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Could our Veterans and Armed Forces take back America?

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posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 12:59 PM
Just some thoughts...

I was reading about Bhutto's assassination and the subsequent uprising and wondering what would happen in America if one of our "revolutionary" candidates was assassinated.
There was a thread about the possibility of Ron Paul being assassinated I see the parallels between Bhuuto's death and how that could happen in America. Would Americans rise up and fight if something happened to Mr. Paul? Would we get in the streets in mass numbers and scream foul? I think some would but a mass uprising, I don't know.
I look at JFK's death and I can only go by history, I wasn't even thought of when JFK was killed so I can't go by my experience but it seems that the nation was in deep grief, incredible sadness but the anger was missing. Everyone just swallowed the 1 bullet theory and that was that for a long period of time and even when a blockbuster movie hit the screens showing us all that there is and was a conspiracy, Americans just sat back and enjoyed the show.
What would we do if Ron Paul became a 1 bullet theory?
I have done some research and found that a mass percentage of our military supports Mr. Paul not only through polls but also with their $$$ which is significant.
Would our troops turn on the current administration?
I do not want to see blood in the streets, I believe that if the time came for a full blown Revolution that our veterans, our troops, our local police, our firemen would stand with the people. We are all in the same boat, our troops, our public services they have families, they are struggling to make ends meet and according to donations they are fed up with the current path America is taking and are supporting a new dawn by supporting Mr. Paul.
Will it be our military and our veterans who finally take America back?
Will they be the backbone of our revolution?
Will they stand for the people?
I believe they will, I believe TPTB have not fully realized the power of the people and never took into consideration that our military, our veterans and our public service personnel are the people.

If the voting is manipulated, the polls skewed, or God forbid Mr. Paul was taken out in some fashion would we revolt?
Would our military, our veterans, our police, our firemen stand with the people?
Would they make the final stand?
Can a NWO work without armed forces?
Can a police state work without police?
Can martial law rule when the ones holding the guns stand with the people?

Although the military is only a small percentage of the American population, this is a significant group in that they tend to have a vested interest in U.S. foreign policy. Add their support to the everyone who pays taxes on tips and it begins to be a large number of supports. Here are millions voters who are less likely to be swayed by campaigning and more likely to vote on the issues that matter to them. And I suspect that is making other candidates nervous.

Most importantly, all veterans – and all other citizens – would have confidence that with Paul as commander-in-chief, soldiers would never be put into harm’s way unless America’s national security were at stake. Paul has always stood for military readiness, secure borders, and the fair treatment of our troops – never “nation-building,” crusades for democracy, and “peace keeping” at the behest of the U.N.

posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 07:57 PM
Two questions...

One, who gives a damn about the kooky congressman from Texas? People need to come to grips - his supporters are primarily 15 year olds on the internet who are just stepping into the idea of politics and simply adore the short, sweet, and radical ideas the man has. With them are the typical simpletons who will, without a doubt either stay at home smoking weed, or show up at the polls, have a moment of lucidity, and vote for Tancredo or Gravel or some other candidate with a chance in hell of winning. If he got splattered, know what would happen? People would bitch and moan on ATS, blame the reptilian overlords, then get back to theorizing about the "truth" of the British Royal Family's ties to the masons. This is Ron Paul's support.

Second, who the hell wants a military coup? Has one of these ever gone well ANYWHERE in the world, through the course of history? It seems rather strange that apparently the military would rise up in the name of Saint Paul... and inevitably wind up suspending the constitution, engaging in violent oppression, and all these other things militaries do when in control of a country


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