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UFO Hunters TV Show!! Teaser just released!! (See Video)

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posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 12:46 PM

They have just released the first teaser trailer for the UFO Hunters series by History Channel!!!

Looks cool!!!

But I thought It was supposed to be done by Scifi Channel? Oh well....

See video here

posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 12:55 PM
I think BOTH the sci-fi channel and The History Channel are doing a UFO Hunter series, with exactly the same name. I wonder if there will be some legal tussles over that.

The History Channel's show looks really cool. The author of UFO magazine appears to be at the center of it, and he's a pretty knowledgeable character IMO.

posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by The Coward

I saw that too when I was watching Gangland. I just hope I don't forget, so I can record it on the dvr.

posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 01:54 PM
Allright, another UFO show! Too bad I don't have Tivo anymore...

Looks awesome!

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