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Complete Guide to preparing yourself for Martial Law

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posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 06:06 PM
I know there have been posts before about this subject but I thought I'd include my personal list.

My list and what to expect....

An event happens, the President declares a state of emergency and announces Martial Law in effect. The following will likely occur so you must react quickly...

major roads will be seized and blocked by the military. If you wish to leave town avoid all major highways and roads leaving town.

There will be a massive run on food stores. These will be violent dangerous places. Its best to avoid them.

Most towns will eventually come under total military control. Expect a door to door search for weapons but they'll also want your food stocks, medicines and anything else that will allow self sufficiency.

Eventually everyone will be rounded up to local FEMA centers for work details and living quarters. Large cities such as New York will themselves become FEMA centers where folks will still be relocated to control centers within the city. If you have special skills such as a doctor expect to be drafted immediately and say goodbye to your family.

Personally I want no part of this plan for total control of my life. Not to mention my wife is a doctor and wont be forced into a work program to treat soldiers' wounds while they murder us. Our plans....

1. We are lucky enough to live in a rural state with small towns. There are more cows here than people. Once martial law is declared we can easily take to dirt roads to get away from town.

If you live in a city, find any other path to get out of town. Use the sewers if you have to. The key is to get out as quickly as possible before the town is completely secure. Prepare to go on foot. Have a pre-planned path out of town if possible. Prepare an emergency pack and bury it somewhere along this path.

2. Preparation packs - Prepare two types of packs. One short-term pack that you can carry with you and one long-term pack hidden at your planned hiding spot outside of town.

The list of goods required is long so I'll only list some of the more important items for your short-term pack....

water purification tablets - you will eventually need to find a body of water to drink from and even the clearest mountain water stream will likely have bacteria and other impurities. Yes boiling water helps but these work best.

fire - you will want waterproof matches, lighters, flints, even a magnifying glass can be useful. Without the means to make a fire, you are dead

Utility tool - something with a knife blade, cutting saw, etc.

food bars - anything loaded with carbs for energy is great.

These four items will greatly enchance your chances at surviving and can easily be carried in your pants pockets. The goal of your short-term pack is to allow you to reach your planned hideout where your long-term packs are.

I recommend you hide your short-term pack rather than keep it in your house or on your person. If by chance your captured by the military and you have your supplies on you, they will be confiscated. If you get a chance to escape later, you'll wish those supplies were hidden somewhere else.

3. Long-term pack - this can be placed where you plan on living. The basic necessities will be needed to keep you out of the goverment's hands for a long time.

Some very important items...

Food - this will be hard to come by even if you can hunt, fish, and farm. Stockpile foods that will last. Surprisingly Spam canned meat will last longer than the military's MRE's will so check expiration dates. Canned fruits are very important for health.

Vitamins - your diet wont be the healthiest so make sure to bring daily nutritional suppliments.

antibiotics - definitely bring antibiotic creams for cuts to prevent infections. Also if possible visit the doctor and get yourself a prescription for a dose of antibiotics. They have a shelf life and arent as effective over time but anything is better than nothing.

toilet paper - seems simple enough but most dont bother when camping. A great way to get an infection is to use something other than TP. Dont risk it.

Tarp - besides use from the elements, its a great way to catch rain water. Tie all four corners and put a small hole in the middle. The rain can be drained into containers anytime it rains. Even in a desert enviroment some condensation will accumulate in the morning and the tarp can gather this.

additional food gathering items - depending on where you live and your skills of course. hunting rifles, fishing tackle, traps, etc whatever you can work with and use to get any source of nourishment from nature.

radio - this will likely be the only form of news where any anti-goverment groups are broadcasting from. Get yourself a radio with am/fm, short-wave capabilities. There are hand-crank ones so batteries wont be an issue.

include of course all the short-term pack items as well like water purification tablets.

4. Shelter - If you live in the country you have an advantage and can probably get your shelter set up more easily. A rudimentary cabin can easily be made on a weekend with a few friends and provide the shelter you need. If you live in the city, your best bet is to go underground. A simple hole in the side of a hill just outside of town with something to cover the entrance can make for decent shelter (the farther away from town the better though).

Some important things to know about shelters...

If you build a cabin in the woods you must understand that the goverment has an eye in the sky. Make sure and do not build a perfect square. The goverment will be looking for shapes that dont naturally occur in nature like perfect squares. If possible build it into the side of a mountain for cover and make it imperfectly shaped.

Your shelter will be desired by others so build it so you can defend it.

Build near water. If your in the woods look for a lake or a stream. If your hiding outside of a city, look for water pipes or swimming pools or even drains on roads. Ive seen a homeless person in Philadelphia get his drinking water by tying milk cartons onto road drains.

Since this will be a permanent shelter, you can start stockpiling supplies in it once its built. Think long-term.

5. Items to barter with - stock up on items you can use to trade with. Sugar will be desirable as will cooking oil, batteries, salt, propane, even gold will be sought after.

Good luck in your efforts.

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posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 07:42 PM
Hmm... What if you live right by a military installation? If the Prez announces Martial Law, wouldn't the military prepare before he announces it, so once it's announced they're prepared to shut everything down?

posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 08:24 PM
reply to post by jimmyjackblack

thats why you plan ahead. If the govt declares martial law and takes actions to block off towns, there will still be time to get to your safe hideout. The key of course is to prepare now because there wont be anything left at walmart once this happens.

Hurricane Katrina should be a real eye opener for everyone. Look at what happened....

1. disaster strikes, people are dying and no help comes

2. people cut off from basic necessities start dying from lack of clean water to drink. The combination of no shelter and no water kills hundreds (possibly thousands).

3. the govt starts blocking access to and from New Orleans. They start rounding up all weapons. Temporary camps are started.

4. the people who managed to survive are rounded up into groups and sent off to these camps. Families are sometimes seperated and forced to different camps. These people are completely reliant on the govt for all its basic needs.

The only difference between a martial law national event and Hurricane Katrina is the hurricane victims eventually were able to leave those camps.

So the lesson should be this, whether its a disaster followed by martial law or just martial law coming to your town...GET OUT FAST !

The goverment will count on people acting like sheep. They will get this cooperation because people will be so desperate to believe anything they are told. The lies will likely be something like "this is only temporary, you'll soon return home" to many other calming lies.

The govt will use the churches to get more sheep to listen to the lies...

The goverment will also be using reliance on their services to get people to cooperate. You need food and water, better get on that bus to the FEMA camp because thats where all the food is.

Take a look at history for example the holocaust. When jewish people and others were being rounded up, they were told many lies. They were told they were going to safe work centers for jobs or they were being evacuated to safe zones from the war, etc. Some suspected the truth but denied it because it was too horrible to face. And just like people today in America, they didnt want to face reality because that would mean having to act so they went to their deaths.

There were even people running around begging and screaming at people to not get on those trains because they had learned the truth (they were ignored). They were laughed at by the germans because they knew the truth was too horrible to believe.

The soldiers who knock on your door will have a smile and maybe a blanket and a cup of coffee for you. The truth wont be available though.

The lesson here is prepare yourself to be completely self-reliant for your needs. You cant count on a job to buy goods at the local walmart when disaster strikes. And you dont want to find yourself dependent on the govt to take care of you because they do a lousy job at it

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posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 11:11 PM
i pray i never need the info you gave in this thread---

i should get a kit together---

my problem--if this did happen

i wouldn't know where i could escape to, to hide out and live-- i live in nj and there isn't a whole lot of barren places and if they are they're not that big-----there isn't any "middle of nowhere places where you couldn't be found easily-----now tennessee where i lived b4--no problem

so i will just hope i never need your thread----although i should get the water tablets and i've thought about a couple decent army surplus gas masks

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posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 02:38 AM
reply to post by shortywarn

I lived in Burlington New Jersey a decade ago and there are places to go.

About an hr's drive from my house was a remote place where my family and I used to camp. By foot I figure it would have taken me a day or two to reach (hence the reason why you plan a short-term pack).

Take a look at this site, campground websites frequently will have plenty of remote sites to see...

Buy yourself a compass and a decent state roadmap. Then take a drive to the nearest remote location from you. Maybe tent camp there over a weekend and spend time exploring the place. You might find an ideal place to hide later on. Granted it might not be possible to build a cabin there but at least you have a general location to get too. And it wouldnt be too difficult to dig a hole and drop in a container with food and supplies.

Without any planning you might find yourself completely dependent on the goverment to feed and care for your needs. You saw how well they took care of their citizens in New Orleans

posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 03:09 AM
I live on a military base - actually love it too.

So, I cant see it affecting me all that much
I have everything I need on base (shopping, etc)...soooooo. LOl

posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 12:29 PM
Not going to happen. What would even be the purpose of Martial Law? There is no reason for it now.

You are forgetting that this is America. Our soldiers aren't zombies or Nazi's. They have families and loved ones in the states. Do you honestly believe they would go rogue and start obeying the Martial Law because good 'ol Georgie boy told them to?

My Brother is in the United States Army. I could never see him obiding by the "Martial Law" code and actually enforcing the laws on our OWN citizens. Especially when there is NO reason to impose Martial Law.

Martial Law is used to keep control is a state of chaos. There is no chaos in the states right now. # may be corrupt and so twisted it's disgusting, but I don't see how the government could implement Martial Law right now.

Edit: I noticed you were talking about "if any event occured," so I guess the thread makes sense. I originally thought you meant right now, as in going to happen very soon. What kind of event do you think could cause Martial Law to be enforced?

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posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 01:40 PM
I'm hoping to avoid this all together via the rapture but let's say its supposed to get worse before it gets better.

Thank goodness I'm married to a country boy that knows how to hunt, fish, and owns an arsenal of guns.

Seriously though, this is why we should all be against gun control. One of the reasons the forefathers placed the right to bear arms in the amendments was that we could protect ourselves in the case of a hostile government or foreign take over.

Remember, they came from Europe during a time where what the government said was the way it was and there was no room for argument. If such a thing was to occur while we are still alive, I see the situation being somewhat like the mess in Iraq. We'd have a ton of American insurgents who own guns and would fight to the death against either an internal or external enemy.

The P.C. gun control advocates would be at the mercy of the hostiles while those in favor of the right to bear arms would stand up and defend their country, family, and own lives.

posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 02:58 PM
How do we get to our destination if we live in a small city of say 100,000? There are underground passageways under my city, but it would be impossible to get anywhere when it rains cause they become flooded. So in that case how would I get out? By car, by foot? I didn't word my question in my previous post the right way. I guess a better way to say it is, what is the response time between the Prez announcing and the troops enforcing? How much time do we have between what the Prez announces and when the troops start shutting everything down? An hour? I hope I worded that the right way.

Thanks for all the info though.


I think I figured out what might go down.

An EMP bomb detonated high above the U.S..
It would cause mass riots and stuff, it's the perfect situation.
The blame for the bomb would be placed on terroists (whoever they may be in the future), a false flag.

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posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 04:39 PM
reply to post by jimmyjackblack

response times will of course vary on many things. The type of disaster (assuming there is one) that precipitates martial law, the location of your city in relation to said disaster.

Some general guildlines on how much time you might have...

Most military units can be deployed to any location in the world within 1-2 days. The elite ones such as special forces can cut that down to around 8 hours.

When martial law is declared the very first thing to happen will be to gain full control of any road that leads in and out of any major town.

Martial law plans the govt has calls for rounding up of people and placing them in FEMA built camps to live and work from. These plans call for taking all cars and private property from citizens. The people will basically be housed by the govt, fed by the govt, and told where to work by the govt. Its total control.

You can expect soldiers in the area anywhere from 8 hrs (unlikely) to 1-2 days. However it is likely that some local police and national guard will block access to roads leaving town very quickly.

I would suspect the window for escape by car on a major road will be extremely small. If the road isnt clogged with traffic, it will certainly be blocked within a few hours at most after martial law is declared.

I would recommend driving off-road if possible, or going by bicycle or even foot. But the key is to stay away from roads that exit the town as they will surely be guarded.

I'll give you an example of someone in a city making preparations. My brother and his family live in Philadelphia. Their plan is quite simple...

One weekend they walked out of the city. They had a simple city map and a compass to guide them. They took note of roads, dirt paths, abandoned lots, anything to avoid or help them along. They found a way to reach the Delaware river and follow it to the woods north of town. They practiced walking this path two more times so they knew it well without the map and even without sunlight.

They buried two coolers, one small one in the city in an abandoned lot with a few bottles of water and some protein bars. Then the second one was buried outside of town, rather large and contained more food, water, purification tablets, etc. Plus they stuffed full a waterproof bag with an axe, shovel, hammer, nails, etc to make a shelter and included a tent just in case.

They are prepared for the worst.

To respond to the comment about the soldier's brother post...

Do not forget that the goverment has more than just soldiers to implement martial law with. They have hundreds of thousands of contract killers like Blackwater at their disposal.

Besides I doubt if martial law is decalred, it wont be any obvious in your face we are taking over the world type situation. The elite are too smart for that. Look at how they manipulated us into a pre-emptive war with two nations, something previously unthinkable a few years ago. Our soldiers are killing millions of iraqi citizens without any units going mutiny. I know for a fact that some soldiers indeed suspect that 9/11 was a fraud but that hasnt stopped them from following orders.

I expect the elite will use their favorite weapon that theyve always used to manipulate us into giving up our freedoms...FEAR. Possibly another attack large enough to get people to cooperate like we did immediately after 9/11.

Nobody complained about the Patriot Act or the formation of another bloated govt program like Homeland Security immediately following 9/11 (well most didnt). Even 2 years later when the Dixie Chicks group were critical they got blasted for it. It was only several years later when the fear passed that many started to question things.

Personally I dont want to be inside a FEMA controlled city or camp when I realize too late how screwed I am.

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posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 05:24 PM
reply to post by Double Eights

according to the executive orders on martial law...

The President can declare martial law and suspend the Constitution when there is a threat to national security.

Its very vague.

Basically its the President's decision on what he considers threatening. It could be a terrorist attack. It could be a flood from severe rainstorms. It could be domestic rebellion such as the Los Angeles riots in 1992 (the preisdent almost declared martial law over those fyi)

And once the President declares martial law Congress cant do a dang thing about it for 6 months. After 6 months, Congress can review the decision and either validate it or nullify.

Not much about this is technically legal anyway. In fact Executive Orders arent constitutional. Only congress can legislate and write laws yet the President does the very same thing when he issues an Executive Orders.

My personal goal is to survive one year on my own with my family. I have enough food, water, and decent shelter to make that goal. I figure after a year things will sort themselves out hopefully in a good way

posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 05:54 PM
Oh Martial Law! I misread 'Marital Law' and was *really* scared for a moment then!

posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 07:36 PM
dang people, phss i won't know where to go i should start looking and start to make some more friends to contact and get together to surive something like that. i would die fighting then to give up my freedoms and become a slave. so i'm gonna stock up on guns and ammo lol to pass around when this comes around.

posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 08:17 PM
reply to post by Double Eights

What you need to understand is that the government will fool our troops into thinking that martial law is the only way, That it is in their families best intrest that they follow orders, and keep in mind something "big" will happen before martial law does.

posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 11:11 PM

Originally posted by jimmyjackblack
Hmm... What if you live right by a military installation? If the Prez announces Martial Law, wouldn't the military prepare before he announces it, so once it's announced they're prepared to shut everything down?

yeah, i'm stuck, i'm a 1/4 mile from mcguire afb and ft. dix in jersey

my boss plows the major road into the base----nice contract----18,000 dollars minimum---even if we never plow at all--which has happened a few years----sucks being a worker----although being on call is nice---32 bucks an hour to sleep in the truck and just hope it sprinkles...thank god there is state law or gov't law requiring that pay or we'd get screwed if we weren't plowing and just waiting ,by our boss

and yeah there's out of the way places, but not where a gov't sweep couldn't pick you up--besides with the amount of other people fleeing--those nowhere places may get real crowded--nj having the most people per square mile---
also i'm comparing hiding in nj compared to TN where there's huge forests, mountains and 40 square miles of nothing but trees---
if you drive through jersey there's civilization everywhere----

sorry to derail---i got way out there

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posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 11:42 PM
If that time ever occurs, there probably be a global collapse. If America is the only country in martial law, run away to Canada. Remember the draft dodgers?

posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 11:51 PM
What you need is a get away cabin that will allow you to live off the nland for an extended peroid.

posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 01:27 AM
Hmm..., I might be able to find a place. When I was younger and had a bad streak in me I used to go to this place I called "The Spooksy" (cause being there by yourself is spooky). It was on a ranch about 30 miles away from town, come to think of it there are lots of places the govt couldn't find me at. I think I need to invest in getting a bike though, it'd be nasty hard trying to get to these places by foot. Do you think state parks/national parks are a good idea to hide out at?

posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 01:41 AM
My my, I'm in quite the predicament here. I'm "fortunate" enough to still live with parents, and they're sheeple. There's nothing I've been able to do about it. They would rather find out who won American Idol than listen to what I have to say about the world. Actually, they do listen, but it doesn't interest them. I'm a rather weak person (and in the process of changing that), so going on my own is a bit out of the question. I'm a bit screwed. Anyhow, thank you for posting this! Flagged and starred.

posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 05:45 AM
oops nevermind, wrong window... about martial law though. Does anyone know of any police forces that seem to exist for no reason? Just north of Houston we have a town named Shenandoah, Texas. The city is 1.3 sq. miles big, 1,503 residents. 17 cops including the chief. These guys are no nonsense. Just seems excessive.

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