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The Record-Breaking Trifecta (Brady, Moss, Pats)

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posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 09:53 PM
Tom Brady just threw his 50th TD pass of the season, overtaking Peyton Manning's previous single season record of 49. Simultaneously, Randy Moss breaks Jerry Rice's single season TD receiving record when he caught his 23rd (it should be noted that Rice had 22 in 12 games in 1987, which was a strike year). The Patriots also broke the record for single season scoring this year (589). The 1998 Vikings had the old record with 556 (interestingly enough, Randy Moss was on that team as well and had 17 TDs that year).

I've never really seen a quarterback quite like Brady. He's incredible in the pocket, always a threat to throw deep, and his accuracy is amazing... Not to mention the fact that he's standing behind one of the best offensive lines that I've ever seen.

Love the Pats or hate the Pats, they've done some incredible things.


Edited to add various stats and to note that the Pats have officially finished the season 16-0.

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