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Getting Ready

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posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 09:29 AM
Have you noticed all the ads on tv for jobs in the field of criminal justice? How many cops do we need to have to make the country a prison? Guess what its a calculated number somebody knows how man they need and their recruiting.
I'm anticipating the country is going to be a prison pretty soon.
Start acting like it.

There's only going to be two types of money pretty soon. Currency is out, easiest way to wreck currency is through inflation. Once that's done there will be credit and material goods. Do what you can to keep your credit good, don't default on any loans or bills. Second start stock piling material goods that will soon be contraband. Likely goods are cigarettes (think like you are in prison). No real drugs they will get you busted.

Any type of addiction you have get rid cigarettes, drugs, gambling, booze sweets. I've considered the possibility that booze and sweets might be banned slowly over the next decade, decided against it as it pacifies everyone.

Stay in shape, most people are buying a fat ass a bagel day it going to be relatively easy to stay fit in comparison. Everyone is getting fatter cops too your going to want to be able to outrun them.

Stay away from anyone beating a drum or trying to get you to march in a parade for any cause. Gun rights anti-gun rights abortion pro-choice immigrants any thing like that, these issues are voting block issues that political parties divy up in secret back room deals, stay independent on all issues to the last minute.

Get all your papers in order, passport driver's license etc. Birth certificate soc. security number.

Look normal, quit shopping at hot topic (do you understand the irony of a franchise store selling # like that) start shopping at the gap.

Get a real job. I recommend something that requires extensive training paid for by someone else. You want to be highly paid and hard to replace.

When talking to teachers realize that the only reason they have their job is so they have summer's off. Also they're perverts. Play there game tell them what they want to here and get your degree, swallow your pride.

Be cool with the gangs, break bread with whatever race affiliated with, don't be openly hostile to the other races. You want someone to have your back but now one is going to cover your ass if your a fool.

Read your news don't watch it.
Count how many times a day you here the phrase "get it done". This is called brainwashing. Get rid of any magazines or realize that they are just one big advertisement. Its like the "price is right" there is no commercial breaks in the "price is right" it is one big hour long commercial.

posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 09:34 AM
Additionally, get your hands on any type of legal fire arm that you can. I recommend a shotgun, i don't think you need a permit for those and there easy to use and require little skill.

Finally, consider how stupid it is to have a myspace, facebook account with intimate details of your life, your friends your thoughts your action. Consider where, when and why you thought it would be a good idea to gather this information and have centrally located where anyone could access it, without you knowing it. Your doing there job for them

posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 01:41 AM
I might add that if you're the church going sort, and it's not out of someone's house, realize they're being FEMA-ised for Marshall Law. That means that the pastor ad/or whoever else is keeping their eyes on you. I'd advise avoiding that whole mess.
Case in point: For a short minute I considered joining a small church in Oklahoma. I met with the pastor and found him to be a bit ...nosy. I noticed before I left a pamphlet on his desk entitled "F.E.M.A and your Congregation"


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