ive listened to metal for years and after listening to it i feel really good about things.

I wish religon would just stay out of things, you say metal is demonic and harmful well i say that the church and all religons are the root and cause of all things evil.

Australias internet is doomed as the gov is bringing in the porn filter which will slow the internet and make it even more priceie, this is from pressure from the church groups.

Back on topic, metal is no more evil then say my 2 year old daughter.
Sure some bands are satanic but they dont wage war and commit genocide, just leave people to listen to metal in peace..

oh and by the way, rappers shouting about ho's, shooting, drugs is not anyway bad for kids way of life?

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 05:50 AM
It's funny that all those Satan worshipping Illuminati rock/metal musicians never appear in the criminal section of newspapers. Has Bruce Dickinson ever killed anyone? Did John Petrucci participate in a gang rape and murder of children?

I can name a few catholic priests who did that, by the way

Bad people are everywhere. Britney Spears may be a huge Satan fan and Rihanna the Great Master Illuminati, or whatever.

The fact that metal bands sometime refer to occult or satan is... usually for fun. It's their image. For example - Cannibal Corpse. They're songs are... scary. Their cover artwork is brutal, bloody. What do the musicians say about their music? It's just a horror show. They're not satanists!
(Pop stars usually have an image of a, to say this gently, prostitute

Sometimes, some kid will murder someone. Suddenly, police finds Iron Maiden cd's in the boys room - and there are people who scream "OMG! It was Eddie who told the boy to kill!". Now, it's more popular to say "OMG! He played Counterstrike! That's what made him do it!". It's kind of funny no one will ever say it was the Stephen King's novel he just read.
Sure, there are personalities that are vulerable, that cannot distinguish what's real and what's not and can become killers after listening to Megadeth. But if we'd go back in time and give them a romance book, he may also become a killer just because he's weak psychologically.

Sorry if I'm writing a bit broken English here, but it's not my native language

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 06:19 AM
reply to post by NewWorldOver

I get what you're saying. It's not that the music itself is 'evil'; it's that the popularity of rock attracted the attention of MKULTRA, or the Satanists, or both, and they twisted it to influence the masses. In this theory, neither the 'bad guys', whomever they are, nor rock music need to be imbued with any kind of 'mystical powers'. They just need to do the job: influence one person enough through mind- control, which takes many forms, and cut them loose to sway others, preferably lots of others.

While I think it could work, in theory, I just can't bring myself to believe it's true. This whole concept may seem far-out to people, I'm still aghast myself, and not actually convinced, but it seems more likely the more I look into the facts.

This is from your illuminati-news link:

In the 80's Dylan also, after had become a Christian, was closely related to Billy Graham, who is a programmer as well as a 33rd degree Freemason

The reference to Billy Graham got my attention, since I recalled that he has some connection to President Bush. After a cursory glance at wiki (not the best reference, of course, but nice for an initial overview), I found that Graham has been "close" to every American president since Harry Truman, with one notable exception. JFK. Not that this little piece of information, which, after all, came from wikipedia, can prove your case, but it does add some weight to the general idea.

More research is needed, especially in an interdisciplinary sense. For example, don't just think about rock stars, look at the bigger picture. If Graham really is connected to "Deal with the Devil" Dylan, does that mean that the Christian evangelicals have also been used, the same way well-meaning rock fans have been? How does this theory connect to the school shootings?

It looks like the same basic formula (early trauma, drugs, sex, ideology) could be repeated in any setting, in order to create two different results: 1) a self- destructive, messenger-type, or 2) a a quiet, but outwardly destructive- type.

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 07:18 AM

Originally posted by Kronik98
I'm afraid I must disagree personally because, well, I don't believe in Demons or Satan therefore I cannot believe that rock music or musicians are Satan's little puppets.

I have a feeling the "occult" theme in music is there to sell records. Rock, Hard rock" or Grind core" or whatever they call it now. The harder it's name the harder it sounds! (I mean in terms of name and actual sound combine usually)

That said, people will make up all kinds of stories to sell records or sound tougher or harder than other bands or acts. This will no doubt appeal to certain people as will the complete opposite.

This video is taking it a bit far, I can't relate to any of it and I play the blues. I know the story of Robert Johnson as so many people do, alot of his guitar skills came about by working at it - you don't get good at anything by doing nothing or just hoping.

It might be time for people to lighten up regarding music. It comes from the artists and some people are better than it than others and some people have a more messed up imagination and ability to spin BS where people will believe it.

The "rock and roll" lifestyle is all BS to sell music to the people it will appeal to on any level. The same BS applies to people trying to make a buck from "music is evil" DVD's. Someone out there will buy it and you can read into it anyway you want, enjoy it or turn it off..

That's my 2 cents.

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 10:45 AM
I find this all very amusing. 20 years ago I defended Rock music to the ends of the earth as people atacked it. I was a Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Ozzy and a multitude of other "Devil" bands fan. Music is something we are all very passionate about. We get very personal when someone attacks our favourite artist.
The point I believe of the whole subject here IMHO is that the music is a tool. Music can make you cry, smile, focus, and so on. Something that powerful can be used to manipulate people. I do believe that Satan has used music to his advantage. I also believe that you can go to just about any Church on a Sunday and they are doing the same thing.
I no longer bother to defend what is blatantly being used to persuade me or my children to do whatever they want to do. I grew older and I realize that I was manipulated myself to rebel against my Parents and authority. Now I have to use this knowledge to let my children know this. I will not force them to stop listening, but I will definitley let them know what I have learned.
Starred and flagged for bringing this subject here.

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 07:39 PM
Dude its time to watch Spinal Tap. Always puts it in perspective for me

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 07:50 PM
i am a rap fan, but i have come to the rock rescue. at the end of the day all music is from that particular artist and artist are out to make money.

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 02:19 PM
No one ever became evil because of what one sees or hears. It is from within. A person predisposed to evil will look for things that affirm how they feel and think. A good soul listening to bad music remains good. A good soul will find some goodness in almost anything. While those who love the negative will look for it and respond to it and perhaps use it as the excuse to engage in evil. It is the self that is suspect not the music. Even if Elvis loved the devil, listening to Elvis doesn't make you do the same. Loving Elvis doesn't make you love the devil. In fact, a rabid Elvis fan who was a good soul, would probably want to help Elvis break free if they ever got the chance. And what is heavy metal? Is Frank Zappa heavy metal? Some people think so. Others just see him as blues-rock or avante garde or comedy music. How do the labels even serve to tell us what a style of music is or isn't? Are the Eagles rock or country? Is Chicago jazz or rock? Is Jimi Hendrix metal, hard, blues, or psychedelic? Was The Who metal or merely hard rock? They did have some "soft" songs and "soft" sections in their music (ex: Behind Blue Eyes). INdividuals might claim devil worship as any percentage of policeman and store clerks could be devil worshipers. Others pretend to be such because it is just their act. Just as professional wrestlers have good and evil fighters. Perhaps it is mostly an act. Others get a reputation for being bad by a handful of songs (or even one song) that has dark or suspect lyrics or an album cover. Album cover art is usually not designed by the musicians. Someone else does that part, except in rare cases. People who make very mild music, may personally be not very good. It is always up to the individual to accept or reject whatever is put before them in music, film, written word, spoken word, and actual deed. Therefore there is really no good or bad music other than did the musicians play and sing well or did they screw it up or "suck" if you will. It is all up to what you like or dislike, what you accept or reject. One cannot make any real accurate judgement about the artists personal life based only on how they look, or a 5 minute song. Some songs are co-written by many others. When this happens they all may conspire to add a bit of their own craziness to the lyrics causing the song to seem insane or evil. Frank Zappa looked like an insane, drug addicted freak. But he made fun of those around him who engaged in such activity which he personally avoided. He was serious and conservative. But a telling comment that he was known to make was to keep your children as far away as possible from churches. This coming from someone who was heavily involved with the rock and roll scene if not the rock and roll industry. Trying to determine if music is good or evil goes way back. Even before jazz. Bach was the first person that the Church finally accepted who used diminished chords in his music. (Note intervals or spacing of Minor thirds on top of minor thirds.) Before Bach, diminished chords were illegal in music to be played in Churches. Before that the minor 7th interval was considered a no-no. There was a divide between Sacred music (music accepted by the Church for its use) and Secular music (music of the people-folk music-which sometimes contained lyrics alluding to sex or drinking.). They in their days, tried to exercise the same control over their listeners with the same old argument that Sacred music is uplifting. But what if the Church experience taken as a whole brought you down and was negative?

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 02:40 PM
i still to this day have not met a satan worshipper. Every stanist I ever met was more of an atheist than anything else. As far as music being evil, it's way too dumbed down and commercial to be evil these days.

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by HarlemHottie

Bill Graham and Billy Graham are 2 different people. One was in the music industry, and the other was an evangelist. You're confusing the 2.

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 03:30 PM
1st point,

i think the reason that they partly associate the devil with rock/metal music (and im a fan of a variety from Iron Maiden, Guns n Roses and even a bit of sepultura) anyway, i think theres a verse in possibly revelations that says you should beware of the music that sounds like running horses and of men with hair like women. (i think that sounds right, heard it years ago)

2nd point,

could the poster who mentioned tri tones to make the creepiest sound ever please show me the tablature version of that coz id like to give it a go but can only play tab thanks

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 03:40 PM

Originally posted by checkers
The majority of music these days deals with subject matter such as lust, materialism, spirituality, violence, murder, and Satanism. Only deaf people could say that the majority of modern music doesn’t glorify these things.

In fact, there is one specific genre of music where this exaggerated to truly satanic proportions. This is "gangsta rap". The cult of drugs, murder, lust and muscle cars.

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 03:41 PM
reply to post by phair

I disagree with you on this. People are easily brain washed. Some easier than others. Just like when you were a kid, if you hung around kids who got into trouble all the time, eventually you too get into trouble. You basically become what you surround yourself in.

Music can easily be used to influence you through your emotions. Look at Marilyn Manson for instance. He admits his motives openly and they work. Heck I even like a couple of his songs, but he is using his music as a tool for a higher purpose.

Try watching a sad movie sometime and notice the violins playing the sad tune. It has been directly tied to your emotions. Now add suggestive lyrics and viola, you have the perfect mixture for influencing your emotions and actions.

I am not saying rock music makes you a degenerate, if it did I would be a huge one. I still love rock music, even some of the new stuff kids like these days. I just do not let it obsess me as it did when I was young, and more easily provoked into feeling the way they tried to make me feel. I do believe though that I would be lying to myself now if I didn't admit that higher powers are not invloved in the making of some of the music that we listen to. As I said earlier, go to almost any church on a Sunday and see how they use their music to create a mood to influence you to be saved, or donate more money.

Basically look at it as an advertisement for a life style. It works just like a burger or soft drink commercial. It makes it look almost irresistable and you want it.
So Rock on people, just keep in mind what is being said here. You don't have to even believe it, just think about it and maybe it will become clear to you too.

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 03:42 PM
Good Lord, I have been hearing this for 30 years .... LOL
I remember as a teenager in the 70's there were people
claiming that playing a record backwards gave the song a new
meaning. The Eagle's hotel california was one of them that got
blasted back in the day cuz it talked about the beast in forward
AND reverse. There were even VHS/Beta tapes circulating back in the
80's of preachers showing and playing records backwards to
show hidden meanings. The problem is I never listened to them
backwards when I hear it on the radio or on my turn table ..... LOL
The only ones I knew of listening to it like that were those preachers ....

This isn't new by any means, but a good reminder for those of
us old enough to remember the heyday back when it came out.

As far as the industry today. I'm sure that anybody with a brain
could find what ever they wanted to find if they looked hard
enough. Hmmm, I just noticed an outline of a dog head in
tile design of my bathroom vinyl flooring. Doesn't mean that
dogs had anything to do with making it like that .....

a good read none the less .....

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 03:51 PM
Interesting, and ridiculous all at the same time. Music is creation, music is an artist creating what they are feeling, if they feel pain it will come through if they feel love that will dominate their creation. People that constantly look for underlying meanings in music are robbing themselves of something great. Instead of listening to creation and letting it move their souls, they are constantly searching for answers. Metal to classical is no different then any art work you see in a museum, it is expression.

With the creation of rock music, as control was lost, people were pushed towards free thought. In a christian nation what is more powerful then to tell people this is the work of the devil? It is a grab for declining power from religion and government. We are so quick to blame something else for problems that happen. A troubled youth dabbles in drugs, school work suffers, etc etc, all the while his/her parents turn a blind eye as this goes on. Or parents dont step up and pay attention to what their child is doing, there is a differnce between letting them be individuals and allowing them to walk on the road of physical harm. Kids go and shoot up a school, they have been listening to heavy metal, obviously that is what drove them to it. It is just a damn scape goat for failing family values, if your kid is in his or her room making a bomb or planning to shoot up their school you should damn well know about it. For the ones that say, I had no idea he was feeling that way, you need to open your eyes if you dont know when something is wrong with your child, you dont pay attention to your child. It is the fault of crappy parents when a kid does something wrong, it isnt the devils work in music.

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by jammybunn

Just play a regular power chord, but lower the 5th by a half step(i.e. 1 fret)

here's a graphic example

Tritone Regular power chord
-------x---------- ----------x------
------x----------- vs. --------x--------

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 04:59 PM
Oh, brother. Everyone holds Elvis in such high regard, compared to heavy metal artists, but Elvis was the first that I ever knew of to die from drug overdose. Elvis had incredible talent, but like the others, he died too. Just my $0.02 there

But to say heavy metal bands are satanic straight away, gives me the impression that the poster has a religious agenda and bias, which I find extremely offending and quite likely unfounded. This sounds like sombody's mommy who found her kid's heavy metal records and freaked out about it/them.

I'm not in favor of a world where religious music is the only thing ever heard. That's a miserable existence.

Parents tend to freak out, because they really don't understand that heavy metal, punk, rap, a way of rebelling against authority without actually doing so. Would parents rather have a grand-scale war with the younger generation ? A battle they'll surely lose ?

At least for me, heavy metal kept me from suicide, as I grew up rather hard and without much parental guidance. I owe Judas Priest my highest degree of respect because of one of their tunes. I respect Ozzy for his "Suicide Solution", which by no means promotes suicide, but rather tries to make the point that it is NOT the best way to handle the stresses of adolescence. I RESPECT Marilyn Manson. He and I grew up in "christian schools", and yet saw hypocrisy run amok all around us. Most of the "grownups", however, only hear the overdriven guitar sound, or see the garish stage show and freak out at the first opportunity, and never want to hear the message. Typical.

Back in the late 80's, we kids (I'm 42 now) got PMRC shoved in our faces, and were told that this organization was going to put warning stickers on albums, so that parents wouldn't have to sit and listen to it with their kids, and make nothing more than a snap Y/N decision; warning label=bad, no warning label=good. This was nothing more than organized, fascist discriminatory censorship. I'm forever glad that Dee Snider, Frank Zappa, and Blackie Lawless were there to confront the whacko idiots who were trying to front that nonsense. GROW UP YOU EMBECILE PARENTS !!!

Satanism ? HA! That's any religious nut's way of not wanting to deal with the issues at hand, by just putting everything off on an invisible entity they think is real. All they have to show for their efforts is a book. A book given to them in the English language by two gay guys...the name of one is right there on the nice soft-leather cover. But we won't go there in this thread.

I'm mature and hip enough, I think, to be able to work with my kids on issues of music. I don't need, nor want, a group telling me what is bad...that's for me to determine. And if, after all that, there be Satan rearing his ugly red head, so be it. I'll deal with that.

Remember everyone, "if you listen to fools, the mob rules" !!

Mommy's allright, Daddy's allright, they just seem a little weird....


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