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A really strange phone call

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posted on Jul, 6 2002 @ 04:08 AM
One Sac, dude, can't really tell much from it, like you said.
There was what seemed a VERY high pitched sound, after the guy said 'John...', and from the jest of it, it didn't sound like cordless reception breaking up or anything like that.
So if you can, see if the quality can be a tad (notice the 'tad' in bold) better.

Good stuff Sir One Sac.

posted on Jul, 6 2002 @ 08:13 AM
Holy Sh*t dude! That is really weird what happened. Must be someone trying to mess with you. You should try and be careful. There's nothing wrong with being a "little" paranoid about this.

posted on Jul, 6 2002 @ 02:25 PM
i feel a better quality recording is needed. its difficult to tell whats being said. but whatever you do don't keep this info to yourselves and be extra careful about any future expeditions. might sound paranoid but keep an eye out for any suspicious vehicles in your area aswell.

i'd guess that if the 'them' that were monitoring mm's call to wil are the same 'them' that called mm a second later then they have all your numbers logged and are monitoring from the call center or are sitting outside in a van monitoring all your lines.

i hope for your sake someone is just trying to # with your heads. but i dont know why anybody with this kind of information and resources would want to do that.

thanks for posting anyways, keep us updated.

posted on Jul, 6 2002 @ 10:32 PM
trust your hunch on this one.. think about it though.. if this is something to be concerned about, then this site is being, whatever we do or say, they know...if....but, just don't let it go like it's no big deal...

posted on Jul, 7 2002 @ 12:17 PM
As I have told William, over these last few days I have noticed that at around midnight a tan or gray Bronco truck has been coming and sitting across the street from my house. The windows are tinted so I really can't see in the truck. The truck just sits there for about 20-30 minutes and no one has ever come out of the car so I don't know if its just a neighbour on the block or a government official. What are your guys thoughts on this?

posted on Jul, 7 2002 @ 12:22 PM
walk up and look in
no laws agains being a nosy bastard is there?

If anyone says something to you just say you were thinking of getting one yourself and wanted to check it out.

Beats the hell out of sitting there stressin about it

posted on Jul, 7 2002 @ 12:26 PM
Yeah your right Kano, I went out and bought film today too, so if it comes back I will be sure to get a few pics of it

posted on Jul, 7 2002 @ 12:45 PM
Around midnight get in your car and steal
his parking space, then sit there and wait for him.
He will either keep driving, which is a BAD
Or he will park somewhere else and go into one of your neighbours houses which
is a very GOOD sighn.

posted on Jul, 7 2002 @ 01:42 PM
Wow..s t r a n g e

alright midnight, here's what i would do about the van, try to play with them. IDK the situation really but here's what i would do..

sneek out of the back of your house, NOT letting the truck see you. Take a long turn and come around the back of the truck, of course they'll see you but see what they do about it. If you can, make sure somebody is watching all this from a distance, so if you're hurt in anyway they can call the cops or whatever. If they pull away, they were most likely watching you.
well that's what i would do anyway..

But why would they send a truck like that? Seems like they're making it obvious..and this is all saying that it is somebody watching you..but if it is the government or "them", whoever "they" are, wouldn't "they" do it a little more discretely??

And what do you guys have that "they" would want?? Why are they following you or tracing or whatever (if they are). Have you found some info? Do they think you've found some info?? do u even know what the info could be?? well whatever..and good luck you guys..

posted on Jul, 7 2002 @ 04:05 PM
Thanks for the advice everyone, I will be sure to use it on my next sighting. Willie and I honestly don't know why (if) we are being watched by the government. Our closest guess may be with something that has to do with our Camp Hero expeditions and our reports. They could just be monitoring use for whatever reason or maybe we caught (picture) something that we weren't supposed to...That's even if the government is watching usWe just don't know...

posted on Jul, 7 2002 @ 04:15 PM
Its the white vans you ahve to watch for ... although that doesn't discount your bronco, mybe they have a new supplier ...

posted on Jul, 7 2002 @ 08:22 PM
well chicken what's less suspicious than a big ass bronco? im just thinkin...why would they make it so obvious and why would they be waiting oiutside your house??? if the lines are tapped, why stay outside and wait?? what are they waiting or looking for?

posted on Jul, 7 2002 @ 10:08 PM
Well thanks to KANO. Without his patience and tutoring I would have never been able to do it!
I have managed to make almost perfectly clear recordings on my computer, and have uploaded them to my site. I have created two pages, one for each recording, in the interest of having the page finish loading faster. Again, each file is in wav format, and is about half a meg each.

posted on Jul, 7 2002 @ 10:15 PM
the first message sounds like when a modem connects to another modem...that's what I would interpret that metallic scream to be..

posted on Jul, 7 2002 @ 10:33 PM
The sound is much more intense. Having worked in telephone switching systems, for 9 years, ending about 8 years ago, it sounds very much like a digital T1 at near maximum bandwidth capacity.

It's still hard to tell since the T1 "sound" would exceed the wave file's ability, even at a decent quality 22kHz/8bit depth.

Does anyone have software to decipher the DTMF of the dialed number? (Send it to William One Sac via U2U, please don't post it in the forum)

The poster formerly known as the "Supreme Skeptic Overlord" would not kid you about this one.

posted on Jul, 9 2002 @ 06:08 PM
Mutilator what happened?? Did the truck come back? this big "bottom" bronco??! lol sorry about the swearing whoever changed that..

but hurry up and get back to us mm! i'm a very impatient person u know..

posted on Jul, 9 2002 @ 06:37 PM
Ok guys I have a new status report and it is unbelievable!!! last night at approximately 12:10am I witnessed a black SUV parked not across the street from my house but down the block on the corner!! I ran into my backyard and went around to the front of my house and from there I could see that the windows where tinted. Out of curiosity and the past events I started to run towards the SUV when it took off!!!

posted on Jul, 9 2002 @ 06:41 PM
now although this is sounding incredibly cool it also sounds too good to be true, do we have any photos?

i'm guessing you scared them off if it was really anything to be worried about.

anyway, keep us posted.

posted on Jul, 9 2002 @ 08:18 PM
sounds like the mothman prophecies... if you watched the movie...

posted on Jul, 10 2002 @ 12:18 AM
I can't help it if you guys don't believe me, as William has told me several times, I need a digital camera!!!!! I have no film for my regular one. There's nothing I can do to make you guys believe, you have to choose that decision. I will get film whenever I get the chance and until then if I have any more sightings I'll get the license plate number. I know what I saw, but it doesn't exactly mean its a government vehicle, it could have been one of my neighbours in the neighbourhood, I don't know...I am not lying though!!!!

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