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Bosnia Pyramids

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posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 04:52 AM
The First European Pyramid discovered in Bosnia

Semir Osmanagic, is Bosnian and was born 1960 in Zenica (a PhD. and a author: The Mystery of Anasazija, Alternative History, and Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun), began trial excavations in August 2005, and confirmed the existence of stone tiles across the site and evidence of a manmade structure. His discovery that the symmetrical sides of the hills were aligned to the points of the compass – north, south, east and west led him to undergo excavations into 2006. He believes could date back to the Ice Age. Further exploration in the region has indicated that up to five pyramids may have been built in this valley. Osmanagic's Foundation, Archaelogical Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, is to help carry on the work and establish its significance. Osmanagic has explorations in the Pacific, Africa and Middle Asia.

This first letter isn't trying to debunk the story yet it has ample meaning to beware of your undertaking in mind. Some further reading of the entire situation should clarify why this has little recourse to the work of the important discoveries. Also of importance are 40 large rock balls and large iron rings hanging from a wall, you should visit the Bosnian site for full details so to avoid the misconception issue.

ibid: Letters to Editor

Dear Editor,
As a fellow student of Atlantis, I have been interested in your work on this pyramid for about a year. I am pretty confident that you have found a Humongous Pyramid. The time-frame for Atlantis has always been in doubt. Herodotus reports that the Egyptians say Atlantis existed 9000 years ago… and then he reports, but only 1200 years before the Trojan war. At face value, I wouldn’t take the Egyptians word for a time-period.
Greek Mythology appears to begin after the Santorini flood, or 1628BC. The story of Myrina conquering the Atlanteans, would seem to be after this date.
Before this date, Egyptian hieroglyphs are found on Crete. The earliest story of Egyptian Contact with Greeks appears to be Sesotris, who apparently goes to Thrace around 1900BC.
Plato’s story contains the term “Tyrrhenian Sea”. Tyrrhenus fights Aeneas in Italy, after the Trojan War. The term did not exist before this. The Argonaut story, 50 years before the Trojan war uses a different term… “Trinaerian Sea”. It would appear that you have found a pyramid in exactly this area. This would seem to offer some hope to your theory.
The pyramids in Egypt seem to be carbon-dated to 2700-2500BC. The pyramids in the canaries date to exactly this time-period as well. As this is sort of in the middle, my first guess is these pyramids will date to this period of time. Who knows though. Maybe you did find something older. Maybe you did find the origin of the people who built the Egyptians and Canary Pyramids.

Good luck with the excavation.
Richard from Boca Raton, Fl


Dear Mr. Rose,
I've read your article "The Bosnia-Atlantis Connections" where you name our research Project "farce" and "claims that are completely unsupported with any kind of factual evidence".
Unlike you, I'd rather hear both sides and, if possible, visit the archaeological site before making such a brave statements.
I'll be more than happy to be your personal guide and give you a tour of the pyramid walls and underground tunnels so you can witness "factual evidence" and "artifacts" first hand.
Best regards,

Sam Semir Osmanagich M.Sc., B.Sc.Ecc., B.Sc. P.Sc.
Chairman, Board of Directors
Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation

part 1-2

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posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 05:18 AM
[Links of Bosnia Pyramid]

Coordinates of Bosnian Pyramid lat=43.9800731058, lon=18.1793241944


Stone Balls

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun [Excavation]

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun 3D Model

Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon [Excavation]

Tunnels [Excavation]

Vratnica Site [Excavation]

Bosnian Pyramid of the Love (There is no work going on at the moment)

Bosnia’s Valley of Pyramids Detailed Map layered

Satellite, aerial photographs and geographic maps show that Visocica hill has four sides like other existing pyramids around the world. All four sides are identical with the points of the compass, facing north, south, eastand west.

The pyramid plateau, which measures 27m x 420m, is paved with stone slabs.
These blocks have been cut by human hand, transported to the site, and then used to build the plateau of Visočica.

Each slab is about 10cm thick, on average.
Technology including satellite photography and thermal imaging is being used to develop a better understanding of the site’s hidden features.

The pyramid walls are built from the megalita breče stone. Blocks of different sizes are typically used to build pyramids. These stone blocks have been excavated some 150 m away from the apex of the pyramid. Further excavations are underway in the surrounding areas to map the blocks and underground tunnels.

Temple Of the Earth [Download: KMZ]
Bosnian Pyramid Of the Dragon [Download: KMZ]
Bosnian Pyramid Of the Moon [erronous Download]
Bosnian Pyramid Of Love [Download: KMZ]
Map Of Bosnia [Google Full Size Map]
See: Map of Visoko Valley

Support: Google Earth software (Windows & Apple) can be downloaded for free from here. You can use the software to open the following links to explore the pyramids in Bosnia’s Valley of Pyramids via your own personal computer. Make sure that your Terrain Option is ON

With this in mind, boggling my spirits, I must leave the issue of finding construction methods to some more experienced in what happened up to the Egyptian Exile and following that because if someone can define with serious ... MYSTERIOUS Structures found near Pyramids Could Hold Secrets to Construction


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