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Help me try and put things into some form of perspective.

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posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 12:38 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm another newbie to the forum despite being a visitor for quite a while. I'll start by introducing myself. I'm Paul, a 25 year old computer programmer from England and for years I've been interested in conspiracy theories, UFOs etc. Now, I've NEVER had an experience with UFOs, ghosts or any other supernatural phenomenon. I am open-minded and my lack of experience of anything related hasn't made me over skeptical but I'm far from easily swayed or gullible - I like to think of myself as a very "in the middle" sort of person.

My objective here is to gain a better insight into this feeling I have had for the past few years that something very significant is going to happen. These could be the mad rantings of an over active imagination but I like countless other people have noticed the patterns emerging in the economy, news, media, seasons etc and it seems to go like this:

1. The media are really playing up this "terrorism" theme in order to encourage people to hand over their civil rights in return for protection from the many faces of the boogeyman - whether he wear a turban one week or something different the next.

2. The laws have changed dramatically allowing people to deny ALL responsibility for their own actions - child copies something in a movie its no longer a case of "you stupid little idiot, do that you're going to get hurt now you've learnt your lesson and won't do it again!" it's now "oh dear, oh well think of what we can buy you with the settlement after we sue the makers for negligence of not considering easily impressionable youths".

3. Massive political unrest - someone influential gets anywhere near being able to act on it they're pushed away using force or being undermined from an exaggerated past.

4. Debt & the economy - everyone is forced to take up debt due to inflation rising way above income. This means debt is secured on posession such as homes which means they no longer belong to the people anymore but to the state and can no longer be passed on through inheritance - even if you're lucky enough to still own something to pass on think of the inheritance tax your offspring will be faced with....

I'm no expert on this NWO theory but it is very interesting and it would be good to hear other people's experiences with everything. The world is moving in a very bad direction and it seems more and more inept, incapable and moronic figureheads are being elected into positions of power due to their "mouldability" of being good puppets and taking direction. This makes for a very good impression of "democracy" but there isn't really a difference between just #ting in your garden and asking permission first - as at the end of the day I'm going to take a dump in your garden anyway.

Cheers guys looking forward to getting to know ya!


Oh happy new year by the way!

posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 01:28 PM
I will list my viewpoints below, so that you may draw your own conclusions; I also invite and welcome any questions you might have.

1. Terrorism -- the war on and the fear of it -- arise from the same source: the illusion that someone else is responsible for one's state of being. 'Terrorists' today (*according to the media) are after 'your freedom,' which you must now hand over to your government for safekeeping.
Yet freedom is an inherent right; one every being is born with, and one that needn't be legislated. Like all rights, it will be violated -- but only because we've made it a legal issue that can be debated. Until that stops, the observed patterns will continue.

2. I agree. But that too is a result of the world we now live in. The predominant sentiment today is that 'children need to be protected.' New laws have to be made to keep up with public paranoia: this too won't change until the driving sentiment changes. Unfortunately, governments drive these too by using 'children' and 'the future' as part of their political scheming. Parents fall for it. They can't help it; sometimes, they genuinely believe they are making the world safer.

3. Our society is a system that largely favors exclusive groups. One has to be thorough about protecting one's interests in order to get anywhere. No one's having that 'change the world' business; the rectification this society needs will not come from a political revival, since politics (in its current form) is one thing that must change.

However, riddle me this: when people are upset with a government, why do they immediately depose it in favor of another one?

4. Debt comes with the concept of ownership. The sooner the world moves towards sharing resources, the sooner such crises will disappear. Clearly, nationalism has no place in the survival of one species.

I conclude with the following:
A "new world order" would be like any other government. By that I mean, it won't have any power unless people give it that power by paying attention to it. Same way with the world today: what is to stop 350 million people from disobeying a government of (maybe) 25 actual decision-makers? Nothing. It may be a matter of personal opinion, but the observed patterns today are nothing more than a progressive cumulation of misguided perspectives. It will continue to progress unless something is done -- in which case, it will progress differently.

As before, I look forward to further correspondence.


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