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I Am For A World Government

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posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 05:53 PM
As the thread title suggests, I am for a one world government. Why, because I see the big picture.

Question: If this world was invaded by Aliens, do you think they would give a hoot and holler about our artificially created borders. "We've come to your planet to kill Americans only, the rest of you are free to live and prosper."
Come on! Americans are just as tasty as Canadians and any other human.

Seriously though. A one world government is coming... In order for us to move beyond this planet it must exist. Period!

So the question becomes what kind of world government do you want? American style (I raise my hand), or Chinese style? (I raise my gun!)

It cannot be avoided. With today’s technology the world is two dang small. We have Islamic radicals blowing stuff up, and killing innocent people to achieve their one world government. And we have others who have plenty of money, so by proxy plenty of power. That some of you think are hell bent on taking over the world. Then there is the rest of us...

We are all humans, and not to push this to hard, if we were created by a god, it was one god, who doesn't care how we pray too or what name we call him... That’s a human hang up. However, to move beyond religion and all its problems... We humans are the root of all problems humanity faces, because it is human activities at the root of all good and bad things happening on this planet to each and every human.

So in order to fight back this supposedly diabolical scheme to take over the planet... We first must accept it is unavoidable, period! So now, we the people, those with the real power, must decide which style of world government we want. Then work towards that goal.

The only way we as a people, as a race, (there is only one race btw), the human race, we must put aside our petty beliefs in borders, because in nature they don’t exist. All mountains, deserts, streams, rivers and oceans can be climbed over, walked across, sailed through, or flown around. Each country has its territory by human to human agreement. But once again those are human hang-ups that, soon, will have no place on this planet. Perhaps not in my life time, but sooner rather then never… it is coming.

So here's the deal... What kind of world government will you accept? Each of you must know it will be created in blood, period! America could, if it wanted, it could take over the entire world. America has the finest weapons ever seen before in known recorded history, even our allies don't measure up to our power. Yet most of our allies would not be a problem in creating this American/democratic style of world government. All of you know the countries that would resist. Each of them would need to be defeated, soundly defeated! Then America would need to do what it always does, build those countries back up and bring them hope!

I guarantee you, there are others out in the world right now trying to figure out how they can take over the world. I can tell you whatever the terrorists have planned next, the world will go to war. There next attack must be bigger and deadlier then 9/11 or there movement dies.

So once again, we cannot prevent a world government we can only delay it. I say embrace it, but only a world government that believes in the people. That each human being has a god given right to LIFE, LIBERTY and the pursuit of HAPPINESS! (notice that said pursuit of, not right too, sadly that concept of pursuing your own happiness is lost in large circles in America, instead they demand it without working for it... but I digress). That is the only world government I would support and fight for... All others I will fight against.

So there it is... Live in fear or fight for and plan for the world government you want your children and grandchildren to invest in. (I shall stop here.)

Until Next Time...

Charles Marcello

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posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 06:48 PM
reply to post by litlbunny

Hello litlbunny,
Itsbeen a strange 2 weeks since I last posted or even viewed some of the threads but like usual all are interesting, thanks to ATS.

My input on your topic:

Put yourself in a position of authority, lets say King of the world and what do you see looking out over this planet. It’s getting over populated, running out of food, running out of clean air and water, then make a decision as to what group of people need to be eliminated in order for the world to continue into the next millennium, possibly a quarter of the worlds population, who will you choose.
You spent countless amounts of money on health issues keeping the old alive longer and the birth rate is going strong, you need the old for their experience and also the youth for the future of your kingdom, right.
You have no choice but to look at all countries and the societies making the decisions for their peoples and then you must make the determination as to who can adapt to a new world order and who can not because of some sort of ritual belief not wanting to except change, you decide who you will pull the rug out from under and who you want living next door. Now put the shoes on the feet of the very people you chose to eliminate and just imagine they are the King of the world, who would they choose to eliminate and who would they choose to live next door to, think about it.

Its good to be back but for how long????? gwhint (American Nomad)

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 06:57 PM
Mr. Marcello, if we were going to be eaten by aliens we would already have been eaten.

I, at one time, thought that a one world government was the way to go. It is now evident to me that it will never happen. We can't get along with our friends, how can we expect to get along with our enemies?

Then there is always greed and insanity.

IMHO it just isn't possible.

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 07:36 PM
Hello gwhint,

In any government, business, or institution there must be a "king", or President. In that aspect you're right. In any one world order there will be a head person. The question becomes who and what governs the governs.

All throughout human history major change comes by blood. Today's world will be, and truly is, no different then yesterday, save for better toys. Some day there will be a one world government, and millions, or perhaps billions will die in the name of that quest.
People can choose to die, because they refuse to live under any world government, for religious reasons or add your reasons here "____". In this world right now, a small group of terrorists are going around blowing stuff up and scaring millions, there goal Sharia law and a Muslim controlled world. They care about nothing but their goals. So as you can see your hypothesis is already working in some small fashion right out in the open right now.
What I am suggesting is as a people we need to stop denying it will ever happen. It must and it will some day happen. And if it must and will happen, I say create a world order that resembles America and if need be, kill all those who oppose it. That is extremely drastic measures, trust me I know. Yet what are our alternatives?
If we get, (or already have depending on what you read on this site), technologies that allow man to travel the stars, if we cannot learn to live in peace amongst ourselves, and we have these vehicles, wars will follow man in space.
Say a new planet is discovered and it will sustain human life. How many lives are you willing to lose in order to allow a different type of government to move onto that planet? If the world is the same then as it is now, why would a separate government care if this planet and all its people die if they have another planet to escape too?

Before man leaves this planet, we must live under one rule... We must! And if millions need to die now in order to allow for this one world government, and these deaths guarantee human survival for millions of years to come, and colonization of hundreds of planets across the galaxy and trillions of new human souls. The question becomes, if it will happen, do you want a King as you described, or do you want an entire people choosing for themselves that some must die in order for mankind to live in peace. An entire people who choose that all religions are welcome, instead of a small group who believes infidels must die. An entire people who believe that killing others because of the color of their skin is a human tragedy and must be destroyed at all costs. Or a small group of people who believe white, black, red, yellow skin is all that is pure? An entire people who believes freedom from fear of your government is the only true way humans must live? Or a small group of people who believe people must fear their government in order for them to keep their power?
These truly are our choices today... Right now! And they will be the choices of a one world order.

I believe a one world government is coming. I choose the one who believes in power of the people. and I will die denying a government that believes in power over the people. Either way, some day one government will rule this planet. If some die so the rest can live in peace, and its a government for the people. I will support that movement. All others I will die to resist, or they will kill me because I will not conform. People will need to choose, when it comes blood will need to be shed in order to see which style of government governs this planet.

If you see a world ruled by a king, then I will be dead. If you see a world governed by a people who believes people should not live in fear of their government, then I hope to someday see that world and the stars we reach out too thereafter!

Until Next Time...

Charles Marcello

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 07:43 PM
reply to post by dizziedame

Hello dizziedame,

I used to believe like you, that is was impossible. I know now that its not impossible, its happened at least three times in the known recorded history.
Now when I say recorded human history, I of course means those histories we know about from the old world if you will.
All it will take is one charismatic person to get power and have the means in which to carry out his plans and if successful a new one world government will be a reality.

Its happened before, it will happen again. I just hope when it does happen, its a person and a people that believe in those ideals I have already mentioned. If not, I will be dead!

Simple really… I believe the time is drawing near. Maybe it’s a hundred years away, maybe just a couple… But I believe it will happen in the near future…. Only time will tell!

Until Next Time,

Charles Marcello

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posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 07:47 PM
reply to post by litlbunny

Good words Charles, but I think it's wishful thinking on our part, because there is just to much indifference in the world, drop the bomb, right.
But who will push the button, thats the question, right.
If you were an alien, would you come to visit this crazy world of ours or pass it up on your way to search for intelligent beings in search of the truth in other solar systems.
What would you do as an alien?????

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 08:24 PM
reply to post by gwhint

Hello again gwhint,

First thank you for your kind words, now to your question.

If I were an Alien what would I do if I came across this planet.

My short answer is, I would study the heck out of this place.


It is a fact that all creature adapt to their environments. Lesser creatures go through physical changes, while more intelligent creatures create the tools they need in order to make life easier, or more pleasurable. Then over time they look for new challenges. If there are other life forms out in the universe, in some measure we are their past. I can't point to a single creature we know of that has everything it will ever need or want as soon as the universe allows for it to exist. So any other life forms that can travel the stars had to start somewhere. Somewhere before they reached where they are today. We could very well be going through the same learning curve their race went through. So in that aspect I would want to study them as intimately as possible. So as in some small measure relive the history of our own race.

Not to mention, if there past, (the aliens that is), resembles our present, I would also want to know this race in very intimate details so I would know how to guide them into this galaxy as peaceful co-inhabitants of ever increasing smaller galaxy.

If we as people continue to hate another person because of the color of their skin or how they pray to a single god, then we are doomed to destroy any other life forms we come across, because they would be absolutely different then our own. For now, they are safe… However, if we get this space technology and as a race we haven’t figure out how to live in peace amongst ourselves. And I’m and alien living only a few hundred light years away… I would destroy you!

So as an Alien I would keep an extremely watchful eye on this planet, and if I see they are close to becoming a galactic neighbor, in say a couple hundred years. I would do everything I could to help convince them to live in peace amongst themselves first. Then I would expand upon that idea to make them realize every creature is part of the same universe. That god created the entire universe, and though we may look different and talk different, and even live on different planets, the big picture is, this bubble we live in called space has room for all of us.

Or, If I was a totally different type of alien, and I was hungry, I might just eat you tasty humans and grab a couple of you for my long ride back home.

Until Next Time...

Charles Marcello

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posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 08:39 PM
I am all for a one world government, but it would have to be a peacefull world in the end. But we all know that cannot be achieved.

How can america create a one world governement when they can't even create a stable iraqi government?

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posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 08:58 PM
reply to post by litlbunny

I like your words of wisdom,
If I was an alien, I would fly at light speeds to get here or pop through a wormhole because what is time to an alien, right, just to look at the seedlings that I DNA planted 20,000 yrs ago as to how they are coming along and in this snapshot in time, I would choose to pass them up, just to return in another 100 yrs or so, to do the same checkout, because man is what he eats, right.
Do I as an alien want to regress back to this warrior beast man has become, back to caveman status, dog eat dog world, I don't think so.
If I stay then maybe planting new DNA is in my plans, just so the warrior beast is then exterminated in man, or, as you say, do I take some samples back for a snack in hopes that I dont get heartburn on the journey, good chattin, gwhint
ps: Heard of any DNA manipulations lately, maybe we are not alone

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 08:59 PM
WE ARE ALL........ FOR A WORLD GOUVERNEMENT........* BUT *.......!

the Eutopia of a one world...... gouvernement, religion, economy call a new world order are orchested by a groupe of capitalist elites that are not doing this for a world charity but are doing it for POWER.........!

ALL EMPIRES, were base on a personal and uthopian view of a perfect civilisation that would be control by the Elites, the kings......the Emperors........!

IT IS ALL... ECONOMIC.......BUSINESS...........! do you thing that walltmartt or mcdonaldd are control by generous person like charity organisation....HELLLOOOOOOO.......!it is all for MONEY and POWER.......! all powerful gouvernement are corupt.....evreybody know always been and it still today.........!

it is like a world wide conquest for a one big EMPIRE.......!

WHAT IT SHOULD a system base on universal economic prosperity......! i think that, we must all, work first on a system .....make it together perfect or almost... and after make it accept by all countrys base on a free research program that will let a universal mind built that system a system, with no more rich and no more poor..........! only one big middle class..........!

every person that would be in charge will be for 1 year only and would never be able to be elected for a second time.....power would be for the SYSTEM ONLY..................! nobody on earth would have power we all would have responsabilitys and freedom.....!

Today Elites in power kill or let die thousand of person on earth every day to install a NEW WORLD ORDER......... a one world will be sold to everyone on earth by elites sellsman and politics carsellers......!

it is like a perfect gadget that you have been convince to buy on TV and you ending realise that you pay too much for it and that it is only good to the compagny that selling it because they make a lote of money out of it.

Today civilisation are getting deeper every day in dept, all country are in dept........ALL......... Freedom is illusion...............we all, owned to they elites ( bankers, powerful buseness man, Corupt ritch politicians ) that will sell you, that perfect uthopia world.........but the question is ARE THEY REALLY SELLING USE THE PERFECT WORLD OR IS IT ALL A PRISON DREAM...........!

2 VERY GOOD BOOKS... *** 1984 and A BRAVE NEW WORLD *** and
this french document...*** THE BLUEPRINT ***

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 09:08 PM
reply to post by DaVillen

Hello Davillen,

I mean no disrespect, but your vision is to narrow.

Would you call Germany and Japan failures? Would you call Europe as whole a failure?

The world is not a microwave oven. Even though we as a spoiled nation scream at our microwaves to hurry up, and get upset if we sit in a drive thru for more then ten minutes, like Germany and Japan these things take time.

As long as we do not give up on Iraq, that nation will be a democracy.

If you lived in an abusive house or you always had to scream to get attention. How would you react if people actually listened to you, or treated you as an equal. Do you think you could adapt to that new environment quickly? Or would you have to wait, begin to trust, before you can begin to accept your life is not like it was before? And then and only then begin to live your new life? That is how I view Iraq, and I believe history will prove if we don’t give up Iraq, we as a nation will be proud we had something to do with their freedom, and that country will no longer be a threat to our country or the world.

Rome was not built in a day, and neither will this one world order, as with all things, time will bring us the truth.

Until Next Time...

Charles Marcello

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 09:36 PM
reply to post by Julius Ceasar

Hello Ceasar,

side note: How ironic, as soon as I mention Rome, after posting, I see you posted here as well. hmm!

Now to your post...

With all the things you mentioned, you forgot one key component. Each time people allowed it to happen. Laziness is biggest prison of all, and we all hold the key to personal freedom. But...

Being alive is to much work. Yet those who are willing to work at it will always control those of you who don‘t.

That is truth!

So if people are to lazy to figure it out, then take advantage, why not? If all they're ever going to do is complain, don't stop... get more take more! That’s your statement in reverse! If everyone worked and paid attention these ills you spoke of would cease to exist.

I'm telling you, in an era where we can be anywhere in the world in under 24hours, in force mind you... One person will someday figure it out and begin to march to a one world government. And if the people are to lazy to demand a government of their choosing, then we deserve the government we get.

Either way, humans must be free, even if its only an illusion humans must believe in it... and if a world order is created by an evil person, someday in time man will be free. I cannot live in bondage, I'd die first. I know I'm not the only one, nor am I unique to this moment in time. There will always be those who must have freedom and if it is not already there, they will demand it.

This one world government will be here, there is no doubt in my mind. I don't know when, but it will come... So its up to each person to be either lazy or get involved. Pick your government or be ran by it.

BTW, there is not a business out there existing today who isn't selling something somebody wants. If people stop buying it, the business ceases to exist. As a capitalist and as a person who believes in democracy/republic style governments that’s exactly the way it should be.

Until Next Time...

Charles Marcello

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 09:36 PM
reply to post by Julius Ceasar

how do you get rid of a dual post? I see no delete button!!!

please delete this post

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posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 09:56 PM
you ahve not thoroughly thought this out, a world government means world power, imagine the world as a work camp.

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 10:40 PM
reply to post by tankthinker

Hello Tankthinker,

I respectfully disagree with your assessment. I have completely thought this through. The only way there will ever be a world work camp is if people do nothing at all.

One person cannot take over the world, I don't care how much money that person has, and no person ever has power unless others relinquish themselves to that person. Either way, in order for a person or even a government to have power the people have to allow it to happen.

Remember its not a privilege to be a citizen it’s a privilege to be the government….

If a country decides to take over the world, there citizens must be for it, or it will fail. Once they take over the world, unless they kill every adult outside their borders they must grant those people the same freedoms there citizens have. If not it will be constant fighting and death, and over time that country and its power will cease to exist... Rome is perfect example. A more modern example would be Britain. Now they didn't control all of the known world but they did have an empire were the sun never set. If Britain would have treated there Empire with the same respect they gave their own citizens the world would be a very different place today.

Whoever it is that creates this one world government had better learn the lessons, or more correctly, the mistakes made by Rome and Britain, or it too will fail, yet that failure will mostly destroy mankind. Or send us back to the stone ages again...

BTW I'm not saying this might happen, I'm saying it will! Now the choice is up to each of us to decide what kind of world government we are willing to live under, or die fighting against. Now this might not happen for a hundred years, so you might want to instill ~ freedom at all cost ~ into your children, so when your grandchildren’s children deal with this they won't surrender to tyranny!

Until Next Time...

Charles Marcello

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posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 11:47 PM
u dont understand, democracy is a front, people are being controled without even knowing it,

and no one country will ever take over the world, it will have to happen politically,

you actually believe that people have choice, when they are so caught up with their system made lives, when world government happens people will either be tricked into beliveing they want it or forced into it

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 11:49 PM
reply to post by litlbunny

Your right Charles,

it is great to think that if you have nothing in life we can have the liberty to work hard and become rich and live the american dream.......! we....and so do i.... live every day to built our self a nice life to us and our family. Being in buseness for 16 years, made me want to have more...........not money or cars but i wanted more philosophical wisdom...!

I start realised that i worked hard to be where i am now and that i am proud of it but.........

....i met a colege friend that i haven saw in years.....!
in college he was M.success......! he was not from a fortuned family but he start a small buseness while he was in college so he had a lot more money a nice car and a lot of nice girls, We was not on the same university but someday a friend told me that he was with a nice girl and that he was looking like a guy who will be a success story the kind of guy who is living THE......... AMERICAN DREAM.............!.........BUT......

.....i was suprise to see him work at the grocery and not looking m.sucess anymore, he told me that he had a child that had a rare desease and that is assurance didn't cover for all the treatment so all he's money and energy went for his child, He went from M. sucess to M. bad luck........! so he went from rich to poor, i was stunt to realise that, i couldn't believe it looked and sounded impossoible........!

Then i realise that we were lucky that have a sucess story to be proud of..........! and that it was not because i was living that American dream that it was every one dreaming life, even those who work hard or was very colege or university................!there is more factors to the recipe of sucsess....................!

in a capitalist economy it is yes, about the energy that you invest in your life........... but also it depand on luck and a lot of life road that we have to drive on but didn't always choose.......all the bump on some roads hurt peoples and energy become rare and the streight to build there own road are more and more weeken....

THERE i realise how i was proud of me but also how lucky i have been in my life so i will never lift my nose on any shool friend who didn't sucsess as much as i did and...............


We all , if we are happy in life, thinking that we are stronger then weaker and poorer people....the loosers.....! but what if..... we had to take a lot of bumped roads...... just......remember the film *** Trading Places ***.....whit eddie murphy.........!

Thats why i think that we have to find a new system, we can not let people die every day because they dont have our resources...........!

Maybe it is uthopic to dream of a real universal wealth but a lot of philosopher tought about it and it is the only way............ to ONE DAY......FINALLY BUILT A..........................................

*** NEW '' Universal wealth '' WORLD ORDER ***, THAT WE WILL ALL BE WORKING on TO BE HAPPY AND FREE.................................!

*** NEW '' Universal wealth '' WORLD ORDER ***,

posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 12:14 AM
see unlike you i am afraid of living a normal life, it doesnt appeal to me, i seriously need something more,

the thought of working the same job for years getting, 2 weeks vacation, getting married, having kids, no freedom because of the kids and wife, putting up with bull# from family members, watching tv, buying useless items, wasting money, getting brainwashed, , getting old, losing strength, and worst of all sitting watching the world go without being able to do anything,

that is what scares me most of all, and i will not live a passive life,

im gonna change the world, for better or worse is yet to be seen

posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 01:34 AM
reply to post by tankthinker

tankthinker, I really hope you will change the world for a better one..........!

You see, there is to much distraction possibility's in a capitalist world, every body wanna make money from you by taking care of your needs by selling you 99% of the time, a stupide thing........! so people feel like they are in a prison world even if they are democraticly free America.......!


In a way............. there was no big evolution on civilisation system.......!

You see, our capitalist democratic system is a technicle way of saying a LAW OF THE JUNGLE SYSTEM.......................!




The Elites are building a NEW WORLD ORDER base on that only the strong's or the luck's will survive..................! so probably 80% of the world population could die.......! i really hope you are on that 20%............! that's why we all have to be very alert on what is coming......!

ONLY a NEW '' universal wealth '' WORLD ORDER

can balance human need with nature resource, i agree..........we are to much........ so put a limite of 1 child by population will decrease to a more acceptable statistic and like a wrote on my last post......this new system '' that every and single one in the world will have the education to understanding it '' will have all the power.....! not any human been anymore.........! *** NO MORE EMPIRE...................! ***


posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 02:30 AM

Originally posted by litlbunny
If this world was invaded by Aliens, do you think they would give a hoot and holler about our artificially created borders.

No, but the world wouldn't need a unified government for us to band together and fight them. I sincerely hope you have more criteria than alien invasion.

Originally posted by litlbunny
A one world government is coming... In order for us to move beyond this planet it must exist.

Maybe, maybe not. That's all conjecture. We have survived thus far without a unified government. I also don't see how one is necessary in order for us to relocate to other planets.

Originally posted by litlbunny
It cannot be avoided. With today’s technology the world is two dang small...

So that's it? Because aliens might attack and because we have the internet, we must have a one world government? I just don't get the logical leap you're making here.

Originally posted by litlbunny
So in order to fight back this supposedly diabolical scheme to take over the planet... We first must accept it is unavoidable, period! So now, we the people, those with the real power, must decide which style of world government we want.

Ok, now you've *totally* lost me. IF there is a diabolical scheme to take over the planet, what in the world makes you think that we get a choice in the form of government it would implement?

Originally posted by litlbunny
America could, if it wanted, it could take over the entire world [...]
All of you know the countries that would resist. Each of them would need to be defeated, soundly defeated! Then America would need to do what it always does, build those countries back up and bring them hope!

I disagree VEHEMENTLY. (1) It's going to be a hard sell to convince me that the US Military can soundly defeat all other countries joined in a united front against us. Have you even run the numbers on the amount of troops we would face in a situation like that? We don't have the military might or population to fight and prevail in a sustained battle against all of the rest of the world. (2) We can't even build *Iraq* back up and bring those people hope -- what makes you think we can build up the entire world? Your comments are so audacious that I'm almost speechless.


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