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The fall guy and bogyman in today's world

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posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 12:04 PM
Looking through many different posts on ATS I find that America and NWO are the root of all evil, and it only depends on which one fits the scenario the best as to which scapegoat is used as the generic bad guy.

Extreme Islam and all their evil actions were create/caused by America.
Americans, disguised as Spaniards, killed 10s of millions of Indians before it was even country. America caused the death of Buetto… America is willing to do whatever it takes to get what it wants. Pearl Harbor was planned out. Most major modern diseases were created by America i.e. HIV, Bird flu etc. for America’s self interest. All the woes of Africa are because America will not do anything and all the woes of the Middle East are because America is doing something. America is the cause for global warming, or global cooling…

It seems that America has become the official blame of all the world’s troubles and actions. If China killed 1000 Buddhist monks at some point it will be America’s fault.

My simple question; Is the world so influenced by America that all their actions are connected to America in some way, or does the majority of the world do whatever they want for their own objectives and really care little what America does or thinks?

I believe that America has little influence in the actions of the world and people tend to do what benefits them the most or fits best with their personal beliefs. There are areas such as the Middle East that America is influencing, but people still base their actions on self interests and beliefs without a second thought about America.

Secular fighting is good example of this in Iraq for America might have removed the chains that kept Iraqis under control, but for a person to then pick up an axe and kill their neighbor kind of leans in the direction their actions/thoughts have little to do with America influences.

America has become the convenient fall guy to blame all the world’s troubles on since we have this mythical worldwide influence. Does anyone here think that Russia and China are not pulling just as many strings as America?

It is no longer the devil made me do it, for now the world can say America made me do it so that those in the world who do and think evil can justify their self interest actions without getting any of the blood on themselves.

If America is the “in your face” bad guy then NWO is the bogyman under the bed.

Boy, where do we start with this? Is there anything bad going on that the NWO is not fully involved with? They did 9/11, they are doing nationwide Chemtrails to drug/poison us all, they are destroying the Constitution to create a prison state , they been at world domination for 3000 years, they changed the natural 432hz to 440hz as a standard (I guess just to piss us off), They are behind all the wars that have ever happened in the world, they are the keepers of alien knowledge and use it only for evil, they built global underground cities, the scene at the end of the first Indiana Jones movie of the massive warehouse with the endless rows of top secret artifacts…they own that… etc.

You all know I could continue to type pages more of this, but I bet you all get the point.


How easy is that to see? I think human physiologically needs a bogyman to blame bad events on and to scare us in the right (or perceived right) direction.

If there was a NWO and they were capable of just 10% as to what is written about them then the world is already a NWO state and we have lost a long time ago, but we just do not know it yet.

Why is a NWO state bad? To see the world borderless with everyone living a good life free of pain and suffering in a Star Trek utopia is a wonderful vision.

But we all know that every little spark from the Neurons of the NWO’s mind is geared towards the downfall of mankind in some way. There is no good hidden in the pure evil that we call the NWO.

Human kind has always had a bogyman to blame events on and to scare the population in “the proper” direction. Ancient man had many evil gods that over 1000s of years dwindled down to the Devil or a variant of the Devil as the “root of all evil”. Remember this age old quote for today in modern society where the Devil just doesn’t do it anymore we still need a bogyman, and looking at the NWO and everything it stands for is now OUR “root of all evil” in today’s society.

The bottom line here is that each evil action in the world can be pinpointed to a much smaller group of people or even one person without the need for an all encompassing global bad guy or bogyman.

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posted on Jan, 1 2008 @ 04:13 AM
Well put, You have some very strong points.

Ok the yanks had there fingers in some dirty pies b4 all this new war on terror crap started but they are to blame just as much as the jihadi's and the British who with the usa armed bin laden and his monkey army.
Who helped saddam get in power? yep u guessed it, us lot again... lol....
And where u say about russia and china, people forget that if the nwo is real then the russains, chinese, yanks and us brits are all to blame as we have the puppet masters arm up our ass so we are all worth scrutiny by the masses. I get the feeling that when the word NWO is mentioned people automaticly think of the usa .....

posted on Jan, 1 2008 @ 11:02 AM

Originally posted by muttondagger
Ok the yanks had there fingers in some dirty pies b4 all this new war on terror crap started but they are to blame just as much as the jihadi's and the British who with the usa armed bin laden and his monkey army.

I do agree we backed people in the past that later turned out to be against us. If you look at Saddam, he was about the only thing to prevent Iran back then from taking over the entire region without outside physical involvement. A lot of this is about the balance of power that continually shifts as we saw years later with Saddam wanting to do the same thing that Iran wanted to do before in the past.

Both Bin Laden and Saddam made their own choices in the path that they followed, so it is hard to pick who used who with the US and them, but both of these cases are perfect examples of how America’s influences have very little affect on the actions of the world.

It is damn if you do and damn if you don't. As example, Carter did not support the Shaw of Iran when the extremist Muslim Ayatollah Khomeini decided to forcefully take over the country. How would things be different if he did and would the situation be better or worse?

One thing to remember is every country pulls as many strings as they are capable of. Iran is pulling strings in a direction that logically they really do not need to go. As to the reason, I would say it was more of an internal thing for Iran doesn’t have any enemies that they don’t choose first.

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posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 12:59 PM

Originally posted by Xtrozero
The bottom line here is that each evil action in the world can be pinpointed to a much smaller group of people or even one person without the need for an all encompassing global bad guy or bogyman.

Excellent dissertation. The USA is used as a scapegoat because it is a liberal country (and I mean that in the good sense of the word, what little remains of it.) We have great freedom of speech, a lot of power to leverage against evil, and a highly refined (but flawed) justice system.

If there is any single country in the world that has the power to induce change, it is the USA. The other countries in the world pester and hound the USA because it is failing to live up to its potential as a force of good against evil. People look to the USA, see what we have done and still can do, and are disappointed.

According to Machiavelli, the main problem with being liberal is you end up exhausting the treasury by helping others, and those you helped will end up hating you for it. If you are conservative, they will still hate you, but at least you won’t be broke! (I don’t hold Machiavelli up to be some paragon of wisdom and morality, but I think this specific statement of his is 100% true. That is the nature of humans.)

posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 11:32 AM
Great post by the OP, very thought provoking, and I agree.

To bad this topic didn't see more traffic.

I don't get it, it is irrational to blame America for everything.

posted on May, 10 2008 @ 07:26 PM
Yes, It is irrational to blame America for everything.
i agree.

But I also believe whole heartedly that the N.W.O does indeed exist.

and it is rational to blame this Elite structure.

now if someone tries to say for example that the official 911
story is correct.. well then I just laugh.

and laugh
and laugh.

because its useless auguring with that.

or if someone says "oh those awful terrorist and bin ladin bla bla bla"

well...I laugh
and laugh
and laugh.

then someone says that evil iran is evil and they are so evil and there just evil

well.. I just laugh
and laugh
and laugh.

and then faux news and the whole msm and the associated press
say that hezbolla and the P.L.O are bla bla bla

and I just.....................................
yep you guessed it.
I laugh
and laugh
and laugh.

you right wingers sure know how to make the people the blame.
invent a fake problem, blame the people and TAX `EM
911 = trillion dollar cash grab and suspension of rights.

the whole game has become so transparent thats its just

I don`t know why I even bother anymore , but I just can`t help it when I see so many right wing tactics that just spew propaganda.

do you really think the people are buying any of this "OFFICIAL" BUNK ?

the Elite laugh at us every day... they laugh at you for supporting them.
they suck us dry and then reap the spoils.

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