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Book that I'm working on

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posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 10:11 PM
ok, here's the scoop.

First off, I hope that I'm putting this in the proper section for this. If not then please move this thread.

Here goes (Braces himself)

I've been working on a parody type book. So far it only exists in outline format. The basic premise is this:

Your a tyranical overlord who has recently dealt with a hero infestation. The heros have been dealt with but in the proccess they have trashed your dungeon, set fire to your library and worst of all they've killed your pet dragon!

ok, the dungeon can be rebuilt (that's what minions are for), the library rebuilt (tome of the month club) but where is an evil overlord gonna find a good used dragon?

This book helps to answer this. It's a parody of the ever classic "How to buy a good used car." type of book. It describes what to look for (and out for) in a good used dragon, where to find one, and how to get the most out of your dragon and keep the heros guessing. I'd like input on the feasability of this concept and perhaps some ideas on how to expand this concept. Now I present the outline:

1) Credits or whom to blame

2) Introduction

3) New vs used

4) Different types
1) Winged
2) Non winged
3) Sentient
4) Non-sentient
5) Oriental
6) Scaled
7) Hide
8) Electrical
9) magic Using
10) Owl Winged
11) Mini
12) Astral or Etherial
13) Drakes

5) The Used Dragon Dealership
1) Things to look for
a) Good walls
b) Veterinary Services
c) Blacksmith (accessories)
d) Fireing Range
e) Good Selection
f) Training
g) Days/Hours open

6) Things to look for (and out for) in a good used dragon
a) Good teeth
b) Good claws
c) Alert Expression
d) Scale/Hide condition
e) Scale Rot
f) File marks on teeth or claws
g) Glazed expression
h) scars
i) Brain Damage
j) Psychological problems
k) Sagging Back
l) Techno/fantasy compatability issues

7) Where to find your dragon
a) Aethernet
b) Networking with your aquaintences
c) Ruins/Caves
d) the want ads
e) Place where a major battle has just taken place
f) Interdimensional Postal service
g) The used dragon dealership
h) Minions
i) summoning

8) How to get the most out of your dragon and how to take care of it
a) Appropriate lair settings
b) Veterinary services
c) Trainer
d) Appropriate feeding
e) How to give your dragon a bath
f) Keeping your dragon sharp
g) Post Hero extermination proceedures

9) Misc tricks to enhance your dragon and keep the heros guessing
a) Paint it black (or another color)
b) Smoke and mirrors
c) Dirty fighting tricks
d) Muffle it (sound dampening)
e) No muffler (louder sounds)
f) More than one (mated pair)
g) Creative Armor Plateing

Feel free to comment please.

(edited for spelling)

[edit on 28-12-2007 by Deson]

posted on Mar, 12 2008 @ 03:17 AM
Hah, just was at a website with this as the topic.

Caution, it's addicting:

Here's a silly one I just made:

Not sure, but it might give you ideas as to props and stuff for your book.


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