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What's next in the war plan

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posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 08:20 PM
Who are ppl kidding here when they act like wars not involving geographical states can be won? Let those be seen as obvious liars. Look how bad things are so spread out. Cant just send a nuke and rid the problem anymore at how things have gotten. But what's on the inside of one's cup of joe might be the problem.

Cant win the war on terrorism. Cant win the war on drugs. Terrorism and drugs can be surpressed to an extent though. But as for the war on aids, it cant surpress aids, it'll only just prolong it so that it'll be more likely to spread since ppl infected have a tendency to have sex just like the next person. Hell, they need to cut the war on aids and consider on removing all treatment. As for the war on poverty... nothing significate/substancial is being done, though something can and will be done one way or another, individually or collectively, criminally or legally. That's why it's so many illegal and legal scams now since nothing significate/substancial is being done for ppl's dear need of the money. The war on ignorance came due to the world wide web and other educational means. The war on religion from atheists upholding things like seperation of church and state has done only a lil, but seems now like it's going nowhere like it's a waste of precious time. This new war brewing up to force help upon those you have a concern about being mentally ill (because of depressed ppl shooting up numbers of random ppl) will just get innocent ppl branded for life by something they might not even have by mental health doctors that act abusive with their postion. There is the war on the government's system by the crookid and the legitamate. There are two types of crookid and legitamate in that. There is the crookid or legitamate on your side and the crookid or legitamate agianst you. And there is even the war on leadership where things are put to affect certain before they lead or while they lead. Etc. Am I missing any other wars? List them for me if you can.

Anyway, what kind of war or whatever thing is missing that is crucial to the world? Even what kind of war or whatever thing would actually win or put an end to the other non-state based wars or even state based wars?

My grand idea, since the world keeps generating anyway, is there need to be a selection heard of all eatable animals and a selected few of healthy, attractive, smart, skilled (in this and that for the basics), non-religious ppl to repopulate and recolonize the world and make and teach a better plan for human life and to install to operate a better government system while the rest of the world, besides plants, need be put down like a dog by a quick killing lethal supervirus (so it would be a humain death). The selection and selected few would be the only ones protected from it by anti-supervirus baccine or whatever. It's like the world needs to be rebooted, so to speak, to start afresh when it gets bad to where just about everybody is a threat to everybody
in one way or another (because of disease, terrorism, hatred, crime, abuse of power, etc).

^^And that's one way wars would be as if deleted from the face of the earth because there would be no need for them. It would be actual peace at then.

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