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posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 12:24 PM

My First Pod Cast

this is my first pod cast so it sounds rubbish
converting from RM to MP3 was a pain

and Yes i know my voice sucks on Tape

length: 00:39
file: btstpod_2721.mp3
size: 782k
feed: btst
status: live (at time of posting)

[edit on 28-12-2007 by bodrul]

posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 12:42 PM
Your voice wasn't that bad bro .... in time you'll get better ..... now you're part of the "Podcast Crew"

posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 12:52 PM
Aw Come on buddy..nothing wrong with that! You got more guts than me!

posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by steve-o

you should of heard the first one i made which i didnt use

started off with a shout to the ATS crew in a Jamacan accent

AD i think i just did because i was bored
something i will most likely regret later

posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 01:29 PM
reply to post by bodrul

Hahhaha... I was thinkin' about changin' my voice in a "future Podcast" ...... I could do some pretty darn good impersonations of celebs
.......... even the "movie previews voice "
....... but I don't have the grapes to make a fool of myself on ATS .
I'm lookin' foward to your next one bro

posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 06:44 AM
reply to post by bodrul

bodrul, great to hear another podcasters from the finest place on this planet. To my mind, you have plenty of things to talk about as your start some great threads.

Just an idea. Why not podcast about your perfect party then we can start a podcast debate.

And AbovePolitics is not that bad......lets seem what Doctor Mo brings!!!

posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 02:07 PM
reply to post by Freedom ERP

i will do that, i will buy a Digital Recorder this week and i will record a Pod cast on what i think would be a perfect party, hopefully all the Kids will be out the house or it will just be a pod cast with me talking poltics and shouting down the stairs.


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