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Possiable UFO sighting

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posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 03:10 PM
Hey all, I'm new here but I wanted to share a short story about a sighting I had several years ago and hear what you all have to say about it, if anything.

I was about 15, and I had just gotten home from the movies with my parents, we had pulled into the driveway around... 9ish, maybe 10pm. I was looking up at our garage door light to see if the bat that lives under there was around. it was looking up that I noticed that past my house in the sky... I'd say it was flying low (500-1000 feet would be my guess, I have no real way of judging that hight) above the housing development down the road. The housing development is just under half a mile away

I couldn't see the entire body of the craft, but I could tell it was moving away from me. The back is what I remember most, it was long and rectangular with square lights across, Blue, Red, Blue, Red, Blue, Red. There may have been one more blue light after that last red one. the body was 'D' shaped with the straight edge of the D being what the lights were on.

It was moving at a slow, ponderous speed, and I didn't hear any noise. I even waited for my parents to go inside to listen to see if I couldn't hear anything. I watched it for several minutes, just slowly moving along a straight path. I would have stayed longer but I went inside for some reason, (it was getting too cold, most likely)

So summery of the object, maybe you guys and gals will know a bit more about what I saw then I did

* D shaped
*Row of Red and blue lights, all square in an alternating pattern
*Flying fairly low
*No detectable sound.

So, what do you all think?

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