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Vela incident - a great example of the shifting sands of cover-up by government ?

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posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 08:59 PM

As I have read most of the Vela documents, I would like to open a
discussion about this area of research. I have been amazed by my own
perception of events as each document was revealed to us. I have
noticed that I changed my perception depending upon the newest
information at hand. It has been a great eye-opener to me of how easy
it really is for the media to be fed certain information and then many
variations of that fed information is filtered to the general public.

One particular document actually encompasses this exact idea:
FOIA: Security Council uncleared material for Oct 23, 1979 meeting on the Sep 22, 1979 Vela satellite

It is a politically generated document which gives an overview of the
Vela event from the perspective of how the U.S. government wants the
media to handle public questions. It even contains pages of possible
questions and their desired answers.

As an example of how my own perception changed, I at first thought
that Israel was the driving force behind South Africa making the
nuclear explosion off the African coast. My own previous perceptions
led me to believe that Israel couldn't be publically identified by the
United States as the culprit because of their political ties. This
then made it necessary to only blame South Africa in the media. (As
the above document suggests).

When more information came to light, my opinion changed again – I had
to admit that it was a real possibility that nothing at all
happened…there was no explosion on the earth's surface….it was all
made up, OR it happened by means of other scientific reasons ie zoo
members. FOIA: Report 'Vela Meteoriod Evaluation' by SRI International.

There is another document (not part of the
Vela incident) that highlights the idea of rash blaming of other
countries..the case of another event in Russia, where scientists were
angry about the U.S. government willingly blaming Russia for something
they never did: FOIA: Indentification of the 1997-08-16 Kara Sea event

Civilian scientists are strongly criticizing the Federal Government for saying that a seismic event that rocked the Russian wilds two months ago might have been an underground nuclear blast.

This then raised important questions about why would it be made up.
Why is there such a long time scale between the actual event, the
initial blaming of South Africa, and then years later the event was
being re-hashed, re-investigated with more scientific depth. Was it
later used as a reason to channel large amounts of money into
scientific research, but for other intentions?

I would like to suggest that it was actually a controlled explosion
perhaps from U.S. itself to calibrate equipment and fine-tune data
collection. As was perhaps also the case with the collaboration
between U.S. and Russian scientists in FOIA: Calibration of nuclear monitoring and development of regional velocity structure.

As an aside supporting piece of information that could point to the
fact that it was an actual explosion..but not particularly from South
Africa...there were FOIA: DCIA memo on the Sep 22, 1979 Vela Satellite event recording a suspected nuclear test that look briefly at information
gathered in Australia and New Zealand that apparently showed typical
fall-out chemical residue in sheep. It looked to me as though the
evidence was then hidden somehow. If there was real interest to find
out who and if the nuclear explosion occurred, these lines of
investigating would have been very important and worth pursuing...not
swept under the carpet. This leads me to believe the 'who' and 'if'
questions were already known and not meant for public knowledge.

Was this data collection all about being able to be the world watchdog
on other countries/ nuclear arms control?

Above all of my shifting perceptions, I am finding that the very
nature of the confusion and disinformation process is almost a
pre-cursor to the more recent events like the Oklahoma bombing and
then 9-11…testing grounds to see how the public deal with the fear,
the confusion of information, the blaming of the terrorists/creating a
new 'evil threat', can the government get away with blaming
others?etc. There does seem to be a pattern in the timeline.

Now I would like to add my 'tinfoil hat' perception…that of the alien
presence on our earth and how this could be another motive for the
seemingly confused state of affairs. The MAJESTIC 12 DOCUMENT sums it
up quite well for me.
Huge quantities of government money being channeled into 'the black
projects'(and then needing to create reasons for scientific budgetry)
eg experimenting with alien technology that was only partially
truthful (see also DOCUMENT LACERTA for confirmation of this),
realizing the world was in serious danger from alien presence and the
need to follow benevolent advice to stop making nuclear weapons, hence
the nuclear arms control suddenly. The increase in interest in mind
control. According to Lacerta and Phil Schneider, there are more than
one alien race which have malevolent intentions, all seeing us humans
as perhaps a pestilence or a slave race or a source of desired human
genetics and/or hormones to be 'farmed'.

One could say that I have gotten far off the topic of the Vela
incident, but it looks like the Vela incident was an earlier event
which seems to point the way to future ways that government
manipulates the public – a stepping stone, if you like.

Anyway, here is the whole list of vela documents:
FOIA Vela Incidents

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 12:34 AM

I would like to suggest that it was actually a controlled explosion
perhaps from U.S. itself to calibrate equipment and fine-tune data
collection. As was perhaps also the case with the collaboration
between U.S. and Russian scientists

The conspiracy grade of this thread gets really steep towards the end.

I'm not sure about that but I will throw out a comment regarding some calaboration or perhaps just the US or USSR acting independantly. If there was a high altitude nuclear test done in the late 70s (perhaps for puproses of studying EMP attacks), the two superpowers are the likely candidates.

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