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The Droppin' Ball And Stuff...........

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posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 11:03 AM
So I'm sittin' here doin' some thinkin' and stuff....... So I say's to myself, Self? Like what am I gonna be doin' for New Years eve and stuff?


Like I was listenin' to my fancy Zenith transistor radio. Yep, that is one fancy radio and stuff. So like I'm turnin' the dials and stuff to get a good station.

Like that fancy radio is makin' that zeeeeeeeewwwwwwww sound.....

WAIT! There's a good station. Yep! There's like these 2 guys talkin' and stuff.

"So I have with me today the Captain of the local police force. Welcome to the show Captain Jones."

"Thank you for having me, it's good to be here."

"So Captain, with the upcoming New Years Eve Holiday rapidly approaching, are there any special things you in law enforcement are doing?"

"Well, we are trying to keep the death toll as low as possible."

Huh? What? Like did he just say death toll and stuff?

"We are doing everything we can to ensure that the alcohol related deaths are at a minimun. We predict lower numbers of fatalities than in the past."

Hmmmmm......... like they're predictin' people dyin' and stuff......... Hmmmmm......... that doesn't sound like a fun holiday if you ask me and stuff........

So like I turn off that fancy Zenith transistor radio. I don't want to be hearin' about innocent people dyin' on the roads and stuff.

So I call my dog Yabaastad. "Come here Yabaastad!"

So Yabaastad comes runnin' over lookin' all happy and stuff.

"Like I think we're gonna stay home on New Years Eve this year Yabaastad. Yep, I think we're gonna get some beer, and sit in and watch Dick Clark drop that big shiny ball in New York City and stuff. Yeah! We'll wear our party hats, and drink beers and watch that ball countdown the new year and stuff. Yep, sittin' home with Beers, Dick, and Ball sounds good to me. What do you think Yabaastad?"

And like he's just lookin' at and stuff. So like I go to the cabinet and get out some party hats, and those tootin' blower things left over from last year and stuff. So I put on a party hat, then I put one on Yabaastad.
Yabaastad is sittin' there lookin' all mad and stuff. So I toot on one of those tootin' blower things, and give one to Yabaastad to practice on.

"Stop chewin' on that Yabaastad!"

Man! He ripped that tooter to shreds. And he's tryin to get that hat off his head. That little stretchy string isn't gonna hold that hat on him for very long. I better go get some duct tape for New Years Eve and stuff.

So I take that hat off of him.

"OK, go lay down Yabaastad."

So Yabaastad goes walkin' away lookin' all ticked off and stuff.

"Don't you give me that look Yabaastad! I'll give you some beer too."

I remember Yabaastad likes beer. Like during the explodin' keg incident. Yep, I remember when I put that Keg on the roof so that the ants wouldn't get into that keg. Well, like let me tell you that when a keg falls off the roof onto the cement and stuff, it makes like this really big foamin' tidal wave and stuff.
Yep Yabaastad was sittin' there lookin' all scared and stuff then started to lick up that beer. Yabaastad was really likin' that beer and stuff. Then he climbed onto my thinkin' couch and fell asleep for a long time........

Yep we're gonna have us a party and stuff!

posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by lombozo

Sounds like a plan to me.
Pizza, beer, couch...watching all those crazy people yelling and screaming in Times Square, making a big mess.
I wouldn't want to clean that up.
You can count on me passed out by 12:01.

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